Robert Mueller took advantage of cellphone GPS so that he can track Trump associate

By | August 30, 2021

Robert Mueller has said that he was successful to locate the position of Trump Tower in New York City with the help of security company executive Erik Prince’s accurate location. It was done in the year 2017 which took several years by cellphone signal.

The special counsel’s report announces the investigative technique with which they can track down the suspect’s location with the help of cellphone GPS signal.

Prince has explained that it was one of the paths where security issues can take place. This team of Mr. Mueller shows cellphone tracking. So, there is a doubt if the FBI can apply those processes of investigation. A cellphone’s GPS can easily show its position within a few feet. When the subject was disclosed, the FBI made a request to explain it.

When Mr. Muller located the position very easily with the help of Mr. Prince’s suggestion, then the accuser pinpointed the mobile service provider.

Michael Caputo, who is a former trump campaign advisor told Washington Times that:

“I got the distinct impression that they had all my electronic communications and they operated with a confidence borne of a complete complement of the communications of everyone else.”

Caputo was the only vocal accusor at that the time of special counsel’s investigation. The result of that investigation was that they didn’t find any Trump -Russia conspiracy.

Mr. Muller wanted to see his accusation report. The appointment order states that it has no evidence of the Trump-Russia conspiracy. He also located the position of Mr. Price with the help of his cellphone GPS.

The report depicts that:

“Cell-site location data for Prince’s mobile phone indicates that Prince remained at Trump Tower for approximately three hours,” and it also says that, “Prince said that he could not recall whether, during those three hours, he met with Bannon and discussed Dmitriev with him.”

The report also has a quotation where it says “Cell-site location data for Prince’s mobile phone”  and the other word is censored for some investigation rules.

Mueller report of cellphone says that:

 “Papadopoulos’s and Mifsud’s mentions of seeing each other ‘tomorrow’ referenced a meeting that the two had scheduled for the next morning, April 12, 2016, at the Andaz Hotel in London. Papadopoulos acknowledged the meeting during interviews with the Office, and records from Papadopoulos’s UK cellphone and his internet-search history all indicate that the meeting took place.”

Different associate of Trump Papadopoulos doubts that if they are trapped by Western intelligence. Another Trump associate named Carter page knew that he was trapped.

But later, the FBI won the case and had the permission to check the computers and phone contacts, call record, and messages.

The special council report has no mention of the surveillance or the fact that the agent ever replied to Mr. Page’s cellphone.