Keep2Share Premium Accounts in 2023 – 100% Free and Working Accounts

By | May 17, 2023

How often does it happen that you want to share a large file or document but end up not being able to because of the large file size? It happens to the best of us and sometimes, it is fixable. Keep2Share is software or an online tool that helps you forward or share relevant documents and files to the intended recipient without any complications along the way.

More than share, Keep2Share is a trusted and secure file hosting service that allows you to free up disk space that you can then use to store other important items. You can use this platform to upload, store and even share larger files and documents that you can’t do otherwise.

Given that it offers cloud storage services, it isn’t surprising that it isn’t a free service. You do have to pay a premium price to avail the premium features of this particular platform. Using Keep2Share, users can upload up to 5GB files and download up to 20GB files without any effort.

What’s great about Keep2Share is its versatility. Nothing about this platform is delayed or complicated. Even if you don’t have a lot of ideas about file sharing and file hosting, be assured that you can sort things out effortlessly using this particular platform, which is always a benefit.

Given that the platform is a subscription-based model, it isn’t surprising that most users take a step back because they don’t want to pay the extra money that comes with the services. If you are one of them, don’t worry because we have got your back.

This article will share all the working and premium Keep2Share accounts that you can use for free, without needing to pay the recurring subscription each month.

What is Keep2Share?

What is Keep2Share?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of file-sharing and file-hosting services available online. Some are pretty effortless in their features, while the others are not worth the time at all. 

What’s great about Keep2Share is the easy and user-friendly layout and interface. Even if you aren’t tech-savvy and don’t have a lot of ideas on how to get around file hosting services, this one won’t make you regret things at all.

Keep2Share, in short, is a user-friendly encrypted file sharing and file hosting service that allows you to upload, share and even store your larger files so you can clear out space from your computer or mobile. Not only is the platform certified, but it is also 100% safe and gives you guaranteed access to some of the best quality and uninterrupted file-sharing experiences.

Furthermore, unlike most of the other file hosting platforms, you won’t have to worry about your file’s safety and data privacy since Keep2Share doesn’t access any of the user data or share it with third-party applications. 

As far as compatibility goes, Keep2Share is compatible with pretty much every platform you can think of – Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac, etc.

When it comes to the UI, the simple drag-and-drop editor is no doubt the best thing about this particular platform. Not once will you have to complain about the usability of this one.

What’s great about Keep2Share is its accessibility. It is fairly easy to use and makes organizing and rearranging the available data a lot more streamlined and simple. Besides that, the entire software has been developed to support the user experience. So, it isn’t surprising that it supports third-party integration, especially when it comes to downloading boosters.

Keep2Share, like most of the other file hosting services, offers a free version of the app. However, if you want to make the most use of this platform, we’d recommend you invest a little more and avail yourself of the paid or the premium version instead. As mentioned before, a premium account allows users to upload 5GB and download 20GB of data every day.

If you are curious how much the premium Keep2Share accounts cost, they charge $9.50 to $11.75 per month, depending on which pricing plan you choose. Although not the most expensive affair, we can’t deny the fact that Keep2Share is quite a pricey platform, to begin with.

What are the Keep2Share Premium Accounts?

What are the Keep2Share Premium Accounts?

Before we familiarize you with all the Keep2Share premium accounts and walk you through a list of all the working accounts for free, let us understand the significance.

Why can’t you settle for the free or the base account and need a premium Keep2Share account? The most common answer to that is accessibility. If you want to experience the most out of this file-sharing platform, you need the premium account without any questions asked. 

Besides the fact that you get more file storage and sharing option with the premium version, the biggest difference between the free and premium versions is the usability. The speed of download and upload in the premium version is a lot more compared to the free version.

Also, the premium version ensures that you have minimal ads and zero waiting time. Also, the risks of the virus are a lot less when you use the Premium accounts instead of the base or free accounts.

If that does convince you to go for the Premium Keep2Share accounts, we have sorted out a list of all the working accounts for you to look through.

Keep2Share Premium Accounts and Password List

With the level of perks you get to enjoy with the premium Keep2Share accounts, it isn’t surprising that most people go for the premium accounts due to the added benefits you get.

Now that you have an idea of what Keep2Share does, let us walk you through all the accounts and passwords you can rely on:

  • – itrivalkga59 
  • – entabibap
  • – Wonanmock 
  • – evballyt964
  • – anovLGP 
  • – camtantin54
  • – 2526cid5a 
  • – push481
  • – chackingOn 
  • – cadycan62
  • – pt48194il 
  • – 41562Gs3
  • – maxraped131 
  • – rTin47Ded
  • – snawintirak 
  • – ronrus1999
  • – pWOAMkmzk 
  • – pcminonkwall
  • – onthebalc 
  • – arrovil902
  • – 123456789 
  • – dark123321
  • – jack952145 
  • – 123456789
  • – kra24152 
  • – anna99999
  • – 123456789 
  • – 99999999a
  • – 64851325454 
  • – 123456789
  • – rasgihihpt
  • – epocalxik
  • – ManxAL4PMak
  • – gos@sid 
  • – Rhoned013 
  • – 242362157 
  • – 127916372 
  • – pherson96 
  • – exvachimo92 
  • – isvayh423 
  • – Prizan57m 
  • – 5641324165 
  • – 6843546816 
  • – blade123 
  • – 134angel 
  • – johnnyking5 

All these are working accounts. However, Keep2Share is often strict about the user limit per account. So, if you find one of the accounts not working, it is likely due to those restrictions. In that case, we’d recommend you look into the next account instead of giving it up altogether. 

What are the Keep2Share Premium Pro Accounts?

If you deal with large mounds of data and the standard Premium account isn’t enough for you, Keep2Share offers an advanced plan, which consists of some additional perks and advantages that you can make the most use of. 

Besides the standard features that you get with the Keep2Share Premium account, the Premium Pro also offers virus scans and the ability to download files anonymously, which is always a benefit.

These additional features ensure that you can go a step ahead in ensuring that you are downloading verified and scanned documents that won’t put you at risk of downloading corrupted files or documents.

If you are currently a Premium user and want to upgrade to the Premium Pro version without needing to pay, we have listed down all the working accounts for you to check out.

  • – Kdfbbshb624 
  • – KjujbdhPos7
  • – Wkjjfhbs145 
  • – Pjknfhbsh145
  • – Mjfjbfjjhsb87bhytı  
  • – opjabKıkf1462
  • – Mjgung78147pomö 
  • plfnfhnnfjh25@yandex.xom – Mjfbfhbsbsf
  • – Rintobaz 
  • – orbaxi969
  • – Pomfbhf14lomdı  
  • – dexter388
  • – mjghMdh123 
  • – Lkfj1413451
  • – Mkfub14523 
  • – Mjgh98547 at
  • – iPaxzAL5 
  • – iptinzil22
  • – MNjjdhhb14-
  • – jfjnbsPtd145
  • – Mjgundh493
  • – Milk at 
  • – gilbiy020
  • – intoblack 
  • – Nhundjnd147nudı  
  • – Mnvnd14125 
  • – 6742341569 

As we mentioned before, these are working, standalone accounts that we’d recommend you try to use on your devices. However, since these are working accounts, we’d also suggest that you don’t mess with the account’s credentials or password when using it.

Are the Modded Keep2Share Accounts Good?

Modded accounts, software, and apps often come with a lot of additional features that you won’t get to enjoy in the standard version of the app.

The sample applies to Keep2Share as well. If you want to enjoy a few extra features (with added benefits), we’d 100% recommend that you go for the modded accounts instead of the standard ones. The last thing you want is to compromise on usability.

Following are all the working modded Keep2Share accounts you can check out.

  • – XRhRkfG5 
  • – lIhUv63U
  • – 0vC7x8ZH 
  • – jAYIXd2W
  • – COC94f4F 
  • – 6Tb0gyez
  • – V7HyOuQf 
  • – 5Lg9MiCu
  • – n5sc3MH8 
  • – HeZJ7Lwq
  • – BxLDTR6V
  • – l0es6NCw 
  • – 01MWD4ij 
  • – 56SEMIMG 
  • – i6PUnDLe 
  • – iWDFPe29 
  • – dYF1w3nG

Sometimes, if you can’t access one or the other Keep2Share premium accounts, it could be a temporary issue with the servers or the usability. In that case, what we’d recommend you do is move on to the next credential instead of sitting around with the current one.

Why Opt for Keep2Share Premium accounts?

Why Opt for Keep2Share Premium accounts?

With all the working Keep2Share Premium accounts out of the way, wondering why you should opt for the same can be a recurring question. Is it worth it? Should I use the “free” Premium accounts? 

Some of the benefits of Keep2Share Premium accounts are:

  • Compared to the free Keep2Share version, the premium one brings you access to an effortless user experience, especially an ad-free experience.
  • The files you download are done so effortlessly, thanks to the effortless speed while uploading or downloading.
  • In case there is a network interruption, the Keep2Share Premium account pauses the download and allows you to resume the download from where you stopped it.
  • The file size limit goes up to 20GB per day for downloading.
  • Your download starts immediately without any kind of buffering, which can be an issue with the free version.
  • Parallel downloads are an option that’s only available to premium users.

With Premium Pro, you get even better features, including amazing usability, virus scanning, ad-free experience, etc. The latter costs you $11.75 per month but with these free accounts, you can avail of all of those perks and benefits without worrying about paying a dime.

How to Get Keep2Share Premium accounts?

How to Get Keep2Share Premium accounts

Besides all these free Premium accounts that we have listed in this article, there are a few other ways to acquire Premium or Premium Pro accounts without paying the monthly subscription.

Two of the most common ways are to opt for a free Account generator or you can go ahead and sign up on a survey platform to get access to the premium accounts.

These methods will no doubt work, however, they do require a lot of time and manual labor, which you might not have the time to spare. In that case, we’d suggest you refer to the list of options and accounts that we have sorted out in this article. Those should work out just fine and without any complications.

Furthermore, if you are worried about the safety and security of the accounts, we’d suggest that you not worry because all these accounts are verified and won’t compromise your data privacy at all.


1. Why is Keep2Share popular?

You will come across several different file-hosting and file-sharing services online. But none of them are as good as Keep2Share. It offers a neat and user-friendly layout, allowing you to navigate through the platform with ease. Even if you are using the service for the first time, it’s guaranteed you won’t regret your decision.

2. What are the benefits of a Keep2Share Premium account?

Opting for the Keep2Share Premium account comes with several benefits. First of all, it includes minimal ads and zero waiting time. Secondly, premium accounts are much safer than non-premium ones. Also, you get more sharing options and file storage space.

3. How to get started with Keep2Share?

To get started with Keep2Share, you need to first sign up on the platform. Once you have your password and username, you are ready to use the service. You will need your login details to sign into your user account.

4. Can I get a free Keep2Share Premium account?

It is possible to get a free Keep2Share Premium account provided you are ready to work for it. Two of the best ways to get a premium account are to sign up on a survey platform or use a free account generator online.


Keep2Share is a popular and growing file hosting service. If you don’t want to pay the recurring subscription but still want to enjoy all the perks that come with a Premium account, we hope this article gives you all the insights that you are potentially looking for. The only thing we’d suggest you do is to be patient and try the other credentials if one isn’t working.


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