How to Get Free Xbox Live Codes in 2022? [No Generator]

By | December 4, 2021

When it comes to gaming consoles, Xbox Live is considered to be one of the very best. It is very popular since it is reliable, durable, and offers great visual clarity. As such, it has a large userbase of around 40 million users as well. Gaming has certainly been easier and smoother with the help of this machine. 

One of the main attractions of Xbox Live is the codes using which you will be able to get any app available in Xbox Live. Note that apart from this, Xbox Live also gives you gift cards that enable you to get the apps as well. The important codes are found in the gift cards. However, not everyone has an easy time getting the codes. That’s why we are here to help you out and tell you which sources to search for getting the secret codes. 

But before we move onto that, let us start with the basics: 

What do you mean by an Xbox?

Know that an Xbox functions like a well-stocked app store where you will find various kinds of Microsoft products. It came into existence in 1996 after being developed by Atri Jaguar. If you are thinking about, what kind of apps you will find here, then know that you will get everything. The types and styles of apps are diverse. So no matter what kind of niche app you are looking for, you will most probably find it here easily.

Why are the codes important?

Let us elaborate on what was explained in the introduction- know that if you want to get any of the apps in the app store you will need codes for that. These codes are called Xbox Live codes. There are two ways you can such codes. One is that you can buy them and another one is that you can try to get them for free. It might not surprise you that people tend to go for the free option more since it does take a lot of money to buy some of the apps in the store. 

Also, note that these codes don’t have any connection to a specific app. This means that you will be able to make use of the codes to buy any kind of app you like. So now comes the main question of- from where will you be able to get those codes for free? We will be discussing all below: 

How can you get free wallet codes for Steam? 

There are multiple ways you will be able to get the Xbox live codes for free and get the game you want. Here we will mention all the legal ways you will be able to procure such active and live codes.

1. Get the codes through the XBL Reward

Get the codes through the XBL Reward

Note that XBL Reward is a site where you can get tonnes of free live codes for Xbox Live. But of course, you can’t get these codes without doing anything at all. So the catch is that you will have to complete some tasks for this site. Note that to begin doing these tasks you need to have an account there. 

Once you have created your account, you will be asked to carry out tasks like downloading some apps, etc. After you complete this you will get a card with the Xbox code in it. You will be able to redeem it by selecting it and then the amount you want to redeem. 

2. Get Xbox Live codes by making use of Gold Trial

Get Xbox Live codes by making use of Gold Trial

Know that you can get Xbox Live codes by making use of Xbox Gold live. To get Xbox Gold Live you will need to have an Xbox Live account and you must have subscribed to Xbox Gold Live. So always keep in mind that you need to fulfill these two important criteria to even have a chance of getting the codes. 

Also, note that it is really easy to get the codes through this method. All you will have to do is just apply for only one month’s fully free gold-sample. Know that applying for it isn’t difficult since you will find the details on your subscription pages. 

3. Get free codes for Xbox Live from InboxDollars 

Get free codes for Xbox Live from InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another site where you will be able to get the Xbox live codes you want in exchange for carrying out simple tasks. Note that here you will have to mostly carry out tasks like watching TV, searching, as well as shopping. So the tasks are easy to complete. Not to mention the fact that doing some tasks is way cheaper and less time consuming when compared to buying the Xbox Live codes. 

4. Try out Swagbucks to get free Xbox Live codes 

Try out Swagbucks to get free Xbox Live codes 

Note that another way to procure these codes is through Swagbucks. Swagbucks is another site that is similar to XBL Reward. You will get the codes you are looking for but in exchange, you will have to take download something, take surveys, shop around, search for a specific thing, and more.

As you can see the tasks are pretty mundane and not time-consuming at all. So you will be able to complete it fast and then get the Xbox codes. However, do keep in mind that completing one action doesn’t give you one code. Instead, finishing one task will give you some set of points. If you keep on doing the various tasks given, then you will be able to accumulate a lot soon. 

Once you will reach a specific threshold, that will allow you to redeem those points. Note that you don’t have to necessarily redeem the points in the form of Xbox Live codes. You can cash those points out as money too by using PayPal. Also, if you want, you can cash it as Amazon gift cards too. 

5. Try to get the live codes for free from AppBounty

Try to get the live codes for free from AppBounty

AppBounty works similarly to the other sites listed above. The difference is that this is an app and not a site so you will have to download it first. But you don’t have to worry about downloading it. AppBounty is not a shady or scamming app at all. Note that the app has a rating of 4.2 on the Play Store and has been downloaded more than ten million times. So you don’t need to worry about the app being used for malicious purposes. 

On here if you want to win those codes to get the games you want to play, you will have to complete some simple tasks. The tasks will be simple by completing surveys, searching for something, typing specific information, and more. Know that AppBounty is considered to be one of the most reliable ways of getting those codes. 

6. Get free live codes for Xbox from Appstation

Get free live codes for Xbox from Appstation

Note that Appstation is also an app that you will have to download to use. Know that only Android users will be able to make use of the app since it’s only found in Play Store. Once you open the app and sign in, you will have to play games to get the Xbox live codes. But these codes are not the only thing you will get here. You will also be able to earn real money as well as gift cards from Amazon. Note that you can cash out the money by making use of PayPal. 

You will be able to get codes or money by getting points for playing and winning the games. Once you amass a lot of points then you will be able to redeem it. Also, know that apart from Xbox Live codes you will also be able to buy gift cards of steam and Xbox as well. 

7. Get the Xbox Live free codes you need from the CashNGift app

Get the Xbox Live free codes you need from the CashNGift app

Know that you will be able to make use of the CashNGift app to get the codes you want and play the games you have always wanted to. Here too, all you need to do is complete some basic tasks. The administrators of this site claim that you will be able to get till 30,000 in one singular month itself. Whether that is true or not depends on how much you want the codes you need. 

But know that apart from getting Xbox Live codes, you can make use of the app like a wallet and recharge your cellphone. Don’t want to recharge your cellphone using it? That’s fine too. Instead, you can cash out the money you have earned here as well. 

8. Make use of Feature Points to get the free codes of Xbox Live

Make use of Feature Points to get the free codes of Xbox Live 

Know that Feature Points is another app which you will be able to make use of for getting the codes. You will be able to get the codes here by completing some simple tasks like taking surveys, using a new app, etc. The tasks are really easy to get done. Note that this app is preferred by many since it eats up less storage memory than other kinds of such apps. Also, you can get cashback if you Make use of this app for online shopping. 

So, as you can see there are several sites and apps, you can use to get the codes you want. All you have to do in most of them is complete the task given. In exchange, you will be given some points and once you accumulate a large portion of the points, you will be able to get the codes. So have fun completing easy tasks and get the codes to play your dream game. 

65 Free Xbox Live Codes For 2022

  • W6578-4PSQL-JAAZ2-2KYEW-5C7GT
  • 63 8JD4C-T4Z5M-5US5Q-NVSMA-N2BRC
  • 99CTD-9TB36-3W53E-RVVJR-6MUF9
  • 59Y98-8ADZD-968SV-GCW2U-SLXHN
  • 5LCX6-7K4YF-MFKE3-EY29K-K25W7
  • 5LCX6-7K4YF-MFKE3-EY29K-K25W7
  • TLQFY-RMZD5-6NK55-BNK25-3VD66
  • H2F4J-S4AG9-F6EVE-865EJ-BKT9K
  • 3R8F7-2EC33-A79AJ-EUY3Y-QWYCT
  • D4EG9-H29EQ-8B834-C6LUU-X9MLJ
  • HKTNT-4H27V-UDPG8-2R395-32JQE
  • PFD9Y-U636F-MQY2S-U4AL8-NJ5Y5
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