SaaS Tools: Must-Haves for Your Startup

By | October 26, 2021

What do popular products like Slack, Dropbox, Zendesk have in common? They all fit the SaaS business model, which benefits both the vendor companies and their customers. Most SaaS products are web and mobile applications that do not require installation.

What is SaaS

SaaS (Software as a Service) is one model of cloud services. To use such software, you do not need to download and install it on your computer or connect to your work network using a saas development company. All you need to do is open it in a web browser. The software application can be anything from office software to unified communications, among many other available business applications.


Innovative start-ups

The creation of a SAAS service is suitable for technology startups. It allows implementing a project, testing it, and gaining the first audience in a short time. SAAS development does not load the server, works with startups of any direction, and is suitable for inexpensive maintenance and content.

Business automation systems

Business automation platforms, CRM, ERP, and others are developed based on the SAAS system. Medium and large businesses can create their automation tools. What can small businesses and entrepreneurs, who are just starting on the path of digitalization, do? There is a development of SAAS service for that. The tool helps companies get the results they want without major investments.

Mobile applications

Mobile SAAS systems are used if the target audience uses mobile devices to interact with the business. If the application functionality cannot be implemented on a computer or is not necessary, mobile applications are made.

SaaS startups create new business solutions that can eventually replace popular modern systems. Examples of SaaS startups – given below.


Especially for startups, linkchat reduces rates and provides virtual rooms for web conferences for free. There you will be able to hold online meetings with colleagues, receive calls from clients, organize training and consultations. All you need to start a conversation is a link. The service works from any device and browser. With link chat you get online rooms for web conferencing; phone number for audio calls; meeting scheduler and guest links; chat, screen sharing, conference recording; callback widget, online salesperson. Any Start-UP BUSINESS plan includes full collaboration tools, 10 online rooms, and a virtual phone number. The cost is 700 RUB/month instead of 1700. Start-UP FREE is a room for three people with a basic set of features – for one year free.


This well-designed tool allows you to get to know the visitors of your web resource and its mobile version, find out what they want and understand exactly what they are doing on the site. Thanks to the website user monitoring tool, you can effectively optimize your landing page, collect feedback and, as a result, improve the visitor experience.

Hotjar helps you understand your users quickly and efficiently by visually displaying their clicks and scrolling. All this knowledge is displayed in the form of a heatmap to help you see:

  •       What elements of the site are of interest to users
  •       Which CTA buttons are active and which are ignored
  •       Whether users are scrolling to the end of your site

 You can record a session of users on the site and watch from their face all the actions, observe their movements, including how they move, where exactly they hesitate, or vice versa – what appeals to them.

In addition, Hotjar offers the ability to create surveys. This allows you to ask your site visitors an unlimited number of questions, such as how a customer found out about your product. You can invite people to fill out a survey directly from any page on your site, based on certain behavior, such as a moment of hesitation or a noticeable intention to leave the page.


This tool helps employees organize and manage projects, create and track to-do lists, assign tasks to teammates, set deadlines, and communicate. It also includes reporting features, file attachments, and calendars. Asana is quite flexible and can be customized for different individual purposes. It changes and evolves as the competence and awareness of the team grows.

Asana is mainly used for customer relationship management (like a CRM system), allowing startups to define better and control each step of their sales process.

You can manage leads throughout the entire sales process, from lead status, support, the follow-up to closing the deal. Asana will give you the ability to create your own CRM rules tailored to your needs.

The main feature of Asana is to organize and serve an ever-growing number of leads – these are qualification tags that describe the customer (new, active, cold, hot) or the action you should perform (call, call back). For example, a leader who has shown interest in buying your product (for example, requesting a price list) is called hot. Customers who are more likely to stop paying for your services or opt-out are called anti-returners.

Asana contains an API for third-party developers that provides the means to programmatically read, input, and create automation tools within a great service; in short, all of these benefits allow you to customize your startup team’s work uniquely with Asana.