Khatrimaza 2021: Top 10+ Similar Sites Like KhatriMaza

By | October 27, 2021


Anybody who uses the internet is aware of the fact that there are several movies available online that you can download without having to pay a single penny. Many people enjoy watching houses of movies downloaded every day from the internet on their preferred device. Hardly people who wait in front of their television screen for their favorite TV show or movie. As the world is becoming smaller, more people are taking an interest in the culture as well as movies of other countries. Mostly you will not find such movies being shown on your television screen. Most people watched movies with the help of paid subscriptions from video streaming services like the Zee Cinema app, Alt Balaji, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO select, Netflix, or the recently released Disney+. 

Even though these websites and their apps, millions of subscribers from all around the world. The number of people who actually page money for search services is very few compared to the one who downloads their content online, of course, downloading or streaming videos from the internet is not an easy task. If you have no idea about how to download the movies, it can be quite a wild goose chase as stumbling upon one link after the other going nowhere. This is why most people use the easiest path to download the latest TV shows or movies in the preferred language, which is true the use of torrents. Khatrimaza is one of these websites from where Torrent users enjoy downloading content without any issues.

The popularity of this website is ever-growing as people continue to rely on torrents to enjoy free content. Everybody enjoys free stuff, and with the help of the internet, which is mostly accessible to all, the growing popularity of torrents will not decrease shortly. Khatrimaza is especially popular amongst people who want to enjoy movies and TV shows in the vernacular language other than English movies.  

What is Khatrimaza?  


Khatrimaza is a torrent downloading website that is well known for it was the collection of movies from different Indian languages. As everyone is well aware, India has a lot of regional languages that produce their very unique movies and TV shows. These movies and TV shows are well-liked by people all over the world. The movies and TV shows are available in their own original language as well as dual audio is also available. Hindi dubbed, as well as English dubbed movies are also available on this website. Users will also enjoy downloading subtitles from this amazing website. Every day new movies are added to its enormous collection. Users will find HD quality videos with amazing audio. They can download the torrent or even use the magnet download link from this website. Khatrimaza is slowly building a name for itself with the amazing service that is providing and will soon establish itself as a top contender amongst Torrent websites.  

Website Features  

Khatrimaza has a user-friendly design, and you will find that the most popular movies are listed at the top along with the trending ones. You can download these files by just a few clicks, or you can go through the different categories of movies given at the bottom. There is also a search bar in which you can type out the movie name or the title of the TV show to get the content that you are seeking. Of course, you can download as many files as you want from khatrimaza without having to pay a single rupee. This is the main reason why people visit the site. Other than that, you can also use the numerous filters like genre, languages, or you are of release to find a movie suit your taste. There is nothing extraordinary or out of the blue you regarding this website; actually, the features of this website are pretty generic, and this is what makes it popular. Many Torrent website nowadays uses too many features making it a cumbersome webpage which is not what khatrimaza is all about. No matter what the person’s age or experience is with torrents, they will surely understand and enjoy downloading free content from khatrimaza.  


There are several categories in the homepage of khatrimaza which you can choose to go through to find the movie that you are looking for; Some of the main categories are listed as follows: 

  • New Bollywood movies: all the latest Bollywood movies are available on this website in the best quality possible on khatrimaza. 
  • New Hollywood movies: if you are looking for Hollywood movies that are not even released in the theatres, then this website will help you get them without any issues. Punjabi movies: get brilliant Punjabi movies in HD quality from khatrimaza and enjoy movies in your mother tongue. 
  • South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi: South Indian movies are well-liked by all, but not everyone knows the language properly. That is why these brilliant movies have been dubbed in Hindi, and they are available in the best quality in khatrimaza. 
  • Cartoon movies: movies for children are also available. 
  • Pakistani movies: International movies are also available on khatrimaza. 

Other than these some other categories that you can find on the website are: 

  • Malayalam movies
  • Bengali movies
  • Gujarati movies
  • Tamil movies
  • Marathi movies
  • Web series and TV shows
  • Box office
  • Upcoming movies 

Best Alternatives to Khatrimaza 

Some of the most popular alternative websites to khatrimaza are as follows:

1. Tamilyogi

This is a very famous Torrent downloading website, especially for Tamil movies.Do not worry as you will find movies in different languages other than Tamil as well.You can download movies from this website in HD quality as well as web rip in just a few clicks. You cannot only download movies from tamilyogi, but you can also watch the movie online. This saves you a lot of space on your device. There is just one problem that if you do not have a high-speed internet connection, there will be a lot of buffering and pop up ads while you watch the movie online, so you should download the movie enjoy a seamless stream.

2. Torlock

Torlock is a very simple Torrent downloading website that is well-liked by all. You can also download video games on this website.

3. Limetorrents

Do this website is mostly like by people who want to enjoy English movies, you can also download vernacular movies from this website.

4. Nyaa

Watch HD quality movies online on Nyaa. This website is brilliant, as you will hardly find any popups and unnecessary ads disturbing your movie-watching experience.

5. Movierulez

It is a simple website which is a brilliant alternative to khatrimaza. Moviesrulez has a very similar design as to khatrimaza, and you can download Malayalam movies in HD quality without any problem from this website.

6. Extramovies

More than the website extramovies, the mobile application is more famous amongst Torrent users. You can not only download torrents from this website but also watch the content that you want online. Brilliant web series are available on this website, including Japanese anime.

7. The pirate Bay: 

This is one of the most famous Torrent downloading website, and you can virtually get anything that you desire from this website. All torrent users well enjoy the watch collection of movies on The Pirate Bay. You can also get movies in 3D quality so that if you have a device that supports the virtual reality of 3D, you can enjoy such videos as well.

8. 9xmovies

If you want to enjoy a torrent website that has a user-friendly design along with a vast library of movies, then this is perfect for you. You can get movies of different languages as well as a genre from 9Xmovies in the best quality possible. It is a simple website that is well-liked by all. The latest English Hollywood movies are available in HD quality. You will find movies that are still running in the theatres on this website.

9. Yts: 

Why it is one of the most popular websites, Hollywood movies. The movies are arranged systematically, and you can go through the website with absolute ease. Yts has gained such a fan following due to its brilliant features and has been the inspiration behind many other Torrents downloading website as well.

10. KatMovieHD

This website has a very similar design as kickass Torrent. If you enjoy kickass torrent ok khatrimaza, you will surely enjoy KatMovieHD. Do not judge by its name, as you can also download movies in other formats and Israel if you do not have sufficient space in your phone to download HD quality movies.

11. Bolly4u

Oftentimes, when sitting idle, people prefer doing something to keep themselves engaged. Many prefer watching movies and listening to songs. This is a movie streaming platform that brings to you innumerable movies of all times, in various languages. You can stream and download your favourite movies, on your preferred format, because this site brings to you films in several formats like 1020p, 720p, 480p. People prefer using this site because of its well-managed home page, which makes navigating through it’s extremely easy. Not only that, but you are also sure to get here movies, web series, documentaries, short films, award functions, trailers, etc. that cover various genres and languages. 

12. Fzmovies

Fzmovies is notorious for leaking the latest releases, making them available to the public for free streaming and downloading. The site is a pirated site the leaks the trending movies without having proper copyright permissions. FZmovies is an illegal site that was banned by the Indian government but continues to function through proxy servers. The site provides a plethora of old and new movies that you can stream and download in HD resolution at any time. With its huge library of well-categorized contents, the site is sure to give you a satisfying movie-watching experience. The site’s interface is also extremely user friendly, allowing everyone to explore through the site easily. 

FAQs about Khatrimaza  

Given below are some of the most common queries about Khatrimaza. 

1. What are the websites used for? 

Khatrimaza is a brilliant website that is used by a lot of people to download illegal torrents for different movies and TV shows. Movies and TV shows from all around the world are available on this website. Most people visit this website to download English movies as well as Bollywood, Tollywood, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, movies. 

2. Is khatrimaza safe? 

Khatrimaza is a torrent downloading website, and just like every other Torrent downloading website, it is illegal to use. Yes, it can be considered safe to use this website as many people do it; what many trees need to be considered before using such a website for the first. People should download an ad blocker because there are thousands of popups that come up when using such a website. Many a time, people will find ads from pornographic websites which must be avoided at all cost. Sometimes the advertisements pop-ups can also be from other shady illegal websites that can steal your data. It is also advisable that a person uses a VPN or virtual private network to access khatrimaza. 

3. Is downloading Torrent from khatrimaza illegal? 

Downloading Torrents from khatrimaza is illegal as it is a pirated content. Downloading pirated content unlawful all around the world, and this is the reason why the government blocks these websites. Generally, the people who download content from search websites are not penalized what the distributors are; still, your network and device are vulnerable and can be tracked by your government when you visit khatrimaza. 

4. Do you have to register to download movies from khatrimaza? 

No. If you want to download movies from khatrimaza, there is no need to register. If you want to be a part of the newsletter, then you can subscribe to it; other than that, there is no other process. Download movie from khatrimaza. You just need to select the movie that you want, then click on the link of which quality and language are suitable for you. You will get the option to download the torrent as a magnet download or as a torrent file; to get the movie, you would have to use a Torrent downloader. 

5. Why is khatrimaza so popular?

There are many Torrent downloading websites, so you may be wondering why khatrimaza is so popular. Yes, indeed, its name is not as well known as 1337x, YTS, or Kick-Ass torrent, but lately, this website has been gaining quotes the fan following. People who enjoy using torrents and now slowly gravitating towards this website as it continues to upload its library daily, providing fresh content every day. Every single day new movies and TV shows in the best possible quality are being uploaded on this website. There are content for everyone; those who want to enjoy HD movies that are available as well as videos of 300 MB is also available for people who watch movies and TV shows from their phones. Show all around, and this website is a great Torrent downloading website. 

6. Does khatrimaza have a mobile app?

Yes. Khatrimaza has a mobile app, and you can download the khatrimaza.APK file from its official website. As it is an illegal movie downloading service, you will not find it in your phone’s mobile app store. You would have to directly download it from the official website of khatrimaza or other illegal Torrent downloading website that has the link to this app. The features of the app are very similar to the website, and there is hardly anything new.  

Disclaimer regarding the website

If any person is caught using distributing for downloading pirated content, then they can be tried in court. The use of copyrighted material without paying for it is unlawful, and this is the reason why you will find that the government blocks most torrent sites. This article has been written not to encourage such behavior but to provide information regarding what does search sites entail. We do not encourage anyone to go to search sites nor download files from it. One should avoid using search sites and go to official websites or websites where you can register to get a subscription pack to watch the content that you desire. There are many legal websites that you can access, which are affordable; there are also many websites that have free content that you can enjoy. 


Everybody enjoy entertainment in the form of their favorite movie or TV show. It is one of the most common forms of leisure activity that is enjoyed by people all around the world. No matter where you are, even if you are traveling, you can enjoy this leisure activity without any hustle. Nowadays, there are so many streaming websites from where you can download movies that hardly people rely on television sets for their daily content. With the growth and the popularity of the internet, the number of streaming websites is also growing; with them, more and more Torrent websites or websites that have pirated content are also growing. It is quite the booming business as millions of people all across the world enjoy streaming free services using such websites. Khatrimaza is one of the dost Torrent websites that allows anybody who visits that website to download movies of different languages like Hindi, English, Marathi, Telugu, or even Punjabi. 

Also, though these kinds of websites are very popular and are deemed safe by the public, it is actually very risky. The main reason for this is obviously the fact that you are accessing a website that hosts pirated content. You can never be too sure about the cookies and caches that this website is putting inside your system. Even if you have good ad blockers and VPN as well as anti-malware software; sometimes all these safety measures fall short in front of the real threats. When you are installing any software from such websites, your data becomes more susceptible to problematic situations like falling into the hands of hackers who can steal your private information. We generally use our computer for a lot of personal purposes, including payments, keeping our personal files as well as job-related documents. If such sensitive information is ever stolen, we will be in severe trouble. This is the reason why caution is required when using websites like Khatrimaza as nobody would want such terrible fate to befall upon them. 


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