Get Free iTunes Gift Cards in 2021 – 11 Ways & Code Generators

By | January 3, 2021

iTunes is a software for managing the media on Apple devices. This software allows the user to organize and download the preferred digital media. The user can download any kind of movies and music across all regions and genres through iTunes. You can find more than millions of media content that you can buy. You can even download a popular TV series. Once you download a file through iTunes, you own it permanently. If you a movie and music lover, the cost of the downloads can add up to a hefty amount quickly. iTunes purchases are quite expensive and not everyone can afford them always. 

In such cases, the free iTunes gift cards come to the rescue. They allow you to enjoy premium games, apps, and music on your iPhone, iPad, and other macOS devices. The gift card is a purchased credit that can be used at the iTunes store of Apple. Today we would discuss how you can get free iTunes gift cards and save some of your hard-earned money.

What is an iTunes gift card and how to use it?

iTunes is a digital card with which Apple users can buy premium games, apps, and music. Users can purchase the card from the official store. The card can even be used for buying subscriptions to certain apps. Anyone who has an iPhone, iPad, or other MacOS can use the iTunes gift card. To use the card, the user has to go to the account can redeem the balance of the gift card. The balance of the iTunes card does not have any validity time; hence, you can use the balance anytime you want. The balance never gets expired.

Ways to get iTunes gift card for free

The names of the companies listed below will help you to achieve a free iTunes gift card. You need to complete some short tasks to get gift cards for free.

1. Swagbucks –


Swagbucks is a well-known site that awards points to the user for performing some of the basic tasks like watching videos, searching the web, shopping online, and taking surveys. You can even earn points for referring this website to your friends. The website is said to give out more than 7000 free cards every day. The website pays you either with iTunes gift cards or through PayPal. There are other gift card options also available like Walmart and Amazon.

2. Survey Junkie –

Survey Junkie

You get paid at Survey Junkie by sharing opinions. The website sells the opinions to the companies who make use of the information to improve their services. You can sign up to the website for free. Survey Junkie awards point to the user for completing certain surveys on their website. These points can be redeemed to get a free iTunes gift card or any other gift card. You can earn points by referring the site to your friends. There are other actionable tasks as well through which you can earn points.

3. Ibotta –


Ibotta will offer you a free iTunes gift card when you can save money on groceries. You need to download the Ibotta app, which is available for free. They also give a signing bonus of $10. When you have downloaded the app, you can search for amazing offers. Ibotta has cashback offers for everyday online purchases. You can get cash back on the products bought from Walmart and other dozens of store chains. The money will be added to your account when you scan the receipts of the purchase. You can exchange this money for an iTunes gift card.

4. Ipsos i-Say –

Ipsos i-Say

You can earn points on this website by sharing your opinion on advertisements and brands. Every time you share your opinion, you earn points. These points can be used to get a free iTunes gift card or a gift card from Walmart, Amazon, and PayPal. You can earn several points through i-Say contests. After every four months, the website gives away thousands of points through these contests. The more surveys you take the more entries you get for the contests.

5. MyPoints –


This is another GTP site that has been rewarding the users with gift cards for more than 20 years. There are various ways of earning points through this website. You can earn points through online shopping, reading emails, sharing opinions, finding deals, playing games, watching videos, and making local purchases through Groupon. You can join MyPoints for free and get gift cards for iTunes and other retailers. Additionally, you can even get PayPal cash. The tasks on this website are simple and easy to perform.

6. PrizeRebel –


Another GTP website that has gained popularity is the PrizeRebel. This site offers you points for completing simple tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, and signing up for offers. So far, this website has paid more than $16 million to the users. You can join PrizeRebel at any point in time and start earning points. You can sign up to this website for free and use your points for rewards and iTunes gift cards. This is an amazing website for music lovers who want to purchase a huge number of songs from iTunes.

7. QuickThoughts –


QuickThoughts will offer you a reward point when you share your opinions with them. You can download the app and start earning instantly. It pays you for several other activities all. You will get paid if you check into local stores and take a photo as per the instructions. You can choose your task as per your preference. You can either opt for short and quick surveys or try your hands on in-depth surveys. Alternatively, you can even choose other GPS based tasks within your city. You can cash out after you have earned a minimum of $10. You can exchange the cash for iTunes gift cards.

8. InstaGC –


InstaGC is a GPT site that will help you to earn points by completing a few simple tasks. These tasks include taking surveys, searching the web, watching videos, testing apps, and shopping online. You can choose any of the tasks as per your convenience and earn points. You can instantly start earning once you set up your account. It would take hardly a couple of minutes to get started. Once you earn the points, you can redeem them immediately to get an iTunes gift card. The points are sent digitally, hence, there is no wait time. There are more than 350 other gift card options to choose from in InstaGC. The website is straightforward and anyone can use them.

9. FeaturePoints –


You can get paid for trying new apps on your phone through FeaturePoints. So far, FeaturePoints has paid more than $5 million in rewards. If you want to start earning, you just have to download new apps. You will get your points credited after you access the app for a few minutes. You can redeem the points to get an iTunes gift card for free. There are many other gift card options you can choose from or can get PayPal cash. The website allows you to earn points by referring the site to your friends. If your friend earns 100 points, you would get to earn 50. Make sure your friend signs up with your referral code.

10. Harris Poll Online –

Harris Poll Online

You can start earning points by joining the community. You can sign up for free and earn points by completing surveys on the website. When you have completed your profile, you will start getting survey invitations. For every survey you take, you get to earn points. You can exchange the points for iTunes e-gift cards. The platform pays you even if you get a survey for which you do not qualify. If you are ineligible for any survey, you get an entry to the Harris Poll sweepstakes. Winners get awarded prizes and cash.

11. Qmee –


Qmee is yet another popular GPT site. The interface of the website is user friendly so that anyone can use it. This website primarily pays you for sharing your opinions about brands, advertisements, and many other things. Other than this, it pays you for online shopping. They make their payments through PayPal. Alternatively, you can even get iTunes gift cards and other gift cards. However, first, you would have to be a PayPal recipient. Qmee has a donation option as well. You can donate your points to any of your preferred charity. Qmee is a convenient way of getting an iTunes gift card for free.

Not all the methods mentioned here might work for you always. Hence, you need to try your hands on each one of them. Before trying out any of the methods, do not forget to check the legitimacy of the application or the website. You might encounter many scammers who might lieu you to give gift cards. It is best to try only those websites that have good reviews and are famous. To protect yourself from being robbed, avoid deceiving emails and websites. Do remember that this gift card can only be used to buy media content on the iTunes store and not at the Apple store to buy a Mac book or iPhone.


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