Microsoft is launching new Xbox console

By | October 15, 2021

Microsoft has declared that the console named ‘Project Scarlett’ will debut at the end of next year. They said that it is four times more powerful than Xbox One X and it also comes with more memory with better graphics and high resolution.

Phill Spencer, who is the executive VP of gaming said on Sunday that:

 “A console should be built and optimized for one thing, and one thing only: games.”

According to the teaser video, it will be helpful forth gamer for it’s a faster loading screen

Microsoft stated that:

 “Thousands of games across four console generations will look and play best on Project Scarlett.”

The organization always updates their gaming console every year. The last series of Xbox which was Xbox One was launched in the year of 2013.

The announcement leads to a path where the 2019 E3 video gaming conference starts. He rival console making company Sony said that they will not attend the seminar for the first time in history.

Microsoft also declared that the much-awaited game “Halo Infinite” will come along with the launch of the new Xbox console. The Xbox controller will come with Bluetooth and rechargeable battery of 40 hours life. The price of the device will be $179.99. It is available for pre-orders.  

Bethesda is hopping around the cloud gaming train with a partner named Orion. It is a software collection that gives the game engines a new level. Primarily, Orion was made to make a game better on platforms like Microsoft’s xCloud or Google’s Stadia. It can work with any kind of game on any kind of platform. It is reducing the latency by 20 percent per frame and the bandwidth requires a hike of 40 percent.

Robert Duffy is the chief technology officer at id software. Id software is also a studio behind the eminent shooters like Doom and subsidiary of Bethesda. He made his first move with the software at E3 and after that, he stated:

 “We leveraged our extensive experience in game engine technology to tackle streaming from a different angle – the game engine itself. We wanted a faster, better streaming experience for players, at the level of performance intended by the game’s developers, and at reduced cost and expanded reach for streaming providers. Orion delivers on those goals and will vastly improve streaming video games.”

Orion is the future of new generation games. It can be the new age of the streaming platform. Google’s most futuristic streaming service named Stadia is launching in November. Microsoft is also coming up with its new project xCloud very soon.

Id software guarantees that Orion will provide twitchy gameplay with “imperceptible latency.”

James Altman, who is the publishing director of Bethesda says that:

 “With Orion, players can live far from data centers and still be able to stream Doom at 60fps, with 4K resolution, and without perceptible latency.” 

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