How to Make Grid Photo on Instagram?

By | May 5, 2022

Instagram is hands down one of the fastest growing social media platforms. From educational to entertainment, the niches are diverse and so is the audience. However, with popularity comes competition. When you have so many people to compete against to attain the attention of your target audience, constant brainstorming is part of the content creation journey.

Grid photos on Instagram are currently in trend now. However, despite the “trend”, they are still not everyone’s cup of tea. Planning a good grid photo needs a good grid maker for Instagram. But, while everyone tells you about creating grid photos and the steps, no one tells you about the accessory tips that go into designing that perfect grid photo.

This article will explore that in detail and offer you insights into creating the most stunning grid photo for your Instagram account.

Creative and Unique Ways to Design your Instagram Grid

A good grid photo on Instagram isn’t about lines and autonomy. It is about balance and matching color palettes. Sometimes, we are so offbeat with creating grid photos that we miss out on the basic essence, which is following a simple yet effective appearance to the grid.

Sometimes, all that your grid photo needs are a vision that you can bring to fruition. For an effective understanding and eventual implementation, we have sorted out some of the most creative ways to design the Instagram grid.

  • Stick to a Color Combination

We can’t stress this enough but if you want your grid photo to stand out, focus on sorting a stunning color combo. A theme with a proper color palette can take you a long way.

Also, when choosing the color palette, pick one that suits your brand and the way you post your content. If you are into more aesthetic kind of content, pastel shades will tide your boat better.

If you are into food and cuisines, you want a brighter and more vivid palette that speaks to the audience. Your aim in maintaining a color palette is to ensure that the entire grid of your Instagram looks presentable and in sync.

Besides maintaining a constant theme, you can also focus on putting some variation to the color palette after a few posts and mix and match the hues in the final grid look. However, even when switching things up, you have to maintain some sort of harmony on the account.

  • Pick row by row design

Besides a themed color pattern, another effective way to spruce up your grid photo on Instagram is by picking a row-by-row design.

It is a tedious task, especially when you have to post three posts at a time to maintain the harmony on the account. When you are choosing the row-by-row design, you want to maintain a strict color theme for each row.

However, whatever you choose, always ensure that it aligns with your brand’s needs and vision. Sometimes, high-shot and panoramic images also make a good addition to such grid layouts. 

We’d recommend that you trick and try some designs and see which one aligns the best with your needs.

  • Try out the checkerboard pattern

Another popular and staple grid idea for your Instagram is the checkerboard pattern. In this, you have to imagine the layout of chess or checkerboard. So, you have to alternate your posts with either different color themes or add text-based images to make the actual grid photos stand out in the layout.

Like the row-by-row pattern, even maintaining a checkerboard pattern is quite tedious, especially in the long run. Not only would you have to post three different posts at a time, but you also need to have a lot of inventory to keep the overall grid aligned.

Also, when including text-based grid photos in your checkerboard grid layout, ensure that you always include the same font and background so it doesn’t stand out from the rest.

  • Breaking up the grid

First of all, we wouldn’t recommend this kind of grid photo idea every time you post on Instagram. Not only are they difficult to make, but they are also extremely time-consuming and take up all the area on your grid.

Instead, the “breaking up the grid” layout is perfect for making big announcements. If you have a secret project coming to fruition or you have an upcoming launch that you want to make a grand reveal of, this kind of grid photo idea is ideal.

In this, you make a large “poster” size photo that you then break into the individual grids to be posted at a time so it looks like a complete poster on your Instagram layout.

You will need a grid maker for Instagram to make such posts because you have to get the dimensions of the images correct and then post them to ensure the final layout looks like you envisioned it to be.

  • Try the rainbow layout

If you like bright and funky colors for your Instagram grid photo and layout, we’d recommend trying out the rainbow layout. It is one of a kind and something that doesn’t require a lot of effort or labor.

You can click pictures in clothes or backgrounds that match the specific color of the rainbow that you are planning to post. Doing so gives you enough inventories to select a bunch of photos at random and then create your grid photo layout so it resembles the seven colors of the rainbow with seven consecutive rows.

When editing the images, ensure that the color theme for the three images in a row is similar. You have to keep the color palette similar without any questions if you want everything to blend in well.

  • Polaroid effect

Surprisingly, polaroids and bordered grid photos have come back in trend. So, if you want to implement that effect into your Instagram layout as well, we’d recommend that you go ahead and do so.

With the bordered image, you have a white border surrounding each image, which gives it a spaced out and polaroid look that looks stunning, minimal and very clean in the final Instagram layout.

Also, creating some borders in your Instagram grid photos is extremely easy, something that you can do from a standard editing application.

  • Follow minimalism

When you are posting on Instagram, remember one thing – less is more. Minimalism is not just an aesthetic or way of living; its implementation is everywhere. You will find most creators on Instagram opting for a clean, subdued and minimal layout for their grid photos.

Ever wondered why that is the case?

Not only is it easy to follow and create a minimalistic account, but editing the grid photos is easy too. You don’t have to put a lot of effort and time into editing the individual images that you have to post on your account. So, sometimes it’s better to stick to minimalism.

With so many different creative layouts on Instagram, budding creators are still inquisitive about the grid layout on Instagram and how to maintain them. If you were looking for some lucrative and tangible tips, we hope this article gives you a detailed insight into some of the most creative grid photo and layout tips for Instagram.