How to Run High-End Games without Graphics Card?

By | July 13, 2021

Graphics card is otherwise known as video cards or Graphics Processing Unit. Every computer makes use of a graphics card to render images, 3D animations, videos, and 2D images. 

If you are into ardent gaming, then you cannot miss out on installing a graphics card on your computer. The main function which a graphics card performs is transforming the bit data to pixels that you could see on the computer screen while you are playing games. The graphics card performs a quick scan of the computer and frees up space in the CPU to perform a whole lot of things. Graphics Processing Unit has thousands of elements that are made for multitasking. 

Can one play games on a computer without a graphics card? 

One could play games on a computer without having to install a graphics card. The 2D games can be played very easily without a graphics card. The major issue one encounters while gaming with your computer is that the CPU has to process the gaming unit as you keep playing the game. If your CPU is well-built, then you could play any kind of high-end game. 

However, you need to be aware of the methods by which you could play games on your computer without having to install a graphics card. 

Methods to play high-end games on your computer without a graphics card

There are around ten methods by which you could play games on your computer without having to install a graphics card. Though, there could be other methods as well. These are some of the most preferred ones. 

1. Swift Shader

Swift Shader

Swift Shader is 3D software that is used to render advanced graphics. 

It works alongside the same API which the developers use for developing the gaming applications. The kind of performance that could be achieved by Swift Shaders is used for dynamic compilation and optimization of code. For an application’s 3D needs, you need not change the source code to make use of Swift Shader. 

2. Razer cortex 

Razer cortex

Razer Cortex is used to boost a game and refine it by strengthening the PC performance. This ensures a faster and smooth gaming experience. This particular software frees up space in your CPU to provide glitch-free execution of the game. 

This software works through the complete process and this includes background helpers as well. Once you finish playing the game, Razer Cortex would ensure to return the PC to its original state.

3. Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster
Wise Game Booster is designed specially to boost and enhance the gaming experience of the player. It works well with different kinds of computers. It betters up the performance of the computer by optimization of system settings, closing unnecessary programs, and bringing all the irrelevant services of the computer to a halt with just one click. 

This is a game speed-up tool that one could use for improvisation of the gaming requirements of a computer. The performance of the computer can be improvised to the maximum levels and it is available free of cost. This is very safe to use and easy to install as well. If you are a beginner in the gaming arena, then you should be installing this particular software if you intend to play games without having a graphics card.

4. Game Fire

Game Fire is one of the most powerful tools for boosting the games. This particular software optimizes the computer to provide a pleasant and smooth gaming experience. The focus is on the performance of the computer and the utilization of the resources to execute the games in the best possible manner. 

Game fire is used to suspend any kind of unnecessary features of the system and also applies a lot of system tweaks and helps to focus on optimization and managing of the resources of the PC. This enhances the gaming experience and provides a hassle-free space for gamers. One could look out for several ways to increase the speed of the games. 

5. Clear files

Your computer can store a lot of temporary files on it. These include trash and those kinds of files that are of very little use for the performance of a system. When you clean all these files from your system, this will increase your system performance to a maximum level. As you keep deleting the temporary files, this seems like one of the easiest tasks one has to perform to enjoy a great gaming experience. You need to search for the temporary files on your personal computer and have to erase them. This will increase the speed of your computer’s functionality. 

6. Performance information

Check the performance information of your computer by accessing certain backend tools and other kinds of applications. These decide how the games would occupy space on your computer and look at the front end of the user. 

The units which are responsible for providing the best kind of visual support enable to work the PC in the right condition. The performance information of the computer should be checked often to see how healthy the computer is. One could just open the control panel of your computer and select the options system maintenance, in which you could find performance information and tools. 

7. Check the hard disk on the computer

Hard disk drive and solid-state drive should work well for providing the best gaming experience. If your computer has a hard disk drive, then check if it has the best capacity to store all the games. One should keep in mind that the games developed off late have a lot of data and the capacity is much high when compared to the games, which were developed in the earlier days. 

You need to check if the hard disk drive is in the best working condition to support the different kinds of graphics and it doesn’t end up giving any sort of problems or lead to interruptions while you are playing the games on the computer. It is a very common conception that prevails among a lot of people that hard disk drive doesn’t work as well as the solid-state drives. 

In case you are using the hard disk drive to run your computer games, then you need to ensure that there is enough space on your computer. 

8. Check visual effects

Windows 10 doesn’t require you to have a graphic card to have the best visual experience. However, there are certain steps you need to follow to check the visual effects that provide the best gaming experience. All you have to do is to just type visual effects in the search button of your Windows 10. You need to select the option, appearance, and performance of windows once the dialog box opens. You have to click on the apply button. This would apply the changes to the entire game installed on the computer. 

9. 3D Analyzer

3D Analyzer is one of the best tools that could provide the best kind of graphic experience without even having to install a graphics card in your central processing unit. There are certain kinds of 3D games which would require graphic cards to provide the best visual experience but with the help of a 3D analyzer, you could run all these 3D games without even having a graphic card. All you have to do is just install the application and once you’ve installed the application, you have to run it on the computer and then follow the other installation procedure to use this particular software for enhancing your gaming experience.

10. Using Google Cloud

Cloud Computing is not just used to store data alone. You could make use of this particular Google cloud to play the best 3D games. This particular Google cloud is very much easy to use and free to access as well. 

The only thing you need to keep in mind is you have to switch off the Google Cloud virtual machine every time you are turning off the computer. This could be added to your computer as a Google Chrome extension and then install. There are certain steps you need to follow to use a Google Cloud order for playing the 3D games without even having to access or install the Graphics card. Though the steps are a bit complicated, it is very effective. 


Grand Theft Auto, Counter-Strike, Global Offensive are some of the games that could be played without having to install the graphic card and just by following any of the methods suggested above. The quality of the gaming experience doesn’t get affected just because you haven’t installed the Graphics card on your computer. All of these methods suggested above have a similar kind of quality when compared to the experience you could enjoy with the graphics card. 


Is it safe to download these tools on your computer?

Yes. There are no issues with downloading these tools on your computer.

Are these tools compatible with different platforms?

Yes. These tools are compatible with different platforms.

Do you need any technical support to download these tools?

No. There is no need to go for technical support to download these tools.


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