How to Watch TBS Without Cable?

By | February 21, 2023

Roku is more than a smart TV. It is rather the best version of any television that you will ever find. Find out your favorite movies, series, shows, sports events, and the latest broadcasts from all across the world on this virtual platform. 

Roku offers you multiple channels on its super-convenient platform. It has become the hub for all OTT platform channels and entertainment sites, but one such site is TBS. 

This is the ultimate combination for your entertainment. You can watch your favorite TBS shows on Roku. You just need to know how. Follow this entire article and know how to make your streaming experience even more fascinating.

TBS on Roku

TBS is one of the famous American television networks that is owned by Warner Bros. TBS is also known as Turner Broadcasting Systems. It is one of the leading global media channels that have entertained all of us for decades. For entertainment, we always look for TBS.

This television network can deliver various entertaining shows, including comedy, sports events, programs, and many more. This television service is very famous all across the United States and other parts of the world. TBS is the best destination if you want to watch Major League Baseball, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, professional wrestling, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, etc. TBS is also available in English and Spanish. You can enjoy this amazing TV channel and watch it on Roku television—this will be a great opportunity.

TBS airs as an independent television station. It is connected with prestigious shows, which you crave for. TBS also offers HDTV picture format so you can enjoy high-quality graphics. Combine this feature with Roku’s interface, and you will be able to get the best version of the television network. The features of Roku and the quality content of TBS have made everything special.

How to watch DBS without cable

You can watch TBS on Roku without even paying for cable. There are multiple channels online, like Spectrum TV Choice, Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, and ITC, to give you the best quality shows from BBs. If you are looking for a free source of entertainment, don’t worry, we are here to guide you.

Follow the below-mentioned pointers, which explain the best services you can use to watch your favorite TBS shows on Roku. It’s time to cut the cord and try something new for more amazing experiences ahead.

  • Hulu Live TV

Turn on Hulu Live TV for exclusive offers. You can get the original shows and around 60 channels on this virtual platform. You can also customize the choice of channels depending on where you live. Do not miss this amazing chance to watch live TV at a cheaper rate or for free. On your Roku device, you can subscribe to Hulu and get an amazing chance to get live TV services.

You can also opt out of the live TV plans and switch to the other services, which are on demand. Hulu can provide this amazing chance, so you can get the best version of online services. Also, get a 7-day free trial on Hulu Live TV.

  • Sling Blue

Enjoy the pleasure of cord-cutting as an alternative to Sling Blue. This is one of the best alternatives to watching TBS shows on your Roku television. This telecom provides national TV channels for the US. 

By paying a reasonable amount per month, you can stream online on Sling Blue through your Roku television. 

Let us introduce to you the channels that you can line up on Sling Blue. You can watch Food Network, Fox News, TBS, NBC Sports Network, NBC, Lifetime, Mi Box, National Geographic, TNT, Travel Channel, True TV, etc.

Can you imagine so many offers on one channel? There will be no regret in cutting off cable when you can get this amazing opportunity of Sling Blue on your Roku TV. Get multiple options at a reasonable price and enjoy watching your favorite shows.

  • YouTube TV

Roku TV will give you the best streaming services, so you can take advantage of YouTube TV. This is one of the growing platforms from which you can get Live TV services. It also offers local as well as national channels like Comedy Central, CNN, ESPN, TBS, and many more. 

It’s time to try something new and get the best version out of what’s left. YouTube TV also offers a 7-day free trial opportunity. You can try it out on your Roku TV and make decisions after that. YouTube TV can be subscribed to at a very reasonable price. There are many plans based on months and years, so you can get everything you like on YouTube TV. 

It will also offer you live TV services, so you can watch your favorite shows live. YouTube TV can give you a cloud DVR storage feature as well. You can save the shows you want to watch later. YouTube TV has the perfect content for you and all of your family members.

  • DirecTV stream

Get a 5-day free trial and a monthly subscription plan at a very reasonable price only on DirecTV Stream. This online live TV streaming platform is available on Roku TV. DirecTV comes with a twist: you can either download the application for the services from DirecTV Stream or you can purchase the box that also comes with a remote.

If you want to watch the shows on TBS, then DirecTV Stream can be the perfect opportunity to cut the cable. Without cable, you will be able to enjoy live TV services and your favorite channels like Bravo, Boomerang, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Disney, Hallmark Channel, Home Shopping Network, Lifetime, TLC, USA Network, VH1, TCM, and many more. 


It’s high time you switch to the more advanced option for entertainment. You can directly cut the cable and watch your favorite shows on your Roku TV. Get multiple options Try something new and choose the streaming site that is best for you. Watch your favorite TBS shows. Enjoy the free trials and try out different channels every day.

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