Lucky Patcher for PC or Windows 7/8/8.1/10 [2024]: Features & Detailed Guide

By | December 19, 2023

One of the popular operating systems that are providing access to numerous devices is Windows. It has more than a billion users. People are finding it easy to operate, and the abundant features make it entirely credible. However, there are some limitations to the use of different applications. One of the annoying reasons is the continuous ads and in-app verification or purchase that makes the user frustrated. They readily want to get rid of those to get undivided attention. Don’t worry if you are also experiencing this kind of problem then here we are presenting an app for your PC as well as a windows operating system that caters to all the needs. Lucky Patcher is one of the most popular applications that provide a solution to all the above problems.  

This application will help you to remove system apps, block advertisements, bypass license verification, modifies app permissions, and change system apps, and numerous others. You can also take backup and retrieve the installed apps and games. It just needs patching. Apart from the efficient use in windows it also caters to the need of android users. If you are an avid smartphone user, then it will help you to provide an undivided experience due to the annoying ads. If you want to use Lucky Patcher on your android device, then it is mandatory to root your system for better results. 

Features of Lucky Patcher for PC

If you want to get a hold of an app that helps you to remove ads and also provides different kinds of features, then the availability of Lucky Patcher helps you to get all. With this, you are going to address all the problems. Following are the characteristics that can help you to get a grab of this valuable app:

  • It helps you to remove all the unwanted ads on android apps and games. With Lucky Patcher, it is relatively easy to remove them.
  • You can prevent in-app purchase verification with the app. Most people want to use premium apps without any in-app verification charges. This can help them to get that.
  • It can help you to provide a crack version of numerous games. You can get free gems and coins in almost all the games. However, it may need root access.
  • The main problem in the apps is suspicious permissions. Lucky Patcher can helps you to get rid of those permissions from any apps and games quickly. 
  • There are some of the favourite apps that you want to convert into system apps. Lucky Patcher will provide all the efficient functions that can easily convert non-system apps to system apps. It is also capable of providing a copy of the apps in your dedicated system folder.
  • The need for moving some of the apps from your phone to the SD card is evident. The unwanted space occupied makes it quite challenging for the smartphone to function optimally. Lucky Patcher helps you to move them in a few clicks. 
  •  It also helps you to backup your important data and files as an external file. This is the best feature of this app that allows people to attain optimum security. You can backup and retrieve the data with ultimate ease by using this app.

Steps to Download Lucky Patcher app for PC or Windows or Mac and Installation steps

The downloading and installing procedure for Lucky Patcher is quite simple. Lucky Patcher app is compatible with android enabled smartphones as well as pc or windows. With the help of the following steps, one can quickly get rid of unwanted ads and videos from their device.  

Step 1 – To download the Lucky Patcher app for windows or PC, one needs to download it through an emulator. One of the best emulators is Bluestacks that can help you to run the desired apk file of the app. You can download the Bluestacks from its official site

download Bluestacks on your system

Step 2 – Download the Bluestacks app and install it on your computer. The PC needs to restart to launch the application, after restarting open the Bluestacks app. It may take some time as it gets adapted to the environment.

Step 3 – The user interface of Bluestacks shows the menu option in which you will get the option of play store. From there you can find the application for Lucky Patcher that is compatible with windows. 

open the Bluestacks app in your PC

Step 4 – After getting into the play store app, you will find the Lucky Patcher app that can be downloaded. Install it directly. Sometimes the PC needs an administrator password, in that case, fill that window and confirm the installation.

Download Lucky Patcher app

Steps to Download Lucky Patcher app for Mobile or Android and Installation steps

People often get stressed out due to the excessive ads and small videos that ruins their work or visual experience. Lucky Patcher provides immense help in giving a stoppage to that, you can download this app for your android or mac device easily. For that, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1 – To download the Lucky Patcher app you should visit the official site where you can find the apk file. This apk file can only be downloaded as this needs a specific installer app. You have to click on the icon that shows the download option of the Lucky Patcher app installer.

Download Lucky Patcher app link

Step 2 – After downloading the Lucky Patcher app installer, you should download the core apk that provides access to the main app. It is recommended to download the apk file from the official website. It helps you to prevent the different threat options that can lead you to problems.

download the core apk

Step 3 – After the downloading, the prompt appears that asks whether you want to install the lucky patcher installer on your device or not. You should click on yes to initiate the installation process.

permission of install

preparing applcation option

Step 4 – Sometimes, it is seen that the phone has firewall settings that prevent the installation of any app from unknown sources. You should change the permission to install the application on your phone.

change the permission to install setting

Allow From Unknown Source

Step 5-You have to allow the same in the settings option. This will help you in installing the desired app.

After the installation, you are ready to use the app for preventing all kinds of ads. It also helps in converting apps to system apps and other functionalities.  


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Lucky Patcher useful for hacking games?

Lucky Patcher is an application that helps in removing the ads from different applications and also helping you to get access to converting apps to system apps. It is not beneficial for hacking games as nowadays all the games have their dedicated hacking applications. Lucky Patcher doesn’t help in hacking all the games. However, numerous games can be hacked with the help of this.  

2. Is the Lucky Patcher app downloading process complicated?

The downloading of the Lucky Patcher app is quite simple. You have to follow some of the steps that help in downloading. For PC users, it is essential to download the emulator as this app cannot be directly installed on your windows enabled device.

3. What are the legal issues regarding the use of Lucky Patcher?

The use of Lucky Patcher is not suitable for different apps and game developers. There are specific laws regarding the use of this app. Some countries follow stringent rules regarding the usage of these apps. However, you can use Lucky Patcher without any difficulties. If you are a law-abiding citizen who doesn’t want to harm app developers, then you should prevent yourself from using this application. 

4. What are the safety concerns regarding the usage of Lucky Patcher?

The main concern of this generation of internet users is data theft. Data theft is one of the most dangerous things on the internet. Most of the apps collect the data of users and provide it to other platforms. Lucky Patcher doesn’t contain any kind of user data, which makes it relatively safe for the users. However, the play store doesn’t find it safe, which is the main reason behind the unavailability of this on play store.

5. Does the installation process take time?

The installation process is quite simple and can be attained through minimal efforts. The process can take time if your device is slow. It is recommended to clear all the cache and try to achieve maximum speed while installing this app.

If you are hassled with the continuous attack of ads while playing or viewing any content, then this app is going to be aptly beneficial. With the easy setup process and all the details of the procedure, it is relatively easy to install this. The above information will lead you to minimize stress. Apart from removing the ads, it also helps you in converting regular apps to system apps. One can get immense benefit by using this application as it also helps in moving different data to your SD drive or card. If you want to get rid of all the annoying ads and want to attain excellent data sharing, then you should download this as soon as possible.


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