Subway Surfers for PC Game Free Download Windows 7/8/10 Full Version – Unlocking New Characters and Power-up Bonuses

By | July 22, 2023

Let’s rewind a bit in time. The year is 2012 and you have your newly bought smartphone in your hand. While you are excited about getting to use the internet on your phone, you are also excited about the plethora of opportunities the smartphone would open up for you.

The first and most important opportunity came in the form of games, which were available for direct download from the Google Play Store. Among all the available games, one that stood out was Subway Surfers.

The game was initially launched in May 2012 and since then, the game has undergone a series of upgrades and improvements that you simply can’t brush to the side. This article will walk you through all the details that you need to know about Subway Surfers for PC games.

What are the Characters available on Subway Surfer?

Before we delve into the game’s download process, let us take a look at the different characters that are quite commonly available when you launch the game.

So, once you launch the game, the small guy that runs through the train tracks, which is the character you are playing as, is named Jake.

That’s the main character in the game. Besides that, you are chased down by police, which are pretty much nameless and will only chase you if you hit or crash yourself against any of the trains or the pavements along the way.

Your objective or aim in the game is to collect coins as you run and rush through hurdles, especially train tracks and the side of the railway tracks and station. What’s unique about Subway Surfer is its compatibility. Not only is it available on Android devices, but you can play the game on your Windows PC and PS2 as well. It is also available for iOS devices.

What are the Unique features of the Subway Surfer PC version?

We know that the mobile version of the game comes with all the standard features that you use to play the game. But the question is, “What is so different about the PC version?”

If you are sitting there wondering the same thing, you have come to the right place. We have all the insights to share with you. Some of the most important features of the PC version of the game include:

  • You can challenge your friends in the game and have more fun reaching them
  • You get access to paint powered jetpack
  • You get to grind the trains with a crew of friends
  • You get access to hoverboard surfing for a better chance to win more coins
  • You can engage in lightning-fast acrobatics to make the whole experience more fun
  • You can enjoy the game with colorful and bright HD graphics

To be fair, these are just a handful of the amazing and exclusive features that you get access to if you play the PC version of Subway Surfers. In a way, it is a lot more engaging and interactive.

Breaking Down the Game Details

Before we give you a rundown of the Subway Surfer PC game and its download process, let us better understand the game’s details.

  • Mode: Single player
  • Genre: Platform
  • Available platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Amazon Kindle, Windows Phone
  • Developed by: Killo, SYBO Games
  • System: AMD And Intel i3.
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Game size: 30 MB
  • Space: 70 MB free space
  • OS: Vista, XP, 7, 8 and 10

The technical specifications we mentioned are primarily the minimum system requirements that you have to prioritize when you are downloading the game. So, ensure that you keep that into consideration.

Steps to Install Subway Surfer PC Game

With the basic information about the game out of the way, the next thing we have to pay close attention to are the steps that go into installing the game.

The steps are simple. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Start by downloading the PC version of the game from their official website.
  • Then, extract the game from the .zip folder.
  • Install “AutoHotkey.exe”.
  • Next, open “Subsurf.exe”.
  • Next, open the game and that’s pretty much it. 

The only thing we’d recommend you do is download the game file from the official website so you know that it’s a reliable zip folder.

If the above step seems too complicated, follow the steps for download and installation as mentioned below:

  • Download and then install Bluestacks on your Windows PC.
  • Sign in to the platform using your Google account. This will enable you to access your Play Store.
  • At the top, look up the search bar option and type “Subway Surfer” there.
  • Click on the first option that pops up under the search results.
  • From the game, click on download and start the installation process directly from there. 
  • Once you have completed the installation process, you should find Subway Surfer available on the homepage of your Bluestacks account.
  • You can tap on the icon and launch the game directly from there.

These are some of the simple ways you can install Subway Surfer on your Windows PC and get started with the game in no time at all.

How to Play Subway Surfer on PC?

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the game, the next step is to understand the steps to playing the game optimally. To be fair, it’s quite simple.

  • The first step is to launch the game on your Windows PC and let the initial booting of the game complete.
  • Once you are on the official homepage of the game, that’s where the gameplay starts. The first step is to understand the controls of the game. This is where most people go wrong. For the most part, the controls are the same as in the mobile game.
  • After you are done familiarizing yourself with the game’s basic controls and the perks and benefits, that’s when you have to start the game and start running.
  • Your objective throughout the game is to stay focused and avoid the obstacles that come your way. The moment you crash against the train or the walls is when the game stops and you are caught by the police. So, you need to be quick on your foot and swerve things through.
  • Also, while you are running through the game, you must pick up as many power-ups as you can. This is where you can maximize your coins and also multiply your score. So, if you can, pick up as many bonuses as you come across.
  • As you are running, the inspector and the dog might be introduced out of nowhere to deter you. Don’t pay attention to them and keep on running until you lose them behind.
  • The game also comes with missions and challenges that let you win bonuses and get access to new power-ups to use in the game. This is one thing we’d recommend you prioritize to win more in the game.


Subway Surfers is hands down one of the most popular mobile cum PC games you can play. If you are new and have been wondering how to download the game to your PC, we hope this article gives you all the insights that you potentially need. The only thing we’d recommend you prioritize is staying on top of all the bonuses and unlocking as many characters as you can.