Complete Guide To Get Free eBay Gift Cards Codes Online in 2023? 

By | September 9, 2023

What is the universal word to make someone extremely happy? Wondering what? ‘Gift’. A gift is something that will make anyone happy and excited. In the olden days, gifts were exchanged in real-time. But now even the gifts have become virtual through gift codes. There are numerous websites online that avail you of gift cards or coupon codes. These gift cards or coupon codes will allow you to purchase anything from that particular shopping website. eBay is one of the popular shopping websites online. 

There are a lot of websites online to provide you gift cards and coupon codes to buy things from eBay. One of the biggest highlights about eBay gift cards online is it does not have an expiry date and you will not be charged for the gift card. So, you can use it whenever you want to. You can either use it to purchase things for yourself or even gift it to your loved one on a special occasion like a birthday, wedding anniversaries, etc.

Complete Guide to get Free eBay Gift Cards Online? 

The thing about gift cards is, even if a person does not have enough money to afford them he or she can get it easily through some websites. If you are unaware of how to get a gift card, we are here to help you. Below are some of the methods by which you can obtain eBay gift cards or coupon codes online. All these methods mentioned below are completely authentic, so you do not have anything to worry about. 

1. GrabPoints 

GrabPoints is a website where you can obtain eBay gift cards for just free. The best thing about this site is it is available for people in all countries across the world. You will have to attend a survey in GrabPoints. But, you’ll only get a low number of points for each survey you complete. So, it will consume quite some time for you to get a large number of points as a reward. It will take long days for you to redeem your reward points as each survey just offers a minimum numbers of points. 

2. Swagbucks 


Just like GrabPoint, Swagbucks is also an online website that will offer you gift cards if you attend a survey. But not just one survey, you have to attend numerous surveys to get reward points. The website will also have other activities like answering a quiz, watching videos, shopping on the site, installing an application, and registering feedback about it, etc. You have to complete these tasks to get a considerable amount of points. When you complete each task, you will be rewarded with some points. You can convert these reward Points to an eBay gift card. 

3. PointsPrizes 


You have to complete some tasks in PointsPrize to get payment on this site. You will be paid in the form of reward points for every survey or every activity you do. It is a GPT site. When compared to other websites this website will offer you a higher payment amount of $25. But the process can be a bit tiring. You have higher probabilities to earn from this site when compared to others. So try it out. 

4. InstaGC 


If you are running out of time and are seeking a gift card in a short time, then this site is for you. You can make money in a fast time on this website. It is also a GPT site like the above one. You can access it from anywhere across the world. But the gift cards on this site will be available for users of specific countries. This website has an easy process to offer you an eBay gift card. You can earn money easily on this site when compared to other sites. 

5. Rewards1 


There are various activities available in Rewards1 to redeem a gift card. If you are a gamer then this site is for you. Apart from eBay gift cards, this website will offer you gaming codes if you complete the tasks in it. It is available in most parts of the world as it is a GPT site. The layout of the site is a bit confusing and complicated. So you have to get used to it to get comfortable. You can place your trust in this side as it is considered one of the authentic sides to offer game codes and eBay gift cards. It will offer eBay gift cards in return for the activities you do. 

6. TreasureTrooper 


TreasureTrooper will not bore you with some boring and mechanical surveys. The surveys on this site are interesting and fun. It is specially designed this way to not make people bored. For every survey, you complete you will be offered a reward point. You can convert these reward points to eBay cards. One can access this site from any part of the world as it is also a popular GPT site like the above one. 

7. PrizeRebel 


PrizeRebel will pay you for the surveys you attend in it. The good thing about this site is it will not take so much time to pay you after you complete the survey. The money will be submitted to your account as soon as you complete a survey. You have to complete a daily survey and your reward amount will be transferred to your account instantly. The payment is also considerably more than some of the above-mentioned sites. You can also play games in PrizeRebel to get an eBay gift card. PrizeRebel also offers several deals at a great price, which you cannot find on other websites. 

8. MyPoints 


MyPoints will give you tasks like watching a video, attending a survey, playing a game, or buy something from the website. You will have to do these tasks to get a reward point. After you get a considerable amount of reward points, you can redeem them as gift cards. 

9. Cinchbucks 


Just like the about site Cinchbucks will offer you videos to watch, submitting a review, games to play and surveys to attend. By doing these tasks, you can get eBay gift cards easily. It is also accessible all around the world as it is a GPT site. However, in some parts of North Korea, Nigeria, and Pakistan this site will not be available. You will get good opportunities on this site to redeem gift cards. 

10. Retail store 

If you are interested to get gift cards by paying, you can try getting in touch with retail stores nearby. One of the ways to legally purchase an eBay gift card is by buying it at a retail store. Once you buy it, you will get an email with a redemption code instantly. But, this will require you to pay the amount of the gift card worth to get it.  

11. Social media to the rescue

Another interesting way to get gift cards online is through social media. Most of you use social media these days. Along with entertainment, you can as well utilize it to make some money. Wondering how? Make sure you follow companies like Twitter and Facebook on social media. These companies might occasionally offer online contests and the winners of the contest will get gift cards. There are chances for you to get eBay gift cards this way. 

12. Online rewards program 

You should subscribe to the Online rewards program on your email account. You might receive numerous spam emails or marketing emails, but there are chances for you to get free eBay gift cards this way. You can create a specific email address for this purpose only. Make sure you do not provide your credit card or debit card number or any other payment details to these online rewards program. Encourage it only for gift cards. There are a lot of free ways to earn points to get gift cards online. 

13. Shopping online 

Other ways to get a free eBay gift card are by watching advertisements or making purchases online. Some e-commerce sites will allow you to get access to gift cards if you purchase a specific amount. Eg: If you purchase more than Rs 5000 on a shopping site, you might receive complimentary gift cards. In this way, you can purchase things for yourself and also get a gift card.  

14. Through Gather account 

You can also get free eBay gift cards through Gather. You should create an account in gather first. If you are a writer or have an interest in writing about various topics, you can utilize this. Gather will allow you to write regarding topics that you are comfortable with. You can also earn by commenting on other people’s articles. When people read your articles to gather, you will earn many points. You will also receive significant rewards if your work is of good quality and people read your work. You need to spend quite some amount of time writing on this website. Once your points are accumulated you can redeem them to get gift cards. You can get gift cards from eBay through gather. 

15. Idle Empire 

Idle Empire 

Idle Empire is a website that will give you free eBay gift cards if you answer their paid surveys. Other activities on the website include watching videos, playing Games, etc. Idle Empire is just like some of the other websites web mentioned above. You should complete the task that the website offers to get reward points. Once you get accumulated a considerable amount of reward points, you can redeem them to get a free eBay gift card. 

The above-mentioned methods are some of the authentic and popular methods to obtain eBay gift cards. All the websites mentioned above have a similar algorithm of offering you gift cards in return for tasks you do for the website. These tasks include filling surveys, watching videos, playing games, installing an application, etc. The one common thing about these sites is they will consume quite some amount of your time before offering you an eBay gift card. If you are all ready to get the free eBay gift card, it is also fair to spend some time to obtain it.

There are a lot of scams taking place globally involving gift cards. Not all the websites that offer gift cards can be trusted. Only a handful of them is authentic and trustworthy. So, make sure you do not provide any of your debit card or credit card details to get gift cards. There are scammers online who try to steal your money through their gift card scam emails. When you use the online Rewards program, make sure you are careful. Some of the online scammers will send dangerous emails with a warning sign. You can complain to your local police station or cybercrime if you come across gift card scams online.


1. Are the above-mentioned sites to get free eBay gift cards legal?

Yes. The above-mentioned sites are completely legal. These are some of the authentic ways to get free e-Bay gift cards online. 

2. Which is the fastest way to get a free eBay gift card?

As you are going to get a gift card for free, you have to spend some time to get it. All the above-mentioned ways will require your time and patience. 

3. Which is the best online site to get a free eBay gift card?

Swagbucks and Prize Rebel are the two best online sites for eBay gift cards.


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