mbwhatsapp iOS 9.52: Is it Available for iPhone?

By | January 10, 2023

Before you get confused thinking we are talking about WhatsApp for iPhone, it’s not the case. mbwhatsapp iOS 9.52 is a modified version of WhatsApp that’s available for Android. What’s unique about this version of WhatsApp is the convenience of use, versatility, and also diversity in the features.

Unlike the standard or official version of WhatsApp that comes with the basic features, mbwhatsapp iOS 9.52 offers a lot of modifications that allow you to stay one step ahead of the game.

But, given the degree of security and privacy that iPhones have, it isn’t surprising that this modified version of WhatsApp isn’t available for iPhones at this moment.

We will discuss MB WhatsApp, its features, and its availability for iPhones in this guide.

MB WhatsApp – What is it?

MB WhatsApp, as the name suggests, is a modified WhatsApp, which offers a list of additional functionalities that aren’t available in the official WhatsApp App.

Since it’s available for Androids, the biggest modification is the UI. When you download MB WhatsApp on iPhone, you get to experience the layout of WhatsApp that’s generally available for iPhones. 

Despite being 100% free, MB WhatsApp isn’t currently available for iPhones. So, if you wanted to enjoy the additional customization features, we have to disappoint you right now.

Is MB WhatsApp available for iPhones?

As we just discussed, mbwhatsapp iOS 9.52 isn’t available for iPhones or any iOS devices. Since the main added feature with this apk is that it enables Android users to use WhatsApp like that on iPhones, it isn’t surprising that this apk doesn’t work on iPhones.

However, if you are desperate to install this version of MB WhatsApp to your iPhone, the only way out of this is to jailbreak your iPhone. But, bear in mind that jailbreaking your iPhone will put it out of warranty and also prevent you from receiving the software and security updates.

So, that’s not something we’d willingly recommend you do at all. What we’d suggest you do instead is stick to the original version of the WhatsApp app that’s available for iPhones.


Ideally, the mbwhatsapp iOS 9.52 is one of the best mod apks for WhatsApp. So, if you are sitting there wondering why you can’t download it for your iPhone, be assured it’s for your good. The last thing you want is to download a random apk and compromise the safety and security of your iPhone.

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