The Most Ridiculous Stardew Valley Fan Theories

By | July 10, 2023

Stardew Valley is a relaxing farming gaming game with a wholesome cast of cute characters, a beautiful countryside garden setting and laid back and relaxing game play.It is so relaxing it is common for people use it as a stress reliever after a long day of school or work, earning it a massive devoted fanbase.

As with any video game with a massive fanbase, such as Growtopia, there have been not just an active community of Growtopia item sellers, but also a plethora of fan theories revolving around the lore and characters of Stardew Valley. Here are some of the most popular Stardew value fan theories the internet has to offer.

You are Dead

One of the most popular fan theories around Stardew Valley is that the player is dead.

The first piece of evidence for the player actually behind dead comes for the intro sequence you see when you open a new saved file. It involves a cutscene that shows the player going through their mundane life when they get a letter from their dead grandfather telling them that they have inherited his old farm. During this cutscene many observant players have noticed a skeleton at the desk, possible suggesting that this may be that players dead mortal body and the player experiences the events of the game as a spirit in a sort of heaven or afterlife

The Wizard’s Daughter

This theory revolves around the character of the Stardew Valley’s Wizard. In the game, as the player interacts with the Wizard, he will mention that he has reason to believe that one of the locals of the Pelican town may be his daughter.

The theory states that the Wizard’s mysterious daughter may be Abigail. The evidence for this is that Abigail seems very out of place around her family. She has very little interest in her fathers and seems to be talented in magic and the supernatural, reminsite of the Wizard himself, suggesting that Abigail may be related to him.

One of the most intriguing pieces of evidence that Abigail is actually the Wizard’s daughter is the accounts of her mother. Abigail’s mother, Caroline Offen recounts how she used to take secret visits to the Wizards towers many years ago. At a certain point in the game, Abigail’s father, Pierre, confides to the player that he doesn’t think Abigail looks very much like him and often wonders if she is actually his biological daughter.

Though there is a lot of speculation that this theory may be canon, it has not yet been confirmed by the show’s creator.

Linus Founded JojaMart

This theory revolves around the character Linus and his possible secret past life.

The theory states that Linus may actually be extremely wealthy from running JojaMart and that he has grown tired of his life of abundance and felt guilty about taking part in a big evil corporation, so he retreated into the woods to live a life of peace and quiet.

The evidence for this theory lies with the interactions the player has with Linus. He tells the player many times that he lives in a tent because he wants to, He claims he enjoys living in the tent because it allows him to be closer to nature and that it is in his nature to be self isolated.

Despite his living situation, Fans  have noticed Linus can offer extremely large sums of money, sometimes even thousands for the player’s items. This theory would explain why he has access to so much money

Dragons are Real

The theory that dragons are real in the Stardew Valley universes has actually been confirmed in the 1.5 update of the game. In the 1.5 update, a new item had been added called the Dragon Tooth.

The Dragon Tooth can be gathered from the Volcano Dungeon or harvested by cultivating stingrays in your family ponds

Before the 1.5 update, the existence of dragons in the universe of StarDew Valley was a theory debated among fans, With the 1.5 update this theory has been confirmed

The Element Wars

In the Stardew Valley lore, there was an intense conflict between the dwarves and the Shadow people in the distant past known as the Element Wars. The player  first  learns  about the Element Wars through conversations with the wizard.

According to the Wizards account ,the Element wars were fought because the shadow peoples were forceable driven  out of their home realm by the dwarves, leaving the shadow people no choice but to fight back. This conflict is referenced by both the dwarf in the mines and the shadow people in the sewers.

If the player gains fifty friendship hearts with the dwarf and purchase stardrop from the shadow person, you can unlock an conflict between them, both learning more information about the Element Wars and once again sparing the fight between them


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