Upgrading Your Ice Maker: Must-Have Parts for Improved Performance

By | July 25, 2023

Upgrade your ice maker for better-tasting ice and improved performance. Investing in a suitable machine for your peak ice need is crucial to ensure that you always have enough and strengthen employee and consumer satisfaction.

Replace the inexpensive plastic water line behind your refrigerator with a copper tee fitting, shut-off valve, and braided steel supply line in half an hour. This will prevent clogs and leaks that can cause costly damage.

Water Filter

The water that passes through an ice machine must be free of contaminants that can affect its clarity and taste. You can find the perfect ice maker filter online or at a trusted hardware store. It’s essential to choose a filter that’s compatible with your specific model. Check its micron rating and read its specifications before you buy it.

If you’re shopping online, you can read reviews and anecdotes from people who have already bought the product to get a feel for how well it works. One of the best ice machine filters fits perfectly with side-by-side and top-freezer refrigerators. It eliminates sediments that make ice cloudy and unpleasant tasting, leaving only transparent ice.

Control Panel

Ice makers can use a lot of energy. That’s why it is essential to pick a reliable model from https://samsungparts.com/. Energy-efficient models can help save money on utility bills, and some regions offer rebates.

The control panel, the electronic control board in freestanding ice machines, controls all machine components, including the water inlet valve and compressor. The ice maker won’t recirculate or make ice if it stops working.

If the ice machine produces small or misshapen cubes, check the ice fill tubes and drain tubes for an obstruction. Also, a pause command may prevent the ice machine from resuming ice-making when the bin is full. Check the switch to see if it has been tripped or lodged on something.

Water Line

Once you’ve found a suitable spot for your new under-counter ice machine, installing the water line is time. Some kits come with tubing and a shut-off valve called a self-piercing saddle valve. Avoid these, as they clog easily and have a higher risk of leaks.

Before you begin, be sure to shut off the main water supply in your home. This will prevent an unscheduled kitchen shower and ensure the pipe you’re working with is a cold water line, which your refrigerator needs to function correctly.

Depending on your sink configuration, you may need to drill a hole for the line or tap into existing lines at the sink with a tee-stop valve or self-tap saddle valve. Be sure to flush the new line with several gallons of water to eliminate any air and residual contaminants.


An ice machine that needs to be adequately insulated can experience much leaking. If yours does, the valve needs to be replaced immediately.

This is essential to your ice maker because it controls water flow to the evaporator. A leaky valve can also lead to a higher-than-normal electricity bill.


Many homeowners only realize how much they appreciate their freezer ice maker once it stops working. If you find yourself waiting for a bucket of fresh, compact ice to fill like before, consider a replacement.

This ice maker kit installs directly into your freezer and helps create cubes automatically so you always have fresh ice on hand for your favorite drinks. Its stainless steel exterior resists stains and fingerprints for a clean appearance. Explore additional ice maker accessories for perfect finishing touches, including classic black or white trim kits.