Apple includes new features in its latest iOS update

By | October 27, 2022

Apple has already released the new version of its operating system for the iPhone, iOS 16. In this article, we will tell you about some of the new features.

Which iPhones can iOS 16 be installed on?

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 8 and the version Plus
  • iPhone X and XR
  • iPhone XS in standard version and Pro
  • iPhone 11 in standard, Pro and Max versions
  • iPhone 12 in standard, Mini, Pro and Max versions
  • iPhone 13 in standard, Mini, Pro and Max versions
  • iPhone 14 in all its versions

How to install iOS 16

Upgrading the iPhone’s operating system to iOS 16 is very simple. You need to go to Settings, followed by the General section and then to Software Update. The phone will search for the new version and when it finds it, it will offer to start the iOS 16 download and then continue the process. Of course, how long it takes will depend, among other things, on the user’s connection. It takes a while because it’s about five gigabytes (GB) of data. Apple also requires that the battery is at least 50% to start the installation and that you have at least five GB free, although ideally the available storage should be larger.

What’s new in iOS 16

Visually, the biggest change is to the lock screen, which can now be customized by adding widgets with content and choosing a font for the clock, which can be placed behind an image, which the system will automatically crop. It will be possible to add widgets to the iPhone lock screen, similar to the Apple Watch complications, and change their design: choose a font, watch size, and so on, and even choose layers, so that the watch can be seen behind the figure in the foreground, for example. It will also be possible to pin some notifications to the screen if we want to see up-to-date information (the result of a match, for example) but don’t want a new notification to be generated every so often.

One of the most noticeable changes has to do with notifications with the screen locked, which will now not occupy the entire screen. Instead, it will be displayed at the bottom of the panel to make it easier to handle with the thumb, bearing in mind that reaching a notification on a large iPhone requires both hands. So now they will be displayed in a sort of carousel. You can scroll through them, dismiss the notifications you no longer want to see, and so on.

Another addition that comes with this version is the ability to edit and cancel messages sent by Apple’s messenger (iMessage), as well as the ability to schedule an email to be sent to a specific person.

In addition, with iOS 16, it will be possible to copy an object from a photo and have it automatically cut out the silhouette, isolating it from the background. It will also recognize text in a video to be able to copy it or keep the keyboard visible during voice dictation to correct the translation. Other features include sharing an online iCloud photo album with up to five people (like Google Photos) and having new parental control and security check functions for its members (which allows, for example, cutting digital links with a person with a click).

Problems with iOS 16

It seems that some users are experiencing problems with the new update. The main problem is centered on the use of gaming applications. Some gamers in India have reported that during a game-round from their mobile, the terminal has stopped responding or they have lost the game. Thus, they have had to opt to different options like playing through their browser. For example, those who play gambling games could visit the best online casinos in India. Here one can find everything from popular Indian casino card games such as Teen Patti and Rummy to international favorites such as roulette, poker and blackjack. In addition, one of the biggest advantages of playing at online casinos is the ability to claim promotions. The same happened to those playing games like Candy Crush; users will have to enter pages, such as mini-games. These issue has been detected in other parts of the world.

As always, Apple will be launching new updates to fix bugs. So far, that’s all to know about iOS. What will be expected for iOS 17?


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