Is Peacock Free on Roku? How to Get

By | February 22, 2023

Roku is the top choice for entertainment. It has become a popular hub for people to have fun. Every device from Roku is creating buzz—these are specially made for online streaming, making watching movies, series, and sports easier than ever. It offers a wide range of channels, an OTT platform, and multiple genres that you can watch and enjoy. 

When we are talking about such an amazing entertainment device as Roku TV, Peacock TV gets a special mention. This channel is already famous and at the top of the list. Peacock gives you the exact content you need for entertainment. 

Don’t you want to know how you can turn on Peacock on Roku? If yes, this tutorial is for you.

Peacock and Roku

Peacock TV has launched a few years ago, on July 20th. This amazing entertainment delivers the best content for all.

Peacock has a top-notch collection of good and renowned TV shows, movies, series, live sports, news, and many more. No matter what is on your watch list, you will get everything on Peacock TV. Make a wish, and it will be presented before you. Peacock TV has a reputation for providing the best services. It completely dedicates the services to the users; that is the reason you may never have to worry about finding any content on Peacock TV.

If you add Peacock to your Roku TV, you will be able to get all your favorite shows as well as channels. There is HBO Max, CNBC, etc. so you can watch your desired shows.

 Is Peacock TV free on Roku?

Peacock TV’s users can easily access Peacock for free, Peacock Premium, and Peacock Premium Plus. There are 3 categories, among which you can add the best Peacock plan to your Roku TV.

It’s an ideal choice for your Roku TV because you can stream Peacock and also enjoy watching 4K content. With Roku’s interface, Peacock TV became more convenient and attractive. You can enjoy the 4K content of Peacock TV on Roku and get a theatre-like experience at home.

Is Peacock TV a good source of entertainment?

Let us introduce to you Peacock TV, the new updated version that is recommended for every entertainment lover. This streaming site is full of hit movies and TV series. Once you get the fever for Peacock TV, you will not be able to switch to others. Peacock TV is the ultimate source of entertainment. It is not just good; it is one of the best.

Peacock TV can provide you with everything at once. On Peacock TV, you just need to hit a button, and then you can watch 50+ channels, live sports highlights, documentaries, original shows of Peacock, special shows and movies for children, and thousands of TV shows, movies, and series.

In short, it is worth getting connected to Peacock because you will get multiple options, which you may not get on other platforms. Peacock is known for providing high-quality video and being compatible with Roku TV. The combination of Peacock and Roku TV can be the best.

How can I watch Peacock on Roku television?

To watch your favorite channels of Peacock TV on Roku television, you must follow the instructions below. We are going to explain to you the easiest way in which you can turn on full-on entertainment by following a few steps. Know how to add Peacock TV to your Roku device:

  • Sign up for a Peacock account

To enjoy every piece of content on Peacock for free or in the Premium version, first, you need to do one thing: sign up for Peacock TV. 

Go to the web page of Peacock and then click on sign up. In this way, you can get the options for plans, which are Peacock Free, Peacock Premium, or Peacock Premium Plus. After you choose the right plan, you can create your account by providing minimal credentials.

  • Roku Home Screen

The next task you need to do is turn on the Roku TV. On Roku TV, you need to go to the Roku home screen, and then you should click on the search button, which will help you find Peacock TV.

  • Add Peacock TV to Roku

 After you search for Peacock TV on your Roku device, the channel will appear in the search bar. You need to select Peacock TV and then install it.

  • Log in to Peacock TV on Roku

 After successfully installing Peacock TV on Roku, you need to go back to the Home Screen of Roku. On that note, look up Peacock TV. When you get the icon, click on it to start Peacock TV. 

You must use the credentials that you have already used to sign up for Peacock TV. The ID and password will help you log in to Peacock TV once again on Roku.

By following these simple steps, you can easily log in to Peacock TV on your Roku device. This is not a rocket sign, just a few steps. You will be able to watch your favorite programs on Peacock TV. There are classic TV shows like The Office, Superstore, and Downtown Abbey. You can get series like Chicago Med and The Kelly Clarkson Show. There are news channels, movies, documentaries, and cartoons for kids, and many more.)


Finally, you can get your favorite shows on Roku TV. Do not sit back when you can enjoy it all on a single platform. It’s time for some entertainment; don’t you want to spend a wonderful time watching your favorite shows and live events on this wonderful television? Connect it with one of the famous Peacock TVs. Then you can enjoy the best of everything. 

Have fun and watch whatever you like. Enjoy the HD version on Roku television and get the theatre-like experience at home. You can try out Peacock TV first and then subscribe.


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