San Francisco will soon be banning e-cigarettes to protect kids but might end up hurting adults who use vaping to quit smoking

By | December 1, 2020

San Fransisco is getting very close to banning the sale of electronic cigarettes in their city so that they can ban minors from getting into this bad habit. This new rule will end up hurting all the adults who are trying really hard to make sure that the quit smoking with the help of vaping.

The board of Supervisors today unanimously voted and approved the proposals. The state will soon ban the sale of electronic cigarettes in San Francisco. They will also separate the proposal that would end up prohibiting the manufacture and distribution of tobacco products which include e-cigarettes on property owned by the city.

A bill has been generated for the ban of electronic cigarettes, which are purchased online for delivery to San Francisco addresses. Things will all be effective in seven months time after mayor Juul signs it.

The reason why there has been a serious concern about vaping is that there are a lot of underage kids who are getting into vaping. The only way to stop them is by banning it in the state. There has been an increase in students consuming tobacco products in schools from 3.6 million to 4.9 million in just one year. The only reason there was such a big increase is because of the presence of electronic cigarettes in the market.

E-cigarettes are very harmful to minors because of the presence of nicotine in it. Vaping can cause serious damage to the kid’s brain. The only way to decrease the amount of nicotine consumption in kids is by banning the use of vaping in San Francisco. It is currently trying to win favors with all the regulations simply by taking steps to prevent underage users from accessing their products.