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By | May 16, 2023

Do you want to up your dating game? If yes, nothing beats Tinder as the best dating app. It is available worldwide, accessible for free with basic features and you get to match with people you know for a fact will be a good match for you.

What’s great about Tinder is the personalized experience. Instead of making you match with completely random people, you are matched with people who live near you and you get to meet and talk to individuals with similar interests. But, the best thing about Tinder is the control you have. Everything depends on who you swipe right on.

Tinder has different pricing plans and the free one is no doubt the most popular one of the lot. It doesn’t cost you any money but comes with very limited features, which can be a pain when you are trying to date people with diverse backgrounds.

That said, Tinder also has a lifetime gold subscription, which adds a lot of perks and exclusive features that make the whole dating game a lot more fun and interactive. Not only do you get to meet a variety of people, but you also get to do all of that without having any implied restrictions.

Another thing that’s great about using Tinder is the comfort of use and security. Usually, you need to sign up on the platform using your Facebook account. This is for security and safety and verification purposes. So, if you want to make the most out of your dating experience on Tinder, the lifetime gold subscription can make a huge difference.

However, with the added perks comes added stress of paying more. Not everyone has the means or wants to pay the extra amount to enjoy those extra benefits. If you are one of them, don’t worry because we have got your back.

This article will walk you through a list of all the working yet free Tinder accounts that you can use to make the most out of your user experience.

What is Tinder?

What is Tinder?

Tinder is a popular dating app where you get to match with people in your close vicinity by swiping right on them.

What’s great about Tinder is the level of personalization. You can change or set your location as per your desire, you can also choose to swipe right on people that you think will match your interests and the platform comes with a base pricing plan, which is free.

Only when you want to up your user experience and enjoy added perks and benefits that you get to break into the popular Lifetime Gold subscription plan.

Besides that, Tinder also comes with a few other subscription plans that bring you access to all the top features and benefits you’d need to ensure your safety when it comes to dating random strangers on the internet.

What are the Tinder Pricing Tiers?

What are the Tinder Pricing Tiers?

Tinder currently has three tiers of pricing plans. Besides the base free plan, you can check from the three different pricing tiers to see which one works the best for you.

That said, when it comes to picking the best Tinder pricing tiers, we’d recommend you pay attention to the individual features. The hierarchy goes from – Tinder Plus to Tinder Gold to Tinder Platinum.

So, you get the most perks and benefits using Tinder Platinum but the Tinder Plus is also a decent plan if you are tight on the budget but still want better accessibility than the free Tinder plan.

That said, let us walk you through each of these Tinder Pricing Tiers and the kind of features you can avail with each:

Tinder Plus

  • Unlimited likes
  • Unlimited rewinds
  • Passport to any location
  • Hide advertisements

Tinder Gold

  • See who likes you
  • Top picks every day
  • Super likes a week – 5
  • Free boost a month – 1
  • All the features from Tinder Plus

Tinder Platinum

  • Message option before matching
  • Prioritized likes
  • List of all the likes in the past week
  • All the features from Tinder Gold

If all of this resonates with you, chances are that you are on the hunt for free Tinder accounts. Since there are quite a few different pricing tiers, we have managed to list out the top free Tinder accounts with a gold subscription. This will more or less cover all the important perks that you have been on the hunt for.

What are the Free Tinder Accounts?

What are the Free Tinder Accounts?

When talking about the free Tinder accounts in this article, be assured that we aren’t talking about the standard or “free” Tinder account that you can normally sign up for on the internet.

Instead, we are focused on familiarizing you with the free Tinder accounts with the added Gold Membership perks. These are all the accounts that you can make the most use of, especially if you want to avail maximum benefits while dating people online. 

The premium subscription opens access to all the added benefits, especially with the likes, super likes, boosting the profile, etc. Not only does it match you with like-minded people, but it also allows you to make the most out of your dating experience, especially if you are new to the whole dating game.

With the base Tinder plan, you have very limited features, including the ads and the passport restriction (location restriction basically). But, when you upgrade to the premium plans, these limitations aren’t going to affect your usability at all, making things a lot more fun and accessible.

However, we understand that not everyone has the means to pay for an expensive subscription. Hence, we have sorted out a list of all the working usernames and passwords for free Tinder accounts that come with all the added perks of the Gold and Platinum subscription plans.

All of the free Tinder accounts we have sorted in this article are membership-purchased accounts. So, it doesn’t matter which credential you are using, all of them are 100% working and genuine accounts. However, one thing we’d recommend you do is to stay vigilant of any suspicious activities on the account.

Free Tinder Accounts with Usernames and Passwords

What’s great about all of these free Tinder accounts is the accessibility. You can customize it to meet new people, chat with them, and have an open conversation when you match with them. 

Tinder Premium subscription tiers offer a lot of added perks that allow you to sort out your matches based on age, demographic, location, etc., which isn’t available with the base plan. So, if you are on the hunt for similar free accounts with a premium subscription, you have come to the right place.

All of these accounts are available for free. You don’t have to worry about security verification to be able to log into these accounts. 

Following are all the working Tinder accounts you can look into:

  • – arizona117 
  • – puzel41158
  • – Sempu178 
  • – Mal4iarp
  • – Galzer5paq 
  • – danwortizz
  • – Gazzepid411
  • – partex438
  • – 1572312582
  • – smantyo47

All of these accounts are valid and secure. However, since we have access to a very limited number of Tinder Premium accounts, we’d recommend that you check them all out before dismissing them. If the first email and password aren’t working, move on to the next one. 

What are some Free Tinder Accounts with Tinder Plus Subscription?

If you don’t want a lot of added benefits but still want a few basic ones, especially with unlimited likes and no passport restriction, Tinder Plus is a great platform to get started with.

Although our main focus is to share the free Tinder accounts with Gold subscription, we knew we had to sort out a list with the Tinder Plus subscription too.

For those who aren’t aware of Tinder Plus, it is the cheapest of the three Tinder pricing tier. The plan starts from $9.99 per month and can go up depending on the location or the kind of added perks you are availing.

But, what’s great with these free Tinder accounts is the accessibility. All the accounts offer you access to the best features but you don’t have to pay a dime to enjoy those perks. Additionally, we have verified these accounts too, so your safety won’t be compromised when you use them.

  • – ogoral782 
  • – pitrowic62 
  • – Doccek516
  • – totto7349 
  • – mPakto94 

Since Tinder is very restrictive, it isn’t surprising that we couldn’t find a lot of free Tinder accounts with premium plans. However, all of these above-mentioned plans are working, so you won’t have to worry about accessibility at all.

Free Tinder Accounts with Gold Membership

With the free Tinder Plus accounts out of the way, the next thing we have to shift our focus on are the Tinder accounts with Gold membership. They are no doubt one of the absolute best, with additional perks and a variety of amazing features that you won’t find elsewhere.

What’s great about having access to the Tinder Gold membership is the ease of accessibility when it comes to the user experience. You can get a profile boost once a month, along with five super likes.

If these sound enticing to you, the following accounts will more than likely come a lot in handy for you.

  • – intoblack 
  • – orbaxi969
  • – harboz27 
  • – dexter388
  • – iPaxzAL5 
  • – iptinzil22
  • – 6742341569
  • – Rintobaz
  • – gilbiy020

Keep in mind that these accounts are integrated with Tinder Gold membership, so we’d recommend that you don’t expect anything too ground-breaking, especially if you are expecting it to give you access to the free access to Platinum account perks. 

Are the Modded Tinder Accounts Safe?

Since you use Tinder for dating, ensuring optimal safety on the platform is crucial and should be your priority all the time. When you use the modded Tinder accounts, you can jeopardize that to an extent. 

However, be assured that some of the modded accounts are 100% safe to use. You won’t have to compromise on usability at all. However, we’d recommend that you keep a check on the quality of usage without any questions asked.

What’s great about the Modded Tinder accounts is that you get to enjoy the dual benefits of Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold in a single account.

Following are the best accounts you can check out:

  • – arizona117 
  • – Gazzepid411
  • – Sempu178 
  • – Mal4iarp
  • – Galzer5paq 
  • – danwortizz
  • – Doccek516
  • – partex438
  • – 1572312582
  • – smantyo47

When downloading a modded Tinder accounts, always cross-check the reliability. Avoid downloading Tinder-modded apps from random app stores. Instead, we’d suggest you download the app from the official app stores and then use these modded account credentials to get going with the usage.

Can I get Tinder for Free?

Can I get Tinder for Free?

Despite the reliability of all these free Tinder accounts, being skeptical about using someone else’s email and password for dating is common.

If you are one of those people who are kind of on the fence about using random accounts, we have some ways sorted out for you where you can get Tinder for free without any compromise.

Using a free trial – Tinder offers one month of free trial for you to enjoy the perks of this app. So, when it comes to being able to enjoy this platform for free, this is your easiest way out.

Using a promo code – Another method that might allow you to enjoy Tinder for free is by using a free promo code. You can find them on the couponing websites or you can ask for referrals from your friends if they have any.

Currently, these are the only two ways you can enjoy free Tinder accounts the “official” way. If more methods pop up, we’ll update them here in the article.


1. What is Tinder used for?

Tinder is an online dating platform that helps people find the perfect match for themselves. By signing up on this platform, you can make yourself available in the dating world and meet like-minded people. Most people use Tinder to find relationships, casual affairs, or friendships.

2. Do I need to register myself to use Tinder?

To get started with Tinder, you need to first sign up on the platform. All you have to do is create an account by providing your details and picture. Make sure that the information you provide is correct.

3. How to make my Tinder profile attractive?

You can make your Tinder profile attractive by uploading HD-quality pictures and sharing accurate information about yourself. You should also write an engaging bio that will get people interested in you.

4. How many subscription plans are available?

The good thing about Tinder is that it offers multiple subscription plans. It includes Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum. Every subscription package is different and has varying features. So you can choose one based on your budget and requirement. Tinder Plus is the most basic plan and Tinder Platinum is the most expensive one.


Free Tinder accounts are now becoming a lot more mainstream than you think. If you are worried about security and safety, don’t be because every account we have enlisted in this article is verified. So, you won’t have to worry about your data privacy or the safety of your personal information while using someone else’s account.


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