Dating trends 2023: what’s influencing your personal life today?

By | July 19, 2023

Our daily lives and our environment are constantly changing. Sometimes the changes seem almost imperceptible and insignificant, but sometimes they radically change the very foundations of our lives. Just remember the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, which manifested itself most vigorously in 2020. In the space of little more than a moment we taught ourselves to wear masks, wash our hands regularly and limit social contact. At the same time, millions of people rushed to dating sites and apps to find new friends or a soulmate.

Looking specifically at dating, the main trend of recent years has been a rapid transition from offline dating to online. We began to meet less and less in real life, and more and more often on the web. We’re talking not just about dating sites and apps, but also about social networks, messengers, random video chat sites like Omegle and other platforms for online communication.

Today we’ll talk about what dating trends await us in 2023, and what we should prepare for now. In this case, we’ll consider both positive and negative trends, and we promise it will be interesting!

Top 7 dating trends in 2023

Trend #1. The rise in popularity of Omegle and its rivals

A big surge in popularity for Omegle and other random video chat sites came in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak and people were suffering the most from loneliness. Omegle’s active audience tripled in just a couple of months!

At the same time, Omegle’s rivals were also building an active user base:

  • CooMeet — an Omegle alternative with a great gender filter, user-friendly mobile apps, built-in translator, affiliate program, and great customer support.
  • OmeTV — a simple video chat with a gender filter and a built-in message translator.
  • Bazoocam — another alternative to Omegle that offers users online mini-games as well as its own video streaming platform.

If you like live communication, but at the same time you want to get acquainted from the comfort of your own home, or from any other place, we recommend to visit Omegle chat. It’s a great trend that we’re sure you’ll love.

Trend #2. OnlyPlans

The term OnlyPlans appeared back in 2022, but it only truly penetrated the internet space in 2023. It boils down to the idea that you regularly make plans with another person, but never realize them. For example, you agree to meet up on the weekend, but there’s always some reason it doesn’t happen. Or you plan to chat in the evening via video, but again frustrate your own plans.

This can become a serious problem, because there’s often no real commitment behind such plans. And if you feel that you’ve dropped into the OnlyPlans of another person, you need to do something about it — try to bring your social plans to life effectively, or just stop planning anything with this person.

Trend #3. Bae Realing

Bae Realing is an online dating trend that involves honesty, frankness and openness of a person to other people. This trend is really getting noticed now. On dating sites and apps, there are more and more detailed accounts from real users instead of fake ones. And the increasing popularity of random video chats also speaks of the desire of modern people to be sincere and honest. So be real yourself, and meet the same real people.

Of course fakes and bots will not ever disappear from popular dating sites. But if anything can decrease their numbers, this is a very positive trend for modern society.

Trend #4. Smart savings

The cost of living is increasing every year and it is impossible to ignore. At the same time, the desire among people to sensibly use their available financial resources is also growing. This desire applies to online dating as well. Firstly, not everyone is ready to pay for access to the premium features of dating sites, even if they have such an opportunity. And secondly, people prefer affordable dates.

There’s no need to try to surprise a potential partner by inviting them to an expensive restaurant, renting a luxury car, and the like. The new trend is for “budget” dates — trips to quite cheap and basic cafes, or even completely free dates via video. Why not?

Trend #5. Search for dates in other cities and countries

Every year, people become less attached to their location when looking for a potential partner. There’s no longer a desire to look for interesting people exclusively within your own city. After all, your future soulmate may be in another city, country or even continent.

In fact, the trend to expand the geography of acquaintances has been observed for more than a year. But right now, in post-COVID times, it has become especially relevant. So if you’re still trying to limit yourself and get acquainted only with people within a close radius, we recommend that you fix this as soon as possible. You will be surprised to see how many interesting people live outside your inner circle of communication.

Trend #6. Fighting stereotypes

This trend is especially common among men. Numerous surveys and studies confirm that today about 74% of men on the web carefully study their own behavior in order to find established stereotypes in their interactions and eradicate them.

A vivid example of this trend is that men in 2023 have become more open and sincere, they do not try to restrain their emotions or hide their true feelings through force. This is a very positive trend that has the potential to completely change online dating right now. Fighting stereotypes is a positive trend however it’s done.

Trend #7. Breaking taboos on talking about finances

Previously, it was believed that the topic of money was best not touched on during first interactions, and even more so during the first face to face date. However, modern society is becoming much more open to such discussions. And contemporaries are ready to discuss financial issues with new acquaintances.

No matter what anyone says, the majority seek to connect their lives with a successful and reliable person, who really knows how to manage money. This is an absolutely normal desire and there’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of.

New trends are always evolving

Of course, during our time, trying to predict any trends on the internet is a very difficult task. Because in just one moment everything can change, and all forecasts and assumptions will turn out to be wrong. And yet, we believe that these seven trends will remain with us throughout 2023, and perhaps even longer.

Be that as it may, we hope you learnt something new and enjoyed building small forecasts for the near future with us. Follow trends, read the latest news from the world of internet technology, meet and communicate with interesting people, look for non-standard means of communication and spend time online with pleasure. Today there are more than enough opportunities for this, and there will be even more to come, you’ll see!


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