Paladins Codes – Free List for 2023

By | February 24, 2023

Do you play Paladins? If you do, how obsessed are you with the games? But, one thing about this gameplay has managed to interest people with are the customisable skins for the Champions. The Paladin codes help the users get free as well as unique skins that you can use to get access to the radiant chests and the free skins in the game. 

Here though, we are going to look through all the necessary Paladins codes that you likely need to know about as well as the ways to earn and redeem them.

What is Paladin Codes?

What is Paladin Codes?

Paladin Codes

For those who are new to this world and want to get a better idea about this game and how it works, Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a popular game that was developed by Evil Mojo. Aside from the interesting gameplay, the one thing about this platform that stands out is likely the load of customization that is available on this platform. 

With the gradual popularity of the game, the developers have offered quite a few good Paladins code that you can earn over the last two years. The codes for these platforms are also available for almost every platform, including Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch.

The official YouTube channel of the game also offers a few goods and free codes that you can later use for in-game purchases. 

What are some ways to get free Paladins codes?

What are some ways to get free Paladins codes?

Aside from buying the Paladin codes, there are a few other active ways that you can use to get a whole lot of free skins and other items from the game. The offers are predominantly amazing for the new players but you do get a whole lot of other options for the existing players too.

If you don’t have the funds to buy the Paladins codes, there are some other easy ways that you can avail yourself that can help you earn some pretty good deals on the game.

Some of the effective ways to earn some free skins and customisations are with the following methods:

  • Attaching your Twitch to the Paladins account gets you a free Champion Ying skin
  • Attaching your Facebook to the Paladins account gets you a free Jenos Resplendent skin
  • Following the official Twitter account of Paladins gets you a free Victor Charcoal skin
  • Playing the game on Steam can get you a free Team Fortress 2 Barik skin
  • Following Paladin’s official Facebook page can get you a free Victor Weapon skin
  • Subscribing to the official YouTube account of Paladin can get you a free Onyx Stallion Mount
  • Attaching the Xbox live with the Hi-Rez account can get you a free X Androxus skin

These are some of the basic options that are available for free for the Paladins platform, which is pretty amazing. 

How can one redeem the Paladins code?

How can one redeem the Paladins code?

To redeem any of the Paladins code, you need to follow the steps as mentioned.

  • Start by visiting the official website of Paladins and then navigate down to the Store section of the game
  • From there, you need to go to the Account section and then select the Redeem code
  • From there, you can enter the desired code that you have or want to get a skin for and then move ahead accordingly

Paladins codes are an amazing way to get new and customisable skins that you can use to customize your characters on the game. Since there are limitations to the availability of items on this platform, there are chances that you might not find random codes that could work as a skin. You need to rely on the legit sources and the giveaways or the promo codes that are shared by the developers. Those are likely the only ways for you to get free Paladins codes.


1. Is Paladin a free game on PC?

Yes, Paladin is a free to play fantasy game that you can play on any platform of your choice. All you need is a good sense of gameplay and a working internet connection and you are all set.

2. Is the Paladins code available all the time?

No, the Paladins codes aren’t available all the time. Since it is quite an exclusive game, likely, the free codes aren’t always available for the skins and customization. So, you will likely have to settle around for the freebies that you get with signing up or linking additional social media platforms.

3. Are the Paladins code generators legit?

Thousands of Paladins code generators come up when you look it up online. The majority of them require the user to either solve the surveys or other trivial tasks round the clock. So, you will finish all those tasks for nothing as they don’t provide any types of free Paladins codes that you can use in the game. So, wasting your time on such platforms isn’t going to bring you any good.


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