Reddit is Fun for iOS: Is it Available for iPhone?

By | January 10, 2023

When it comes to using Reddit, nothing beats the user experience that the app brings the users. It is effortless, convenient, and works without any interruptions. However, the issue is that the Reddit app isn’t available for iOS.

Does that mean you can’t use Reddit if you own an iPhone? Well, not. Reddit is accessible via Surfer or any other browser that you have on your iPhone. But, we understand that being able to access this unconventional social media platform via an app is quite fun.

We will discuss more Reddit apps for iOS and what you can do to bypass that limitation.

What is Reddit is Fun?

Reddit is a web-based application, which means that you don’t have an official application for it. Reddit is fun is a third-party Android Reddit client that allows Android users to access Reddit on their smartphones in an app format.

Now the question is, “Is it available for iOS?”

Unfortunately, Reddit is Fun isn’t available for iOS. It is an Android-only app, which means that you can’t download and then install the apk to your iPhone directly.

But, don’t worry because multiple alternatives allow users to access Reddit on iOS. So, you get an iOS version of Reddit is Fun for your iPhones.

Should I Consider Alternatives for Reddit is Fun for iOS?

Since Reddit is Fun isn’t available for iOS, wondering whether or not there are alternatives is a common thought.

After all, not everyone likes to engage in the web-based or browser-based version of Reddit. Not only is it complicated, but it will also log you out unintentionally when you don’t use the platform for longer periods.

When it comes to the alternatives for Reddit is Fun for iOS platform, there are quite a few different ones worth exploring:

  • Apollo
  • Narwhal
  • Slide
  • Readder
  • Comet

All of these alternative apps work effortlessly on the iOS platform, allowing you to engage with other Reddit users and keep up with the fun and engagement that comes from this particular platform. What’s great about these alternatives is the convenience of use too.

To end it, Reddit is fun is an Android-exclusive app, which means that it isn’t available for the iOS platform at the moment. However, given the kind of expansion available, we’d recommend that you keep a check on all the potential alternatives because their features and functionalities are more or less the same.

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