Airtel USSD Codes 2023 – Check Balance, Data & Offers

By | September 6, 2023

If you have an Airtel sim card that you have been using along, knowing about the USSD or the Unstructured Supplementary Service codes comes in extremely handy for you to check your balance, keep an eye out on the discount offers and even keep up with the accessory missed call services that should help ease all your problems. 

With over 264 million users across India, Airtel is one of the most popular telecommunication companies that you can opt for. Not just in India, the brand is also quite popular across other South Asian countries. While people nowadays are heavily reliant on smartphones and have forgotten the usage of USSD codes, the same is still prevalent in users with normal phones and the old people who aren’t tech-savvy.

For the ease of their users, Airtel offers a wide range of amazing USSD codes that the users can use to keep up with their current Talktime or data balance or even with the current ongoing offers.

If you have been looking for an updated list with all the latest Airtel USSD codes that are viable in 2023, here is a quick list that you can check through.

1. If you have forgotten your mobile number

How often does it happen that you meet someone randomly on the road after years and when they ask for your number, you seem to can’t recollect it? While you can give them a missed call to let them get your number, why even go into that complication?

The Airtel USSD code to know your Airtel number is *282#, *121*1#, or *121*9#. You can dial in either of these and it should revert you with all the details that you likely need to know about your mobile number.

2. If you want to check available offers

With cheaper Talktime packs and amazing data packs, Airtel often comes out with limited time offers that you might miss out on. There are several offers spread across the recharge options, internet packs, or even the SMS packs, for the ones who depend on that service.

Some of the common USSD numbers for Airtel offer to include:

  • Recharge and Talktime: *121# OR *121*1#
  • Tariff Offers: *121*1#
  • SMS Offers: *777#
  • Internet Offers: *121*11# or *567#

3. If you want to look into self-care services

Another common service from Airtel that has its USSD numbers include self-care services. These are for the self-independent users who don’t want to confuse or complicate the processes. It enables you to pay your bills, fix any further issues without the need for customer care representatives.

The USSD code for that is *121#.

4. If you want loans

No, when we are talking about loans, we aren’t talking about the actual bank loans that involve money, we are talking about Talktime and data loans. These loans come in handy when you are in a stringent situation and have no money with you.

The USSD code for INR 10 Talktime is *141*10# and the code 50MB immediate credit of data is *141*567#. 

5. If you want to check your balance (or transfer your balance to your friend)

Coming round to one of the most useful USSD codes that the Airtel users make use of. For checking your Talktime or data balance, the users can type in *123# or *121*2#. 

But, for the users who want to share their balance with a friend or family member, you can type in *141# and then transfer the required amount by pressing 1 and then following the instructions along.

6. If you want to check the validity of your SIM

Sim cards do come with their expiry date. So, if you want to check the same, the USSD code for that is *123#, after which you need to follow the IVR recording instructions to then check the validity of your Airtel sim card.

7. If you want to check a specific balance

Depending on the plans activate on your phone, there is quite a few important balance checking USSD codes that you can keep a check on. The USSD codes generally correspond to the type of balance that you likely want to check.

Some of the primary USSD codes for checking the balance on Airtel include:

  • Airtel to Airtel minutes: *123*1#
  • Airtel to Airtel night minute: *123*6#
  • STD minute: *123*8#
  • Local SMS balance: *123*2# or *555#
  • STD SMS balance: *123*7#
  • 2G Internet Balance: *123*10#
  • 3G Internet Balance: *123*11#
  • 5G Internet Balance: *123*8#
  • Unlimited packs: *121*2#

8. If you want to check prior transactions

When you have recharged your phone number yesterday, only to find everything gone by the next day, having a place to check the transactions can come in handy. Some of the most useful Airtel USSD codes for checking the previous transactions include:

  • Last recharge: *121*7# and then press 6
  • Last 5 Calls: *121*7# and then press 3
  • Last 5 SMS: *121*7# and then press 4
  • Last 5 Data Usages: *121*7# and then press 5
  • Last 5 Deductions: *121*7# and then press 1
  • VAS deductions for the past 7 days: *121*7# and then press 2

9. If you want to access social media

If you are trying to access Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform, for that matter, Airtel has a few USSD codes that you can make optimal use of. This allows the users to access Facebook or Twitter for INR 1 per day without having an additional data pack. 

The USSD codes for these include:

  • Facebook: *325#
  • Twitter: *515#

10. If you want to know the rates

With TRAI imposing new rules and regulations now and then, keeping up with all the latest rates is extremely important. To keep up with those, you have separate USSD codes that can give you an idea about the voice call rates and the SMS rates individually.

The USSD codes for these include:

  • Voice call rate: *121#, click 5, click 1 and then click 1 again
  • SMS rate: *121#, click 5 and then click 2

11. If you want to know about the services

Airtel does a lot more than just providing you with voice call facilities and SMS facilities and internet services. If you don’t have access to the My Airtel application, there are a few USSD codes that you can keep an eye out for.

Some of the useful USSD codes for such services include:

  • Hello Tunes service: dial 543211
  • Airtel Music station: dial 543213
  • Airtel contests: dial 543217
  • Gifting service: *141#
  • Airtel live services: *321#
  • Activate or Deactivate GPRS: *567#
  • Missed Call alert: *888#

In case none of these works or you fail any issues in accessing any of these services, Airtel has their toll-free complaint number, which is 198.

Airtel currently has these USSD codes for varying services and alerts. If you have been looking for a compiled list with all the updated numbers and codes, we hope this helps you sort out all of those issues. Additionally, there are chances that Airtel might keep changing their USSD codes, so make sure that you keep an eye out on that. In case you have a smartphone, we’d always suggest you have the My Airtel app installed on your device for hassle free usage and update of everything that you need to keep an eye out on.


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