12 Useless Sites Where You’ll Get Stuck for Hours

By | November 18, 2021

The Internet has done so much for procrastination that people who used to put things off should recognize it as humanity’s greatest invention. Every day millions of people get stuck on forums, flip through meme pages, spend hours on the online casino in Canada, and have fights in the comments under completely insignificant arguments instead of working. If you’re one of those people who like to procrastinate on the Internet, here are a few useless sites where you’ll get stuck for a few hours.

Staggering Beauty

Have you seen those twitchy little people called aeromena? The ones that move in a chaotic dance and attract the attention of others with their movements. Well, you can twitch a similar character on the Staggering Beauty website. Just move your mouse over the screen and the black stick with eyes will wiggle in the same direction.


Imagine that you’re sitting at your computer in a deranged state and can’t find a small cursor on a huge screen. That’s what Pointerpointer is for. Just open the site and don’t touch the mouse. After a few seconds, a picture will appear with a person pointing their finger at the cursor. And in different places on the screen will appear different pictures, so you can get stuck for a few minutes.

Weave Silk

Have you seen the beautiful pictures with the perfectly symmetric figures? You can create them yourself, without having any artistic skills. All you have to do is move your mouse on the screen in Weave Silk and create unique shapes.

Cat Bounce

People on the Internet love cats, you can see it in the great amount of posts on any forum. That’s why someone decided to create the Cat Bounce service with bouncing cats that you can bounce with your mouse. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt them. And if you click on the “MAKE IT RAIN” button, a huge number of cats will fall from the top of the screen.

Koalas to the Max

No, it’s not a site about koalas, it’s a sticky site where everything starts with one circle. When you hover over it, it turns into four, each of which also turns into four, and each time the circles get smaller. Theoretically, this division could be infinite, and it just depends on the size of the screen, the number of pixels, and the scale.


This site is for quick epilepsy because if you move the RGB letters quickly, the colors will change instantly, which will cause the image to flicker. It’s also a good way to check your monitor for broken pixels, or just to stare at the changing colors.

Eel Slap

Angry enough to want to punch someone? Relax with Eel slap, which is a gif where a man gets punched in the face with an eel. And the slower the cursor movement, the slower the slap will be. You can move the cursor from side to side, and the man will slap you several times.

Paper Toilet

A fascinating site where you have to reel off a roll of toilet paper by clicking and pulling it down, or click once on the paper, and then make rotary movements with the mouse. By the way, you can also wind the paper back. But be careful, if you rewind the whole roll, you can not get the paper back, and even after updating the site.

Cat Cordion

Cats again, but this time you don’t have to toss them. Choose the cat you like and click on the virtual keyboard, playing any melody. Oh yeah, the tunes are played with the cat’s meow in different tones. It’s perfect to piss off your office co-workers or just hang out for hours trying to play a Pirates of the Caribbean song.

Cross Divisions

A website where you can see three-dimensional cubes floating around your screen, looking like tunnels, and each click changes their color. And that’s all the functionality. But if you turn your mind off, you can get stuck in it for a long time, so it’s a kind of meditation.

Move Now Think Later

This site is like Checkers, except that you don’t control anything. Just sit back and enjoy watching black and white checkers gobble up each other. If you click on any part of the screen, a clicking sound will appear.

Chihuahua Spin

All you’ll find on this site is a looped chihuahua gif that spins slowly due to some green cloth being pulled from underneath it. Below the gif is a counter for how many times you’ve watched the scrolling dog.