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Its Not Greed, Its Little Investment With Great Profits

Desire, ambition, self-interest, selfishness, these and many other terms are associated with GREED and this in turn is compared with SALT WATER, because more YOU DRINK IT, more THIRSTY WE ARE, despite being one of the most negative emotions that our brain has, if it is used correctly, unique and unimaginable results can be obtained.… Read More »

The Present Corporation In The Housing Sector By Bitcoin

Bitcoin is famous for its functional activities and social engagement with customers. The future of utilizing the digital unit for every exchange plays a vital factor in increasing development. Every platform provides several features with different attributes. The individual needs to know about the abbreviations used in Bitcoin exchange. Bitcoin is not negligible and confined… Read More »

SaaS Tools: Must-Haves for Your Startup

What do popular products like Slack, Dropbox, Zendesk have in common? They all fit the SaaS business model, which benefits both the vendor companies and their customers. Most SaaS products are web and mobile applications that do not require installation. What is SaaS SaaS (Software as a Service) is one model of cloud services. To… Read More »

$6M Raised By GuestReady To Help Hosts On Airbnb And Other Services To Handle Their Property

GuestReady is a three year old company that allows shared-economy hosts manage their business on rental sites such as Airbnb. They have recently announced to raise $6 million. The investment was supported by a Russian fund, backer Impulse VC which is backed by Roman Abramovich who is a billionaire Chelsea FC owner. However, other past… Read More »

Days after the expansion, Ethiopia’s government shuts off the internet

A couple of days after the Ethiopian ICT officials made all the public pledges so that they can improve net access, the government started to play off again. The government decided to shut off the internet so that they can coincide with the country’s national examination. Data Provider from Oracle said to Tech Crunch that… Read More »

Facebook will not be removing deep fakes of Kim Kardashian, Mark Zuckerberg and others from Instagram

According to the latest news, Facebook will not be removing any of the fake videos which feature the President of United States Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian, and Mark Zuckerberg. The company has come out with an official statement stating that. Today, Video News came out with the creators of the video Bill Posters and Daniel… Read More »