Know How to Download YouTube Vanced iOS For Free?

By | March 14, 2023

We have all grown up with YouTube, watching our favorite content creators publishing videos, and sharing milestones in their lives. Despite the kind of popularity YouTube has in the entertainment world, one thing that is quite annoying now is the ads.

Nobody likes to have their viewing experience hindered by unnecessary and frequent ads. More often than not, YouTube has now increased its ad frequency to better promote its subscription-based option, YouTube Premium.

YouTube Vanced is an easy way to navigate through unnecessary and annoying ads. We will discuss more on that and its accessibility in iOS devices.

What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is an alternative YouTube app that doesn’t contain any annoying ads. It is like a better and modified version of YouTube, where you won’t be bothered by the ads when you are watching the content from your favorite creators.

Since it is a mod version of YouTube, it isn’t surprising that the app is available for Android devices. However, that said, YouTube Vanced isn’t directly available for iOS devices. You might have to resort to the alternatives like YouTube++ app.

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How can you use YouTube Vanced for iOS Devices?

If you are wondering how to download YouTube Vanced to your iOS devices, here’s what you need to do:

  • Start by downloading Altstore on your iPhone
  • Once done, open Safari and then open the YouTube++ IPA file.
  • From there, open AltStore and navigate to the My App tab
  • Click on the + icon present at the left corner 
  • Under that, click on the YouTube++ IPA list

This will start the installation process directly from your device. What’s great about YouTube++ is the accessibility and similar features to YouTube Vanced. So, even if you can’t access YouTube Vanced on your iOS device, you can sort that out with YouTube++.

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Is YouTube++ the same as YouTube Vanced?

YouTube++ is a more accessible version of the modified YouTube app for iOS. Since YouTube Vanced isn’t available for iOS devices, we’d recommend you look into alternative options like YouTube++ instead.

The features and functionalities are pretty much the same. So, if you are looking for an ad-free experience on YouTube on your iOS device without paying for YouTube Premium, Youtube++ is your best bet.

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YouTube Vanced is quite a limiting app, especially for iOS devices. We hope this article highlights all the top alternatives that you can consider instead when trying to access and download YouTube Vanced to your iOS device.

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