Free Steam Wallet Codes in 2023 – How to Earn Free Steam Wallet Codes?

By | February 25, 2023

Steam is one of the most popular platforms for playing and streaming online games. But, it is not a free platform, which is something that you need to be wary of. So, it is not surprising that steam codes are such a popular item among gamers. Getting free steam wallet codes is not easy at all. 

Steam Wallet is a popular feature on Steam, something only registered users can make use of. It is a digital wallet wherein you can store excess funds and later use them for any kind of transactions that you need to do on the platform. Not only can you use them to purchase games but also avail them for in-app purchases.

What is a Steam Wallet?

What is a Steam Wallet?

For those who aren’t aware, Steam Wallet is an online digital wallet tool that is part of Steam. It enables the users to add more funds to their existing Steam account either using PayPal credits or even via credit or debit cards.

How can you earn free Steam Wallet codes?

How can you earn free Steam Wallet codes?

Buying new video games on Steam can get pretty expensive, especially with the kind of outreach they have. While the steam codes are available for free, there are some codes that one can redeem online. Several reward websites allow you to earn free steam wallet codes or other gift cards by completing certain tasks.

If you have been looking for some reliable options, here are the top websites that you can rely on.

  • MistPlay


The first one on the list has to be MistPlay, which is available as an Android application and is one of the best platforms for gaining gift cards online. If you are looking for a platform that can help you make money online, this is not the platform. But, it lets you generate good codes and gift cards by watching free videos and playing online games. Once you reach the minimum threshold points, you can then redeem them as Steam wallet codes.

  • Rakuten


Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is another online platform that can help you gain some free Steam codes for purchasing new games. It is not your typical survey website. Instead, it is a cashback website with several online stores with affiliation codes. So, when you open the platform and shop from here, it gets you free coupons or cashback.

  • Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

For the users who are used to getting free coupons and gift codes using surveys, Survey Junkie is likely one of the absolute best platforms to be on. You need to sign in to the website and start answering surveys or watching videos to get reward points which you can then redeem as Steam codes. You can even read emails to earn rewards, which is new and exclusive to this platform only.

  • Reddit platform

Reddit platform

Reddit is likely one of the best platforms for you to get some free Steam gift codes. While you are there, open the Free Games on the Steam page, which is a communal page that is best for conversing with people and networking with them. People on this page come together and share Steam keys which can later be reimbursed accordingly.

  • Swagbucks


Another website worth looking into is Swagbucks. This is another one of those survey and reward-based websites that allow you to answer questions in the survey to be able to get some free Steam gift cards. You can also watch videos or play online games to increase your earnings. Aside from the gift cards, one can also redeem their points in cash, which is pretty handy.

  • Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars

Not many people know about this website but Inbox Dollars is likely one of the absolute best platforms that allow you to watch videos, play online games, and complete surveys to win gift cards and such. 

  • Life Points

Life Points

One of the most popular websites for winning some free cash or free Steam gift cards is Life Points. Even this one is a loyalty and reward-based program, wherein you need to complete certain tasks to be able to win the gift cards or the cashback. It doesn’t require any kinds of registration, which is a bonus. The website is also one of the few trusted platforms that provide the needed results.

  • Reddit giveaways

Reddit giveaways

Aside from the communal page on Reddit, the platform also hosts several amazing giveaways that can help you win a good amount of free Steam gift cards. The page, Steam giveaways is likely one of the most popular websites wherein you can earn from these giveaways, but ensuring that you come first on the page.

  • My Points

My Points

If you are willing to spend your time looking for some free apps and watch videos, My Points is a good website to invest your time on. It has a very user-friendly interface wherein you can navigate through the website without any hassle at all. Aside from the survey filling, there are several other things that you can do on the platform. It has an affiliation with online shopping centers, wherein shopping on their platform gets you the needed free Steam codes that you need.

  • Ibotta


Quite an underrated platform, Ibotta is likely one of the best options that you can take a look into. This is a little different than all the other platforms because it gets you cashback and free Steam gift cards when you shop for groceries. All you need to do is submit the receipts of your grocery purchase and then redeem the points to get your gift card.

  • Vindale Research

Vindale Research

Coming round to the next sweepstakes website, we have Vindale Research, which is another popular platform that is primarily aimed towards the audience from Europe and the UK. But, the website does have users from across the world, including 40 million people, which is massive. The only thing you need to do on this website is to complete the surveys and then use the account to explore and find free Steam codes.

  • Gift card Granny

Gift card Granny

Not many people know about this website but it has gained quite a lot of popularity in a short period. On this platform, you can trade the existing gift cards that you likely won’t use with the free Steam gift cards that you need at the moment. They also offer huge discount options, which again is a bonus about this platform.

  • Dosh


It is one of those rare cashback and gift card websites which have a $5 signup bonus. If you want to earn cashback from this website, all you need to do is put in your credit card details on the website and then will scan the transactions to get you the needed rewards and the cashback that you can later encash as Steam gift cards.

  • Insta GC

Insta GC

Coming round to the next option, we have Insta GC, which is another popular website worth looking into. It doesn’t have any kind of threshold for the transaction, which comes in handy for the users who don’t want to wait out before they get their rewards. It has surveys, video games, and general videos that you can watch to earn free coins.

  • Gifthulk


Not many people know about this website but even this one is quite a popular platform that helps you win some extra free Steam codes. You need to watch videos, complete short tasks, or even play games to be able to earn some good money or gift cards from the platform. The credits are given as Hulk Coins which the users can later redeem as gift cards.

  • Honey


This has a very unique interface and is a Chrome extension that scans through the internet to find free coupons that can help the users save some money on their next online purchase. But, that is not where it stops. The platform can use the cashbacks they earn to get free Steam codes that they can later use for buying games on the platform.

  • Be Frugal

Be Frugal

For the users who live off of coupons, you are going to love being on this website. It helps you get your favorite coupons for free, including the free Steam codes. When you sign up to the website, it even gets you a $10 sign up bonus, which is a lot compared to the other websites. It also gets you cashback by online shopping.

With so many amazing platforms available for the free Steam codes, choosing one can be a constant struggle. But, the ones that we have mentioned around here are some of the best websites that provide reliable sources of income time and time. Make sure that you try them out accordingly.


1. Are the free Steam code generators worth it?

No, not every free Steam code generator that you come across on the internet is genuine and reliable. So, make sure that you are selective with the platform you invest your time on.

2. Are the Steam codes available always?

No, the free Steam codes do come with an expiration. So, if you are thinking of saving it and redeeming later when you need it, there can be risks associated with the same.

3. How to redeem free Steam codes?

For redeeming the free Steam codes, you need to visit the official website of Steam and then redeem the same from their official account.


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