Samsung patents reveal rollable smartphone displays

By | November 27, 2020

Samsung is now working hard on how they will be releasing their futuristic Galaxy Fold which faced a lot of durability issues. There is still no release date available for the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The setback with the release in the Galaxy Fold has not stopped Samsung from dreaming up new smartphone designs. Samsung has finally filed a patent for a rollable display in a smartphone.

The patent from Samsung was discovered by Let’s Go Digital which basically shows off a smartphone, which is very traditional at first look. The smartphone is basically hiding a secret rollable display inside it. This will make the aspect ratio of the phone go off the charts.

The smartphone, which is there in the patent looks kind of like a BlackBerry Priv but instead of a hidden qwerty keypad, there is a hidden display. The rollable display is not something that is impossible to build. LG will be releasing their rollable smartphone display sometime in 2019. 

There have been questions that how durable the smartphone is because there have been phones in the past like the Galaxy Fold which has been not very successful. Dust is one of the big problems which all these phones and displays are very vulnerable to.