Free Funimation Premium Accounts – 100% Working Accounts to Watch Anime Series in 2023

By | May 19, 2023

Anime is growing in prominence and popularity, not to mention that it’s becoming a lot more mainstream among the younger generation and millennials across the world. While there is no limit to the availability of amazing anime websites online, you will seldom come across premium websites that offer fun and trending anime content.

Amidst all the available options online, Funimation is no doubt a leading option that doesn’t require any introduction. If you want to binge-watch anime series that have been around for decades or some of the latest releases, be assured that Funimation has all of them sorted on their website.

Funimation is a holistic, well-sought, and very comprehensive website that brings together a series of amazing anime content that you can stream and download for your perusal. What’s great about this website is the choice. You can register on the website for a free account or you can also experience additional perks with a premium website.

This article will explore all the important information that you need to explore and look through when it comes to accessing free Funimation accounts online. Remember that almost all of these accounts are functional, which means that you won’t have to compromise on the viewing experience at all.

What is Funimation?

What is Funimation?

Although anime is quite mainstream and there are hundreds of different types of websites available online, you can’t deny the fact that Funimation is a leading option that doesn’t disappoint. The website has been around for quite a few years now, consistently upgrading its content library, providing users easy access to some of the absolute best anime content that you can think of.

For anime enthusiasts who are entirely clueless, Funimation is an online platform that’s famous for distributing HD quality East Asian media and anime content for users. 

Unlike most of the free anime websites that you know of, Funimation is a step ahead and brings you access to some of the best quality anime content that you just can’t find elsewhere. The exclusivity and access to premium anime content are only mainstream with this particular website.

However, if you want to get access to the premium and exclusive content on the website, you have to pay a relevant price for the same. In this case, you have to pay a recurring subscription to gain access to the premium version of the website.

Although the price isn’t as high as some of the other exclusive anime websites, it is still something not everyone wants to pay out of their pocket. If you are in the same boat, we have got your back. The list of free premium membership accounts is hands down one of the best ways you can streamline your viewing experience without paying anything for it.

Funimation hosts premium anime shows and each episode or even movie are updated quite frequently, ensuring that nothing is dull. Not once will you have to compromise on the type of content you watch with this website, which is always a bonus. 

How Much Does Funimation Charge for Their Subscription?

How Much Does Funimation Charge for Their Subscription

If you are new to Funimation, not knowing about their subscription plans is common. Most first-time users aren’t sure how much the charges are or how much one has to pay for individual subscription plans. 

Since there are multiple different pricing plans and subscriptions available, knowing about them in detail can help you plan things a lot better. Let us break down the individual subscription plans for you, shall we?

Funimation Premium

The first subscription plan is their standard Premium plan, wherein you get an ad-free access to all the content on the website, which means that you won’t have to worry about unnecessary pop-up ads. Additionally, the premium version also gets you free access to dubbed and subbed anime content. 

If you want to share your account with another friend, the Premium subscription lets you play the content simultaneously on two screens at a time, which is quite great.

The price for this subscription plan is $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year. Ideally, we’d recommend starting with a month’s subscription, testing out the website, and then switching to the annual plan later.

Funimation Premium Plus

If you want to add more perks to your premium Funimation account, the Premium Plus subscription could be the one for you. This one costs $7.99 per month or $79.99 annually.

Besides the amazing content, the Premium Plus plan also brings you access to a series of additional perks. What’s unique is that this subscription gets you direct access to Funimation Shop Sale, with free shipping above $20.

More than that, you also get to streamline your streaming experience with this website, which is an added perk as well.

Funimation Premium Plus Ultra

If the last two subscription plans didn’t fit your bill, Funimation goes above and beyond with their Premium Plus Ultra. This is the highest-priced subscription plan from this anime distribution platform and costs $99.99 per year.

Besides the standard content library that everyone gets to access, with this plan, you also get access to exclusive and secluded anime content that’s not available elsewhere. So, if you want to make the most out of your viewing experience, this is a subscription plan you won’t regret buying.

What are the features of Funimation Premium Accounts?

What are the features of Funimation Premium Accounts?

Now that you are aware that Funimation has three tiers of Premium subscription plans, the next thing you have to focus on is the features.

To be fair, we have mentioned a few and the most important ones in the above section. But, let us get you through with the remainder of the options, shall we?

Why do you need access to the premium Funimation accounts? Here’s what you need to know:

Premium quality content – The most important reason why most anime lovers switch to the Funimation premium accounts is all thanks to the quality of the visuals. Everything is in HD quality, which means that you won’t have to settle for low-quality and pixelated content. Almost every anime content available with the premium subscription is in 1080p resolution.

Unlimited content access – If you are an avid anime lover, this is something you are going to be appreciative of. Since Funimation is developed to distribute anime content, especially the paid versions of it, it isn’t surprising that the premium subscriptions bring you access to unlimited anime content without any compromises. 

User-friendly UI – Another reason why Funimation premium subscription is so popular is because of the ad-free user experience. No pop-ups or intrusive ads are hindering your viewing experience, which you can’t guarantee with the free account. Overall, the website has a very clean, elegant, and minimal UI, which is always a hit.

Improved viewing experience – With the premium subscription, users get access to a variety of additional settings, including changing the clarity of the background, subtitles, language, etc. These aren’t some features that are available with the free version, so keep that into consideration as well. 

Rapid uploads and updates – If you are watching an anime series that’s a work in progress, the last thing you want to do is wait for the next episode to be uploaded. With free websites and torrenting sites, you have to be patient with the uploads because you never know when the next one is coming. Funimation premium accounts get direct and quick uploads without any delay.

What are some of the Free Funimation Premium Accounts?

With all these benefits and perks, Funimation Premium accounts seem a lot better option to explore, right? Don’t worry, we got you!

Since Funimation Premium accounts cost quite a good chunk of money, we have set aside a list of all the working Funimation premium accounts that we think are worth the time.

Keep in mind that all these accounts are working, and provide you free access to the Funimation Premium accounts.

Let us get this rolling:

  • – dmpatel30 
  • – Eb112004
  • – Alice3hoping
  • – Eded9848  
  • – DemonicDeath1134 
  • – e16*01Mr 
  • – Crazy123! 
  • – q2dm1111 
  • – Fabian120699! 
  • – lolim2lazzy 
  • – frank1997
  • – hamster1 
  • – ahmad1975 
  • – choosie 
  • – cdefgahc 
  • – krithi88 
  • – hardrockdu64 
  • – 0blivion 
  • – Shadow@2 
  • – indirani 
  • – b5191467 
  • – Sampoop2133 
  • – Crowboy204 
  • – 25683472 
  • – Asj28487 
  • – Garvet69 
  • – as82as11ass 
  • – as82as962as1s 
  • – as8a2s2a62s 
  • – as71as12as2 
  • – 233islasksa 
  • – as82as11as 
  • – as852as11as2 
  • – Zeansean1 
  • – Superdoodle12 
  • – Carson123! 
  • – OtherRatDiedLol1! 
  • – as821as11ass 
  • – as52as11as1 
  • – Mezzico155 
  • – Elsalvdor23 

These are some of the working Funimation premium accounts that you can check and see which ones are working and which ones aren’t. If one of the emails and passwords isn’t working, we’d suggest trying out a different one. 

What are some of the Free Funimation Premium Plus Accounts?

As we mentioned in a separate section of the article, Funimation has three different premium subscription plans and Funimation Premium Plus is one of the most popular subscription plans available online.

You do get to experience a lot of additional perks with the premium plans but when it’s the premium plus plan, the perks are even better. If you want to avail even better and additional features, Funimation is no doubt a pretty great option to look at.

Following are some of the accounts that you can check out if you want to enjoy the perks of Funimation Premium Plus plans:

  • – Jasper1* 
  • – Strongfish91@ 
  • – Milla2013 
  • – Duffin#70 
  • – Cupcake2323 
  • – Jello777 
  • – Thefreak15 
  • – Redskins10 
  • – nissan350Z 
  • – Veritas1 
  • – Sdakota1 
  • – 2Sombreros 
  • – Startz69 
  • – Football83 
  • – Megaman@17
  • – Bringit1 
  • – AAron11
  • – D14f728
  • – Gamersfire1 
  • – Buddyis#1

These are all the working accounts for Funimation Premium Plus accounts. Also, when exploring all these emails and passwords, we’d recommend looking through the options that we have sorted out in this article.

Are the Modded Funimation Accounts and Passwords Legit?

Like most other platforms, even Funimation comes with a series of modded accounts. What’s great about modded accounts or apps is the additional features. If you want to avail all these amazing perks without giving extra money for this, we have sorted out some of the best Funimation modded accounts and passwords.

Here are some of the best accounts and passwords worth looking into:

  • – Justine@2 
  • – Jerome123! 
  • – 12Simon 
  • – Timer123! 
  • – thgrR!12 
  • – Pokemon123! 
  • – Awesomes12! 
  • – G@m3524103 
  • – Fablegames12! 
  • – Psycho23@

These are the modded premium subscription accounts that are worth looking into. The only thing you have to keep a check on is ensuring the authenticity of the usernames.

Can you Cancel the Funimation Subscription?

Can you Cancel the Funimation Subscription?

If you have bought the Funimation subscription and want to cancel it now because you now have access to these free accounts, it’s understandable. Ideally, nobody wants to pay for something they don’t have to.

So, if you have a Funimation premium subscription that you have to cancel, the process isn’t as complicated.

What you can do is go to the Funimation website on your PC, open your account and then go to the subscription section to cancel the existing subscription. Ideally, we’d recommend that you wait till the subscription is up before canceling the subscription.


1. What does Funimation offer?

Funimation is one of the leading anime streaming sites on the internet. It offers a large variety of anime including both new and old ones. From anime series to movies, you will find everything on Funimation. The site is mainly known for distributing HD-quality East Asian anime content.

2. What are the different subscription plans offered by Funimation?

Like most other streaming sites, Funimation offers multiple subscription plans which include Premium, Premium Plus, and Premium Ultra Plus. The Premium plan is the most basic one and Premium Ultra Plus is the most expensive plan. You can choose any of these packages based on your budget.

3. Why should I get a Funimation Premium account?

There are many advantages to having a Funimation Premium account. It gives you access to premium-quality content for an enhanced user experience. Even the user interface is great, allowing you to easily navigate through the site. With a Premium account, you can watch unlimited anime without hassles.

4. How to cancel a Funimation subscription?

You can cancel your Funimation subscription any time you like. All you need to do is access the subscription section on the website and cancel the existing subscription.


With so many different Funimation premium accounts, finding the best one that fits your needs can be a challenge. Don’t worry though because we have sorted out the entire working premium accounts that we think are worth all the time. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to ensure that you don’t give up if the first email and password aren’t working. Try out all the options before giving up.


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