How do live casino games work at bookmakers?

By | June 13, 2023

There are several games available in the live casino area on various online sites, where they can be purchased, not only promotions/bonuses to extend your enjoyment when playing, but also, to increase your chances of winning by playing Roulette, BlackJack, Baccarat among many other examples of live casino games online, that is, completely in real time, accessing only through a device (computer or cell phone connected to an internet).

Let’s cite 2 examples of live casino games, which are the most played at bookmakers, they are: Roulette and BlackJack.


When accessing the live casino in the Roulette game at, for example, you will be able to choose your table, where there will be a board (card) with 0 to 36 “possible” numbers

to bet on a minimum amount and/or maximum amount that can be made for each round bet (on the cards).

There are also several combinations that can triple or quadruple the values of your bets on the table of the selected numbers.


Blackjack or simply, as it is well known, cards game 21, is one of the most wanted/played games in the world of decks.

Before you realize the mechanics of the game, most sites that offer live BlackJack casino games, are practically found in most virtual betting sites for not only is it easy to play, but also because there are many gameplay advantages to beating the dealer who is responsible for negotiating the game/table at Black-Jack Casino.

When entering the game, you will notice that there will be several options to choose and then, you choose the table and after that, choose a chip (value) that you want to bet.

Then, each player receives 2 initial random cards face up showing the values of the cards/ For example: 1 card goes to your hand/has a value of 10 and the other card, goes to your hand/has a value of 4, totaling both cards in your hand: 14.

The dealer’s also receive, and always, two cards: one face up and the other on the side, face down and after everyone at the table has received their cards, all players will be able to choose between 3 options that are Blackjack’s main ones. Among several other options that exist in live Blackjack casinos, as this depends on the online virtual casino:

— Drawing more cards: the players who ask for “hits” are those who have little sum in their hands (generally they are the ones with 2 initial cards that total between 8-11 points) and they ask for more cards, each round/in their turn , until you get as close to 21 which is the maximum and objective value.

— Double the bet: the players at the table who have good cards in their hands, may have the chance to double the bet. But in doing so, there is a minimal disadvantage, in which case you will not be able to request more cards in that round that you choose to double the bet, because when you choose to “double the bet”, you will lose, consequently, instead of making your move waiting in this case, the dealer to bet next and if the dealer rolls 21 first, he wins the table/round.

— Stay in hand: If you are satisfied with your bet, just make a signaling gesture to the dealer, which means, in this case, that you will be waiting for the dealer’s hand, as you believe your hand is better than the dealer’s.

Remembering that before making your choices, it is always important to evaluate the card that is shown by the dealer, in this case, face up, as this will help you make the right decision, since your objective is to get a value greater than the dealer’s cards in the sum of your hand cards, after closing each table/round.

In summary, the true objective of Blackjack or deck 21, is simply to make a score of 21 points that is, to make the sum of the numbers of cards that are in the hands of the players.


There are several virtual bookmakers with various promotions and bonuses available for you to acquire in the course of your bets on live casino games. But of course, you have to be aware of which promotions are available on virtual betting sites and which are preferred, on live casino games that you fit in or else, on casino games that are, at first. Free for you to experience the feeling of playing virtually, in real time, live casino on your computer or mobile phone.

Remember that the world of live online casinos are for recreational purposes only, as well as the bonuses and promotions offered at bookmakers, are for the purpose of receiving the accounts of recreational players, that is, they are only ” courtesies” of bookmakers.

Therefore, take great note of compulsive addiction and don’t get carried away by the frustrations or emotional outbursts of online games. After all, all of these are just for fun while you are playing the virtual live casino games!

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