Moviezwap (2021): Top 8+ Similar Sites Like Moviezwap in 2021

By | February 2, 2021

Watching movies and series in free time is the best way to get relaxation. In a busy life, having entertainment is always a good thing. It helps you in keeping the stuff in the right direction and an effortless manner as well. So, for all these things, it is always a good thing for you all to go for the online streaming of movies and series. When you all are going for the same, you all can see that there are many websites which all offer you the best streaming services.  

If you are in search of getting one of them, then you all can go and visit the Moviezwap website. It is one of the best sites for you all to go for watching different movies and series in it. The users love to go for it as it is the one place where you all can find all kind of movies of different languages as well as genres as well. 

But among all the movies, it is the best site for you all to find all the latest Telugu movies. You can find a lot of updated films and series, and you all can easily download the film and series here. 

What is Moviezwap?


The best website for all the users who all want to go for watching the movies and series online is Moviezwap. It is the pirated website, and here all the films and other series are available in pirated versions only. It is not an official site for the movies, and all the content here are pirated versions. 

Apart from that, all if you take a look at the site, then you all can see that the app is the best one for you all. The website is very much user friendly, and here you will find all types of movies related to Bollywood and Tollywood as well. The site focuses on Indian movies a lot, and you will find all kinds of latest movies of Indian origin here easily. 

For all that reason, many users prefer to go for the Moviezwap as it is the best place to find the film and series of Indian languages easily. In the site, different language videos are also there, which helps you in choosing the language that you are comfortable with it. The quality of the movies and sound clarity is right here, and you can have an excellent option to download or to stream also. 

Features of Moviezwap

When you all are going to a website like Moviezwap, there you will find that the site offers a massive range of things. These things are considered features, and due to that reason, it is the most friendly site among the users. But there are some of the main features which are the state of being the main attractive thing here.  

  • If you are going for the Moviezwap, then it provides you with a user-friendly interface for all age groups. 
  • It can be easily accessible in any device and is free to access all its content as well. 
  • The content that is there in the site comes are all latest and keep on updating always. 
  • The servers on the website, which all help you in downloading and streaming are super fast. 
  • The site offers the option to search for the favorite or any particular content. 
  • All the content is divided into different categories and genres. 

So, these are the top features that you all can have when you are going to use the Moviezwap website. But among that all, there is something else as well, which makes it even more special for the users. All the users who all are there about how to go for the website, well, you can open it in any device and even on your mobile phone as well. The website interface is designed in such a manner that it can be open in any device without any problem. 

Categories available for Moviezwap

When a user visits the Moviezwap website, then the user can see that each of the movies and series is placed under a specific category. The category is the best thing here, and it must be done in the right way as well. The real reason for such a step is that there are many movies and series, and each is having its category and genre. You will see that each user has got different tastes and preferences, and for that, you can go searching for categories.

By going for it, the user will find the favorite movies and series under the category that the user love to watch. Moreover, the trouble of browsing different movies under a category can be made quickly as well. To make it easy for you all, here is the list of different categories that you all will find on the website

  • Romance 
  • Animated
  • TV shows
  • Bollywood movies
  • Tollywood movies
  • Hollywood movies
  • Horror movies
  • Adventure movies
  • Dubbed Hindi movies
  • Comedy movies

So, when you are going for the Moviezwap, then you can get these things quickly from here. You can browse under these categories and then can go for watching the movies under your favorite category. 

Top 10+ Alternative to Moviezwap in 2021

As it is said earlier that Moviezwap is a pirated website, so there is always a high risk of getting ban or losing access to it. So, to avoid such things and to make things look good for you all and easy to access the movies and other TV shows, even if you have lost the Moviezwap website, here is the list of alternative sites. These websites can help you in accessing the movie content and other TV Show content quickly.  

1. Sony Crunch

The very first alternative that you can go for is the Sony Crackle. The site is one of the best alternative sites for all users who all want to stream and download the movies. The site comes with the best TV shows and all the latest movies as well for you all. But to access the content on the site, you all need to create the account in here.

Once you have done it, then you all quickly access the site without any worry. The best thing for which many users love it is for the Android device and iOS device support. It can be easily downloaded from the App store of both platforms as well. 

But when you are going for such an app, make sure to research the places where it is run. The app is only supported in some geographical places, and outside of it, you can’t run or download it also. 

2. Ice Movie

The next alternative site that comes to the mind after these things are the Ice movie. Many users are in love with the film. If you are too and want to access the film in the right way, then visit the Ice Movie. It is the best movie site for you all, and you can find almost all latest movies as well in here.   

When you are going for such sites, the very first thing that you all look around is about the quality of the movie. All the movies and TV shows that are available here are of the best quality. The best thing in it is that it comes with the HD quality as well, and the sound quality is clear. 

The user interface here is excellent and user friendly always. So, all the users of different age groups can visit here and can easily search for their favorite movies and series here. You can browse here via different categories or even by years. You can find classic to the latest movies here without any difficulty. 

3. Popcorn Flix

All the users who are all interested in the online streaming of movies and series can visit here. Popcorn Flix is the best site that all goes for it, and it comes with a vast range of collections as well. You can find that there are many things that you all can easily find here. 

Starting from comedy, suspense, action, and drama, you all can find all kinds of movies and series here easily. The website is stated to be the best one for you all, and it does not need to go for the registration to access the content inside it. All the contents are easily available here, and it can be accessed in the right ways. It is being said that there is an excellent feature of the website as well as it allows you to add the movies to watch it later list

The loading page of the site is excellent, and as it is free so you may come across ads. The ads are not long but will keep on appearing at regular intervals, and you can’t avoid that all. So, if you are going for the website, then you must be ready to face the ads and other kinds of stuff while watching the movies and series.

4. YTS

The most popular and top-rated for online streaming and downloading of videos is YTS. It is the best site for many users, and all users who all visit here can access the content quickly and free of cost. The best thing is that you need not have to create an account here to stream or download the movies.  

In the site, you all will find that it offers you with best movies and series collection. The most attractive part for which many users prefer to go for it is for the HD quality of the movie and series. All the movies here that are there for streaming and other download options are available in the HD format, and the sound quality is excellent. 

When you all will visit here, you will not find any issues in buffering, and you can find many online stream videos easily to watch. There are thousands of hours of movies in here which you all can go and watch by sitting at your home or in any other place. You can access both Bollywood and Hollywood movies from here easily. 

5. Go Movies

There are many times when you all can’t get time to stream, or net quality is not good. So, in that case, you think of downloading the movies or series. For all that case, you all can go for the Go Movies site, and from there, you all can download the movies. The site is very much popular among the users as it is the one that ensures you get the link to download the movies easily. 

You all can easily find many sites which all offer you such features, but still, there is always the best site among them. In this case, Go Movies is the best one for you all. The best feature that it gives you here is to search for the movies and series that you all want to download. It is the most leading website in the current scenario, and you will find all the latest to authoritative content here.

The site is free to access, and you all need not have to open an account here. All you need to do is to visit here, and then you can access all the content present in here easily without any difficulty. 

6. Tubidy 

The site’s brilliant user-friendly interface has earned it millions of traffic. Consisting of movies from several genres, languages, era and culture, this site brings to you a diversified and varied collection of contents, that is sure to provide you with the best movie-watching experience. You can get all the latest regional films along with Hollywood and Hindi dubbed ones for streaming and downloading in HD resolution. All contents of this site are available for free. Users don’t have to create any account nor for they have to provide confidential details. The site’s clean classification of contents based on several specifications has even made it convenient for people to find out their desired movies in no time. 

7. Moviemad

Similar to other pirated sites, Moviemad is a pirated online movie providing site that was banned by the Indian government previously. It continues to operate through proxy servers. Despite being an illegal site, people prefer using this site because it makes every Content available to them for free. Moviemad is especially beneficial for those who cannot afford to pay the subscription charges of the legal alternative movie sites. The interface of Moviesmad is clear and simple, allowing everyone to access this site without being technically well versed. Bot only that, all contents of this site are categorised, which makes it easier for people to find out their desired films. 

8. Movie4k

Movie4k lets you stream the latest releases in various formats like 420p, 780p,1020p. It brings a wide variety of movies, videos, documentaries, short films, award functions, etc. for you to stream and downloads them in your preferred content. You don’t have to sign in or register on this site for accessing its contents. Also, you don’t have to pay high subscription charges here. This site divides you with a wide variety of Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Bollywood, and Hollywood dubbed movies. The movies come from various genres and languages. In addition to this vast library of contents, that it provides, it also offers fast downloading speed and good audio quality. 

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) About Moviezwap

1. Is Moviezwap is a legal site?

No, Moviezwap is not a legal site for you all to stream and download the movies. In the site, all the movies and other series that you will find and see are pirated versions. They have got no authorization from anywhere to give access to these contents. All the contents here are illegal, and all are pirated versions. So, it is always a risk for you to visit the Moviezwap site. 

2. How is the quality of videos available here?

When you all are going for the movies or any other series, then you all must be seen that the quality of video and sound plays an important role. For all that reason, it is always seen that Moviezwap takes care of these things in a better way. All the movies and series available here are of the HD format, and the sound quality of the movies is excellent. It gives a unique experience to watch from here.

3. Is there any risk of getting a ban for downloading from here?

There is always a considerable risk for all users who all download from here. As it is an illegal and pirated site, so you and your site may get ban at any moment. But in case it happens, you can go for alternative places to access the same content easily without any issue. 

4. Is there any alternative site for Moviezwap?

Yes, there is plenty of alternative site for the Moviezwap for you all. You all can find that the site offers all the same content and same quality things as the Moviezwap. All you need to do is to go for the alternative site, and the top alternative site is here. 

  • Popcorn Flix
  • Sony crunch
  • Movies Ninja 
  • Go Movies


As per Indian law, any kind of piracy of anything is illegal and is strictly prohibited. It is always best for you all to go for the legitimate sites and legal way to download or to stream the movies in here. We always say against piracy, and we don’t encourage you to involve in it. If you are caught in piracy, then you may land in jail or may have to pay a hefty fine to the court. 


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