100% Working Free Peacock Accounts To Watch Premium Movies & Shows Free in 2023 [Usernames and Passwords]

By | May 23, 2023

How often do you watch shows, movies, and documentaries? If you answered quite often, chances are that you are an avid NBC viewer. Peacock is NBC’s streaming platform that brings viewers easy access to all the popular NBC shows right on their mobile devices.

What’s great about Peacock is the authenticity of the content it brings access to. If you are sitting there wondering where you can watch shows, movies, sports, etc., Peacock is a streaming app that has got your back.

But, like most streaming platforms online, even Peacock is a paid one. You have to pay a recurring subscription fee to be able to access the content that you watch on the platform. Although the amount isn’t going to break your bank, paying it every month isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

If you are sitting there struggling with similar situations, be assured that you aren’t the only person. But, what if we said that you can access Peacock for free? Sounds pretty great, right? Well, no one in this economy will ever be upset when presented with something for free.

This article will walk you through all the details you need to know about acquiring free Peacock accounts and why you need them too.

What is Peacock?

What is Peacock?

Peacock is NBC’s streaming platform, which has been around since July 2020. Everything that airs on NBC is directly accessible on Peacock. Be it movies, series, or shows, you can pretty much find everything on this platform.

From shows to sports, Peacock is one of the most versatile entertainment streaming applications that you can find online.

What’s great about this app is the fact that it brings you free access to a lot of enticing features that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get access to. The base version of Peacock is available for free but it comes with very limited content access.

Also, the free version isn’t ad-free, so that’s another downside you’d have to battle with this version. The premium or the paid version, on the other hand, brings you access to a variety of amazing features and exclusive content that is lacking from the free version.

When it comes to comparison, the free version contains around 15,000 hours of content. But the paid version comes with an additional and locked 5000 hours of content and adding.

What’s great about Peacock is the access to a variety of unique digital channels and digital-originated programming that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. The third-party content providers on this app are quite promising too. 

Peacock is also a very compatible app. From Android to iOS and even smart TVs and Roku, you can use this app everywhere without any worries.

What are the Free Peacock Accounts?

What are the Free Peacock Accounts?

As we just discussed, Peacock streaming app has two versions. You have the standard free version, which is the base version. Then, you have the premium or the paid version of the app, which includes a monthly subscription model.

The premium subscription-based versions of the app typically cost between $5 to $10 per month and provide the user access to all the locked and exclusive content that isn’t available otherwise. 

With the free Peacock premium accounts, you won’t have to worry about paying that extra amount each month. You can bypass the payment and directly use these accounts to view the premium content without needing to worry about paying anything at all.

Peacock comes with two types of paid subscription-based accounts. You have the Premium version and then you have the Premium Plus. Both of these paid versions are ad-free and bring you access to some of the absolute best content without any compromise.

What are the Working Peacock Accounts and Passwords?

What are the Working Peacock Accounts and Passwords?

Peacock is a streaming platform from NBC Universal, which means that everything that airs on this channel is available on Peacock. So, what makes the streaming platform different?

Firstly, with the streaming platform, you get the convenience of watching your favorite shows, sports, and even live TV right from the comfort of your smartphone. You don’t have to rely on televisions or need to record the show to be able to watch it later.

Also, NBC is US-restricted. This means that if you aren’t a resident of the United States, you won’t be able to access the TV channel. This is where Peacock comes into play as well. Since the app is available on a global scale, it isn’t surprising that you can easily access the app from anywhere.

All the free accounts that we have sorted in this article are safe and won’t compromise any of your data. The only thing you need to ensure is to respect the username and password. The last thing you want to do is change the password or tamper with the account.

What are the Peacock Premium Accounts with Tier-2 Membership?

Peacock Premium costs $5 per month and $49.99 per year. If you aren’t able to upgrade to the premium version due to the cost, these free accounts should help you sort out the issues altogether.

Even the Premium version comes with ads but they aren’t as compromising or intrusive as the free version. Also, the premium version brings you access to 7,500+ hours of content with easy access to 24×7 virtual channels. So, entertainment is never going to be an issue with you.

If you want to get access to the Tier-2 membership without paying anything extra, the following is the list of accounts to try out:

  • liftoy_pimayrs@gmail.com – 693545244 
  • eptaydogg.eggs@mail.com – firyoGilk19 
  • aidancoffey24@gmail.com – Goalkeeper37 
  • livyo_noah@hotmail.com – tricnog5ed
  • carpediam.salod@gmail.com – dai62783 
  • adrielliott@hotmail.com – Artemisia1 
  • a.lafrance@att.net – austin6308
  • akumalelouch@gmail.com – Darkness13
  • aldoavalos123@gmail.com – Aldoavalos1469 
  • alfrecruz@gmail.com – Apingora14 
  • aidan.judy416@gmail.com – Turtles123 
  • ajvickas@gmail.com – Ajv2001#56 
  • donty_tayg@outlook.com – eflay@toi 
  • alroos13@yahoo.com – Spotlight13

All of these accounts are working and backed with Tier-2 membership. So, if you want to get direct access to the same, what we’d recommend you do is try out all of these individual emails and see which ones are working for you. If you find one or a few of them not working, it likely means that the password has been changed or the account is temporarily unavailable.

What are the Peacock Premium Accounts with Tier-3 Subscriptions?

Moving on from the Tier-2 subscriptions, let us walk you through a list of all the Tier-3 subscriptions. The best thing about these accounts is access to even better and more hours of exclusive and premium content that isn’t otherwise available in the free version.

Tier 3 is the Premium Plus version, wherein you get access to all the top-notch and exclusive content with as few ads, this is the one. Also, the users get access to the download version with this subscription, which is a bonus.

For your convenience, we have shortlisted all the Peacock premium plus accounts with 1-year subscription:

  • keron.boyce@gmail.com – Pa$$w0rd23 
  • kevinclemons87@gmail.com – southern12 
  • ericscolman@yahoo.com – Scols1990! 
  • tonihackett25@yahoo.com – questfire101 
  • laneydouglasta@gmail.com – Lnichole11

All of these accounts are 100% working and safe. You can enter the email and the passwords in the designated fields and use the accounts. There are no verifications required.

Are there any Peacock Premium Modded Accounts?

If there’s an app, there’s a mod version of that particular app. The same applies to Peacock Premium as well. While we have shortlisted some of the free Peacock Premium accounts in this article, we understand that having access to the modded account or app makes the process even easier.

Most of the modded accounts and passwords that we have found are valid for 6 months. We will be updating the list after that too. So, once your account stops working, you can always come back and check for more.

  • sergioflores1213@gmail.com – Flores1213 
  • colleengraveline@gmail.com – queenie12345 
  • tiniziawade95@icloud.com – Incorrect18 
  • toddp223@gmail.com – iloveher!01 
  • johnlindenmier@gmail.com – Doctorl21!

When downloading any mod apk of Peacock, practicing caution is important. The last thing you want to do is end up downloading the apk from a random platform that’s not safe at all.

What are some of the Legit Peacock Premium Accounts?

Although we have shared a bunch of working Peacock Premium accounts and passwords already, you can never have too many. Since these accounts are constantly changing their passwords for security purposes, it isn’t surprising that the last thing you want is to stay stuck with one account.

Hence, having a diversity of options mean that you won’t have to stick to just one. You can now have access to multiple accounts that you can scroll through and check for your perusal.

Following are a few more of the legit Peacock Premium accounts you can save for future use:

  • brn0076@aim.com – Brandon123 
  • hippy_69er@hotmail.com – Maddogg0900 
  • jester2802002@yahoo.com – Shallower1 
  • mnv.81@live.com – 31EABE4800 
  • feathers479@aol.com – Apache1790 
  • supa49er_man@yahoo.com – Superman52 
  • puppingtonpost@gmail.com – Pupping123 
  • therealhotk1ll@gmail.com – Dabeast123 
  • wabel23@sbcglobal.net – Chanchan23 
  • chriswible491@yahoo.com – Scooby1988

Since Peacock TV is only available in the United States, you might have to use a VPN if you live elsewhere. In such cases, we’d recommend that you only use paid VPNs and not free ones. The paid VPNs come with a no-log policy and better security, which are some added perks.

Can I get Peacock For free?

Can I get Peacock For free?

If you reached this section of the article, you must be thinking, “Aren’t all these above accounts free?” Technically, yes. However, these are accounts that aren’t yours. So, there’s always that risk that the password will be changed or the account will be disabled.

How will you access Peacock TV then? 

This is where we have accumulated a few legit ways in which you can easily access Peacock TV by getting access to free accounts in legit way.

1. Using Xfinity Home Internet

The first and the easiest way to acquire free Peacock TV access is by using Xfinity home internet. If you have Comcast Xfinity X1 and Flex, you are eligible to get a $5 discount on the Tier-1 Peacock TV subscription, essentially making it free.

So, if you don’t mind a few intrusive advertisements, you can go ahead and watch the content on this streaming platform for free if you use this ISP.

2. Using Coupert

For those who are clueless, Coupert is a couponing website. If you want to avail the free Peacock TV Premium account, you can do so using Coupert. The coupons available on this platform provide you with a discount on the premium account.

Besides the coupons, users also get to avail of cashback on this platform, alongside points, which you can accumulate and then redeem later.

3. Using American Express Platinum Card

Lastly, you can enjoy some free access to the Peacock TV Premium version by using the American Express Platinum card. Users can avail of up to $20 in free credits each month using this card, which can fetch you the Peacock Premium subscription for free.

Are the Free Peacock Accounts Safe?

Are the Free Peacock Accounts Safe?

If this is your first rodeo with the free Peacock Premium accounts, being skeptical about the authenticity of these apps is common.

You aren’t the only person questioning the authenticity. Don’t worry though because almost all these accounts are safe and from reliable sources only. They won’t access your data or infiltrate your system with malware.

For added security, you can check out these emails and passwords in incognito mode on your browser before accessing them normally.


1. Is Peacock a good streaming service?

Peacock is a popular streaming service launched by NBC. It offers everything available on the NBC channel. The platform has a large collection of movies, series, and shows. Not just that, but users can also watch sporting events on Peacock. The availability of a wide variety of content is what makes Peacock popular among entertainment lovers.

2. Is Peacock a paid service?

Peacock is a subscription-based service that offers multiple packages to choose from. The starting price is $5-$10 per month. You can choose a subscription package based on your preference or budget.

3. How to get a Peacock account without paying?

If you are an Xfinity user, you can get a Peacock subscription for free. It offers a $5 discount on the tier-1 subscription. Other ways to get a free account include using Coupert, and American Express Platinum Card.

4. What does Peacock offer?

Peacock is a complete package. It offers 80,000+ hours of content which includes movies, TV shows, series, news, sports, and more. It offers all the content that airs on NBC. Additionally, it gives you access to 50+ TV channels. All you need to do is subscribe to the platform and start watching.


If you live in the United States and want to keep up with all the latest NBC shows and live TV, Peacock TV is an app that has got your back. However, their premium plans can be a lot more expensive than what many can afford.

For the users who don’t want to lose out on the premium subscription privileges but don’t want to pay as well, we have managed to sort out a list of all the top-tier Peacock TV accounts that you can look into. Almost all of these mentioned accounts are working in the list.

Also, all the accounts listed in this article are free and safe for you to use on any of your devices. There are no additional verifications required, so all you have to do is enter the credentials and get started.


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