How do I watch Twitch on Roku?

By | February 20, 2023

Roku TV is the ultimate solution if you crave good shows. This television has made online streaming even more enjoyable and easy. You cannot miss this chance. All you need to do is turn on the Roku television, and multiple options will be showcased in front of you.

Roku started its journey long ago, and right now it is the new sensation. Let it be any channel; you can watch it on Roku. Let it be any event, show, sporting event, movie, or series—you can watch them all on Roku. 

It is your new home for enjoyment. You and your family members can enjoy the 200+ popular channels on Roku TV. Among all of its famous channels, Twitch is the most twisted. This channel has a high demand on Roku, especially among gamers. Do you want to know why? Well, read on.

What is Twitch?

This is the heaven for gamers. Those who are fond of playing video games can be a part of Twitch. This is not just a channel, but it’s a hub for gamers all across the world. This spark you have been looking for so long is right here on Twitch. It has become a new sensation for gamers; Twitch has gained so much popularity across the globe.

You can get your own space to discuss gaming, chat with other gamers, and also watch live streaming online. Roku has created this platform, especially for gamers. Now you do not have to hop from one place to another in search of good content for games. You can simply get it all on Twitch.

The Twitch channel on Roku TV is the one you have always been looking for. It has fulfilled the wish of many. With a single button, you can access the Twitch app on Roku TV and watch live streaming. Learn about the best highlights across the globe and enjoy a gaming realm on TV.

How do I subscribe to Twitch on Roku TV?

The official channel Twitch has been removed from Roku earlier. Well, this did not stop the fans from accessing their favorite gaming channel online. No matter if Twitch is not on the official site anymore, we will help you get there.

You do not need to compromise with your passion. After all, Roku TV is designed for your entertainment only. You can be a part of the most iconic game streaming channel on Roku TV. There are multiple ways in which you can stream Twitch on Roku TV.

Those who are excited should check the pointers mentioned below. Users can get three different ways to stream the Twitch channel on their Roku television by choosing any one of the following methods:

  • Unofficial Twitch channel
  • Official Twitch channel
  • Screen mirroring channel on Twitch

 It is to inform you that the official Twitch channel can only be accessed on your Roku device if you have watched Twitch before on your Roku TV. Others who have never been on the channel can go for the other way of using the Twitch channel on Roku. 

Those who have accessed the Twitch channel before can navigate to online and click on “Add channel.” This will ultimately add the online streaming channel to your device. 

Those, who have never watched Twitch on their Roku device, need to choose another way of accessing Twitch. All you have to do is type “twoku” and click on “Add channel.” This single click will simply add this channel to your device. 

Remember that a code will appear for verification. To add the channel, you also need to submit the code; then you can click on OK. After that, you can freely access Twitch on your Roku TV.

So, enjoy watching Twitch and all its content on your Roku device. It’s time to watch all the games streamed live and have some chit-chat with your friends online on this television.

 What are the alternatives to Twitch?

Twitch will always be the favorite channel for gamers. But there are also multiple alternatives available for Twitch, which you can access on Roku. Remember that Roku never leaves the chance to impress its users?

That is the reason Roku has kept a collection of similar channels in its gallery. Check out the alternatives to Twitch from the below-mentioned suggestions. You can access them all without any worries.

  • Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo Livestream is similar to Twitch. This channel also provides live streaming from all across the globe, just like Twitch. It also broadcasts important events and streams them online on Roku television. It is easier to access and very much compatible with Roku devices.

  • Periscope

Periscope is also known as Twitch. This channel has better support on Roku TV. It is also watched by gaming fans because Periscope has a wide range of content that is believed to be insightful as well as authentic. The channel has gained much popularity and received remarkable reviews in the past.

  • BigMaker 

BigMaker is not only known for broadcasting gaming but also other content. BigMaker is also very famous across the world for showing online marketing, sales, training, and onboarding.

It’s like there is a new twist in the online streaming channels of Roku. BigMaker is thus loved by gamers and other professionals. This channel is very compatible and has better support on Roku TV.


Now you know how impressive Roku TV is. Let it be any demand; Roku TV knows how to solve it, one way or another. You can access the channels and watch all content. Just like Twitch and its alternatives on Roku TV, Twitch has multiple substitutes as well as a mirroring of the channel, which can show you the exact show you want to watch on television. That’s how you enjoy your Sundays: with your family members, watching whatever you like on this television. It is a platform for full-on entertainment, so enjoy using it all.


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