Presenting the new Pixel 4

By | October 16, 2021

Google has finally uploaded an image of Pixel 4 smartphone on Twitter which the company will be shipping from the month of October. The tweet from Google was made after there were renders of the device published all over the internet in the past few weeks. There are major changes made in this device compared to the last Pixel smartphone. The Pixel team tweeted “Wait ‘til you see what it can do.”

In the official image that was shown by Google, the phone has at least two rear cameras along with some kind of sensor on the back of the smartphone. There is also a dot in the camera on the lower right of the module which can be for the microphone. The photo has also shown a white or grey power button along with the Google branding on the back of the smartphone. The device does not have any rear figure print scanner.

Last time, when Google announced its phone, there were leaks available months before the formal release from Google. A spokesperson from Google said to The Verge:

 “I wish I could share more, but can just confirm this is indeed Pixel 4, for now.”

Last time, before the launch of the phone, all the features of the phone were out and the camera was also tested because of the phone being left at a Lyft accidentally. Google did not say anything about how the Google Pixel 3 came out in the world in such an unusual manner before the launch event which was in October 2018. It was reported that a batch of the phone was stolen from Ukrainian black market last summer. A Russian tech blogger also revealed the Pixel 3 Lite before the official release of the smartphone.

There have been renders of the phone from Pricebaba and in leaks which have shown all aspects of the Pixel 4 external design. According to reports, the sizes of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will be larger than the previous generation Pixel 3. Lewis Hilsenteger has said in a video that the larger sized Pixel will not come with any kind of notch. 

Google has also hinted that they will be working on the Project Soli technology on the Pixel phones which will be released in 2019. Soli is basically a small radar that will detect any kind of slight movement of a figure above the device screen. This will help users interact with the device without actually touching it.

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