AltStore App – How to Install IPA Files on an iPhone 

By | September 27, 2021

Different applications provide effective functioning for specific users. When it comes to iPhone users, they often find it very difficult to get additional apps and games without paying an in-app purchase amount. There are some of the apps that can help you to get different apps and games without any charges. Apart from that, this app is capable of assisting in installing other file formats. One of the best in class applications is AltStore that provides numerous functionalities. These functions are quite useful and help the user to equip themselves with better functionalities.

AltStore app is capable of installing an IPA file in any iOS device with just the help of a computer and Apple ID. With this app, one can easily design and install apps that are useful for users. It comes with different top of the class features such as a regular background updating option which sheds all the stress from the users. Here we are providing adequate information about the AltStore app but emphasizing how to install IPA files with the help of this platform. This will provide immense help in getting a grab of one of the best apps for the iPhone.

Features of AltStore for iPhone

Here are some of the efficient features that help the users to get maximum out of this app. This app is capable of providing modded apps and hacked games. Apart from that, you can easily install IPA files with the help of this app. Let’s delve into some of the best features of the AltStore app.

  • This app is capable of designing and installing apps. You need to use the Apple ID.
  • The feature of Wi-Fi enabled installation through Altserver helps the user to get desired apps quickly.
  • The periodic updating procedure of AltStore makes it quite helpful. It helps the apps from expiring.
  • The feature of the automatic updating of apps makes it quite helpful.
  • The availability of a par quality library makes it quite apt. It is equipped with hacked games and modded applications.
  • All the games and applications available in the database are free.
  • Altserver is capable of providing access to the installation of different apps. It is quite complex to install additional apps on your iOS device. With this, it is relatively easy to install them.
  • The silent working of this app in the background provides a compelling working that helps to restore the connections.

Steps to Download AltStore for iPhone

Download and installation of the AltStore app is an easy yet lengthy process. You have to follow all the instructions dedicatedly. Here we are providing some of the steps that help you in the installation of the same. However, this excerpt is all about the installation of IPA files so we will help you out with that after providing the instructions for installing the AltStore on your iPhone

  • Start with opening any browser on your PC and search for the link of AltStore for the desired operating system, whether it is Mac or windows.
  • For downloading the AltStore, just click on the ‘download Altserver’ that helps you to get the raw file that can be installed on your device.
  • When downloading the app, connect your iPhone to the PC.
  • Open the Altserver on your PC. You have to click on the ‘install AltStore’ option. After that, select the device that is connected to the PC.
  • Enter the Apple ID and password for authentication. In case you don’t want to use the regular account then opt for a fake account.
  • After this, the downloading procedure on your iDevice will start. It may take some time to download the desired file.
  • The above process will help you to install the AltStore on your iPhone. You have to provide permission for this by opting for a trust centre. Just select the settings of your device. Opt for general settings, then select the profiles section and provide access to trust for the AltStore credentials.
  • Open the AltStore app. You will get the list of available apps.
  • It is mandatory to go to settings and input the same credentials as you have opted for while installing Altserver for PC.
  • Enjoy the availability of a sideloading app on your device.

With this process, you will get a hold of AltStore easily. Though it only helps you to install the AltStore on your iPhone. The step by step instruction for installing IPA files through AltStore is provided below.

Steps to install IPA files on an iPhone

  • Navigate to the IPA library for downloading the .ipa file onto your iPhone. If you have already downloaded the same file, then this step can be skipped.
  • Once the IPA file is being downloaded, start the AltStore app on your iPhone and navigate to the Apps tab.
  • Click on the +button to add the IPA file. You will be prompted to select the desired IPA file from the list. Select the desired IPA file downloaded before.
  • For first time users of AltStore, you have to input the Apple ID and password. It will help you to start the installation.
  • It will take a few minutes to install the desired IPA file.
  • Once the desired app is installed, you can view it in the apps tab. One can open it from the Home screen.
  • Generally, the app remains for 7days only, but you can customize it for the desired days.

These instructions will help you to install the IPA files with the help of AltStore. Follow the steps dedicatedly, and in case you find some difficulties, then the FAQ will help to combat those issues.


1. What are the probable causes of installation issues of this app?

The whole process of installation depends on some of the core steps. These steps shouldn’t be missed. Here we are providing some of them that can help you to combat these problems:

  • The trust centre option should be checked while installing. The settings should be seen. It helps in accessing the path where it is going to be installed.
  • For windows, if you are facing problems, then check for the working of iTunes or iCloud.
  • There are some issues when you have installed iTunes or iCloud from the Microsoft store. You have to uninstall them to install this app.

2. What if the app gets freeze or lagging happens?

The reason for lagging or freezing is due to different reasons. You should check for different things. Firstly check the firewall settings. Sometimes the firewall blocks the incoming network connections. You can set it for accepting the apps from the AltStore function. If you have installed iCloud or iTunes from the Microsoft store, you should uninstall them. It is because this app needs the latest version of the same. It is mandatory to check that both of the apps are operational or not on your device. 

3. Are there any server issues while installing the AltStore?

Yes, there may be eventual issues regarding the server. Sometimes this app is unable to discover an operational Altserver. If you are also facing the same problem, then you should check for the Wi-Fi network settings. Look for the connection of altserver to the same connection. Firewall settings cause a lot of questions. If there are any issues with your Wi-Fi connection, then opt for a hotspot or any other dongle connection.

4. What is the core working process of this app?

Altstore is just like an app and games container that can help a specific device used to get bulk loads of the same. It doesn’t demand any fee or subscription. It helps to revoke the enterprise certificate of the newly constructed apps. This app works like an emulator. However, it doesn’t coincide with the proper working of the emulator.

This is an app store that consists of different functionalities. These functionalities include apps and games. iOS users find it very useful as it doesn’t cost them massive money to purchase the desired apps and games. In addition to that, it also helps in the installation of different file formats. 

5. Do we have to keep running the Altserver for the proper function of AltStore?

You don’t have to keep it running. It would be best if you tried to check for the continuous activation of your computer. This will help the AltStore to connect to the Altserver, and it automatically refreshes the applications. Apart from that, you should opt for this process every 7days as it helps them to update. If you are not doing so, then you may lose the app.

AltStore app is an efficient app that helps a lot to those users who do not want to invest much for an in-app purchase. However, this app can help you to get a hold of different modded apps as well as hacked games. With this, one can easily opt for installing files like .ipa. The user interface of this app makes it quite useful. Help yourself by installing this and install IPA files as well as get hacked games and modded apps in one place.


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