Roku TV Won’t Turn On — How to Fix It?

By | February 23, 2023

Roku was introduced recently to save entertainment lovers like you from getting bored. You can have a theatre-like experience with the help of Roku TV and its highly advanced features. All you need to do is turn on the device connected to the Internet. Subscribe to the channels and keep watching whatever you like.

Roku can offer more than you can expect. Roku has the perfect product for all its customers. You can buy Roku accessories, which make online streaming even more fun. Roku is a big device that features popular TV shows, live TV events, music, and much more. 

You may encounter issues with Roku TV sometimes like it is not turning on, and if you want to know what to do in this situation, read on. 

How do I set up Roku TV at home?

Setting up Roku TV at home is not rocket science. Once you have all the tools and credentials, you can easily set up the premium Roku TV at home. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below. 

Remember that Roku is not an ordinary TV. So you need to be additionally careful while setting it up. Take your time and try to follow the pointers mentioned below:

  • Set up the TV

All you need to do is assemble the parts and set up the Roku TV. You can use the common guidebook of Roku TV to help the customers find everything they need. Use it for the information and to learn how to physically set up the TV in your room. Roku can fit anywhere and looks good in every space.

  • Choose the language

The next step you take after turning on the TV is to choose the language to continue in. You have to use the Roku remote to control the actions. Players need to choose their preferred language on the device.

  • Connect to the internet

You will get an amazing chance to easily connect Roku TV to the Internet. This device can never hamper an Internet connection because it is designed with high technology and knows how to deal with such creatures.

  • Log into Roku

Every Roku user has unique credentials to log into their account. All you need to do is set up your account or log into your existing Roku account. Just enter the credentials, and your Roku account will be ready to access the respective TV. 

 Why is my Roku TV not turning on?

Roku is a fine device, and there are very few chances that it will stop working or not turn on. It is one of the rarest cases, but after all, Roku can also have some glitches. There might be very minor reasons behind Roku’s not turning on. 

First, you need to calm down and stop panicking, and then you should check on the Roku device once again. Identify what is the reason which Roku TV is not turning on:

  • Check the power plug

Sometimes issues with the plug can be the sole reason behind Roku TV not turning on. The loose connection of the plug may keep the TV dead for a long time. So, you can switch the plugging point to a different one. If Roku TV works with another device, then you must change the plug.

  • Power-saving mode

Roku is a highly advanced television. It is designed to save the environment. Roku has a feature called Power Saver Mode, which allows the television to turn off automatically after it has been heated up or overused for a long time. 

  • Back-dated 

Check the software on Roku first. The out-of-date software can be a reason why Roku is not working. You need to go to the settings and keep checking for updates on your Roku device.

  • Remote not working

Maybe the problem is in the remote. That is the reason the television does not get the signal to turn on. So, try to alter the remote and wait for the Roku TV to turn on. 

  • Roku server down

Sometimes the Roku television may not work properly. The TV may not turn on when the Roku server is down. All of these may happen as the device goes through this phase.

How do I fix the Roku TV if it does not turn on?

What if the Roku device is still not turning on, even after lots of trials? Then you can do the following steps so that you can fix the TV.

  • Restart the Roku TV

The very first thing you can do is restart the Roku television. First of all, you need to go to the Home button, then select Settings, and then go to the System section. In this section, you will get an option to restart the system. Hit the restart button and restart the entire Roku TV.

  • Let the Roku television cool down

If overheating is the reason for your Roku television, turn it off. Then you should give it some time to cool down. Because of the power-saving feature, Roku TV turns off the power. So, you can give it time and let it cool down.

  • Check the circuit of the house

 Sometimes it is not the television, but the electric supply of your house. The best thing you can do is check on the house’s circuit. Even low voltage cannot turn off a Roku television.

  • Disable sleeper time

Roku has an amazing feature called sleeper time; you need to disable it. Sometimes, knowing or unknowingly, you keep the sleeper awake for too long. To turn off the sleeper time, you can go to the settings and change the sleeper time, so the TV can turn on every time you want.


Roku is a perfect companion for entertainment. This television has become the favorite of many. Roku TV may come up with some glitches, but you can fix them on your own. There is also an option to call the Help Desk of Roku TV, who is available to help you in your time of need.


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