How To Download & Install Youtube Downloader Shortcut On iPhone

By | May 9, 2023

YouTube is an extremely popular video-sharing platform that allows content makers to upload their content, and users to view the videos of their favourite YouTubers. Run by Google, which takes privacy and data security seriously, YouTube does not provide an option for users to download their favourite videos for offline viewing. However, there are some workarounds to this limitation set by YouTube, and in this guide, we will be seeing the step-to-step instructions on how to download and install the YouTube downloader shortcut on iPhone.

But what is a shortcut? In simple words, a shortcut is a program on your iPhone designed to simplify your workflows, and thus, your life. Shortcuts can be downloaded from the Shortcuts app and help you save time and effort by automating tasks that are repetitive on one’s schedule. 

The Shortcuts app is a powerful tool that helps one automate and streamline many tasks on an iPhone. You can use shortcuts to do any action on your iPhone, right from sending a text message to a specific contact and setting a reminder or timer to opening a specific website. You can also use shortcuts to perform more complex tasks, such as integration with smart home devices, or controlling your iPhone with your voice. You can also use the Shortcuts app in collaboration with other apps such as the Home app, the Calendar app, or the Music app to access some advanced features. Keep reading to know how to download and install the YouTube downloader shortcut on iPhone in less than 15 short steps.

Steps To Download & Install Youtube Downloader Shortcut On iPhone

Step 1: Open the App Store on your iPhone and use the search bar to search for the ‘Shortcuts’ app. If it is already installed, great. If not, you can download it from the App Store for free.

Step 2: Once the installation of the Shortcuts app is done, click on its icon to open the app. At the bottom of the screen, you will see four tabs – My Shortcuts, Automation, Gallery, and Editor. 

Step 3: iOS comes with a few pre-built shortcuts to simplify your life. Tap on the ‘Gallery’ tab to access that collection of built-in shortcuts. Here, you can browse through different shortcuts under different categories of shortcuts such as Media, Home, Productivity and more.

Step 4: To find an appropriate shortcut for downloading YouTube videos, you can either search for it by entering ‘YouTube downloader’ into the search bar at the top of the screen or go to the ‘Media’ category and scroll for shortcuts until you find one that is of your use.

Step 5: Once you find an appropriate YouTube downloader shortcut that you wish to use, tap on its listing to open its shortcut page. Just as how one can see a description of an app before downloading it, here, you can read a brief description and specs of the shortcut to see how it works.

Step 6: Tap on the ‘Get Shortcut’ button to start the download and installation process. Depending upon the strength of your internet connection, the shortcut will be downloaded and installed on your iPhone in a matter of a few seconds or minutes.

Step 7: Post successful installation of the shortcut, you will find it in the ‘My Shortcuts’ tab of the Shortcuts app. To make it even easier, you also have the option of adding the shortcut to your home screen for easier access. Just tap on the three small dots (…) next to the shortcut’s name and tap on ‘Add to Home Screen’.

Step 8: Open the YouTube app on your iPhone and search for the video you wish to download using the YouTube downloader shortcut.

Step 9: Below the video, there is a ‘Share’ button that looks like a curved arrow pointing to the right. Click on it.

Step 10: A screen with sharing options will open. Look for and tap on the ‘Shortcuts’ icon. You may need to scroll to the right and click on the ‘More’ button to find the ‘Shortcuts’ icon.

Step 11: The Shortcuts app will open, and a list of available shortcuts will be presented to you. Find the recently-installed YouTube downloader, and tap on its name or icon to run it.

Step 12: A prompt message will pop up on the screen, asking you to choose a quality for the video you have selected to download, such as 720p or 1080p. A higher number of pixels in the video means higher definition and better resolution. Select the quality you prefer and tap on ‘OK’.

Step 13: The video will immediately start downloading, and get saved to your iPhone’s Photos app within almost no time. Once the download is complete, a notification will be displayed on your iPhone’s screen.

Step 14: Open the Photos app and check your camera roll to view the downloaded video.

How To Create Your Own YouTube Downloader Shortcut

Sometimes, you might not find the shortcut you want. In such cases, you can also create your own YouTube downloader shortcut. To create your own YouTube downloader shortcut, tap on the ‘Create Shortcut’ button, and add two primary actions – ‘Get Contents of URL’ and ‘Save File’ to your shortcut. 

Post this, you can customise the shortcut by tweaking the settings, such as adding input prompts, specifying download quality and more. Once you have finished creating your own YouTube downloader shortcut, you now have the ability to save and run it just like any other shortcut! 

Follow steps 8-14 to download the YouTube video using your shortcut. As the cherry on the cake, you also have the ability to share your custom shortcut with other Shortcuts users!

If you are interested in learning more about creating and customising shortcuts, you can get support by accessing the Shortcuts User Guide by tapping on the three small dots (…) in the Shortcuts app and selecting ‘Help’.

Caution Notice

Please note that downloading YouTube videos may not be legal in all countries (or) all areas of a particular country/region under all circumstances. Make sure you check your local laws and abide by YouTube’s terms of service before you use this workaround to download YouTube videos.

Furthermore, please be cautious while downloading and installing shortcuts from third-party sources. We suggest you download shortcuts only for reputable sources who have good reviews and credible credentials, before installing them on your iPhone, or simply make a shortcut yourself.

Few Final Words

To sum it all up, the YouTube downloader shortcut is a very useful tool that aids in downloading your favourite videos from YouTube quickly onto your iPhone. By following these easy 14 steps, you can download and install an appropriate YouTub downloader shortcut on your iPhone, and start using it to download your favourite YouTube videos. In this guide, we explained how to download and install the YouTube downloader shortcut on iPhone in 14 simple steps. We hope you found this article informative and interesting. Thank you for reading, and keep following us for more such articles!


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