How To Use Snapchat on PC?

By | June 25, 2021

Today almost everyone knows about Snapchat. It is a popular app among the young generations. The app opens right to the camera so that you can take a snap and send your favourite moments instantly to your friends. Snapchat allows you to take a Snap or video and send it among your set of best friends in seconds. It allows you to express yourself to your close ones. Snapchat comes up with features like filters, Bitmojis, lenses, stickers, and various fun effects. Snapchat users can select contacts and send their stories privately to their friends or they also have the option to share semi-public Story or public Story which is called “Our Story”.

Snapchat is an American multimedia messaging app. It is developed by Snap Inc., originally was known as Snapchat Inc. One of the features of Snapchat is that the uploaded pictures and messages are available for a short period, then they became inaccessible to their recipients. Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy were former students of Sandford University. As per the data collected in December 2020 Snapchat had 265 million daily active users, and more than 4 billion Snaps are sent per day on an average. Snapchat is popular among youngsters, particularly those who are below 16. It’s a prime privacy concern for parents.

Overview of the app Snapchat

As mentioned above Snapchat is mainstream multimedia messing app. The app is used globally. Apart from sending your favourite photos and videos, you can also share 24-hour stories. with your friends. You can limit your views as per your choice. Snapchat lets you enhance your stories by offering abundant filters. Apart from using a plethora of filters and uploading, sending, and receiving photos and videos Snapchat also offers you games and various fun filters on the app.

The app provides you with a lot of features. They are


  • Snapchat opens to the cameras. Tap to click photos and for taking videos press and hold
  • Add Filters or Lens to your photos. Add new photos every day. Change your look with 3D Bitmoji
  • Create your personalized filter to add to your photos and videos


  • Chat with friends with live messaging, you can also share your day with Group Stories
  • Video chat with your gang of a maximum of 16 friends at the same time.
  • You can also use a filter while on a video chat


  • Follow friends to watch their Stories
  • Watch news and original shows

Snap Map

  • See your friends location if they have shared their location with you
  • Share your location with your best friend
  • Watch live stories from nearby Community or across the world


  • Look back on Throwback snaps you have saved with cloud storage
  • Create your own stories from your favourite memories
  • Save your old Snaps in your Camera Roll or share with friends

Friendship profile

  • Every friendship has its profile to see the moments both of you have saved together
  • Discover the things you have in common with your special friend. See your compatibility, Bitmoji’s fashion sense, and other aspects

How to use Snapchat on PC?

Snapchat is a fun app on smartphones, but accessing the fun app on a big screen of a PC would double your interest in accessing it. Officially Snapchat for PC is not available. However, the fact doesn’t restrict you from accessing Snapchat on PC. There are other modes of using Snapchat on PC.

Unlike other social media platforms, no viewer would let you see your feed nor there any Snapchat app for windows 10. Mac users also don’t have the privilege to access Snapchat on a computer. Hence your only option is the Android emulator BlueStacks, AndyOS is a free android emulator among which AndyOS works on both Windows and Mac.

Steps of getting Snapchat on PC

Below are the steps which you can follow to access Snapchat from your PC.

1. Download the Bluestack in your preferred web browser from the BlueStack website. Download the Bluestack 4 version which is the most updated version. If you have any problem in downloading Bluestack3 or 4 downloads an older version of Bluestack that is Bluestack 2.

Download the Bluestack

2. Select Download the Bluestack to download the Bluestack installer. Double click on the executable file or .exe file. It will ask for your permission, Select Yes.

3. An installation window will appear after that. Select the light blue coloured Install now and wait for the download to complete.

complete download

4. Once the installation is complete Bluestack will open automatically. Double-click on Google store to open the app

Double-click on Google store

5. Click on sign in and sign in with your Google account by entering your Gmail and password in the given field.

After signing in you will be directed to the google play store. On the search field present on the top of the play store type Snapchat and hit the enter key.

6. The official Snapchat will appear. To install the app select install

install the app

7. After the installation is done, select Open to open Snapchat

open Snapchat

8. Snapchat will now open in a new tab looking similar to the mobile app. Click on login to enter your account using your Snapchat username and password.

Click on login to enter

Is Bluestack good for Windows and Mac and Google?

The app is developed considering the current operating systems to reach the maximum audience. It’s designed to work on Windows and macOS. Nevertheless, the majority of users are on Windows so they prioritize implementing updates for Windows. Mac users are also on their list and they will eventually receive the features of the Windows version.

Coming to Google Bluestack is very faithful to the source material. So, when you link your google, account installing new games, or even troubleshooting issues is solved easily just like you use your phone

Is Bluestack safe to use?

BlueStacks take the security platform very seriously. So, malware, spyware, or any kind of additional software having malicious content is never found on Bluestack. As per Bluestack, they offer their users a transparent interface. Their official website doesn’t contain any malicious programs. However, they don’t guarantee the safety of their emulator if it is being downloaded from other websites. So, Bluestack recommends downloading the app from their official website to avoid any kind of malware

2 emulators to get Snapchat on PC without Bluestacks

Other than Bluestacks there are also other emulators which will help you to access Snapchat from your PC.

NOX App player

Nox App Player is also one of the good emulators to get Snapchat run on PC. Nox App Player has its built-in play store for you to download the Snapchat and you can avoid downloading it separately.

Features of Nox App Player

This emulator is user-friendly and has a bunch of amazing features. Let’s have a glance at the features

  • Friendly with Windows as well as macOS
  • Steady emulator with very few crashes
  • Provides you with numerous controller maintenance for joysticks and sketch boards
  • Support all the latest apps available on Android
  • Notifies with regular updates to run the system smoothly

How to get Nox App Player

  • Head to the official website of Nox App Player
  • Download the on your Windows OS
  • How to use the App
  • After downloading the App open it
  • Go to its homepage, select play store, and sign in
  • In the play store search Snapchat and select install
  • When Snapchat is installed sign in.

KO Player

KOPlayer is another emulator for Android to run Snapchat. KOPlayer runs resource intensive applications and games on Windows PC.

Features of KOPlayer

  • It allows smooth speed on the PC
  • Streamlined control over keyboard mapping
  • Downloadable contents are free to play
  • Gameplays can be recorded and shared
  • Friendly user interface

How to get KOPlayer

  • Download KOPlayer emulator from the official website
  • Install the app.


Snapchat is available on Google Play store on your mobile device. An Android emulator is always needed to access Snapchat from your PC. Snapping from a PC will be more fun for you as you will snap from a bigger screen. The app has amazing filters, which you can on reel videos of other social media. Snapchat is not confined to snapping, now you can do a lot of various activities by accessing Snapchat over PC. Various 3D mini-games can be played on Snapchat. It also restricts you from using third-party apps. It is a clean app and no malicious is welcomed Snapchat. Snapchat has a very simple user interface so that everyone can use the apps.

Now that you know the procedure of accessing Snapchat over PC it will be easy for you to use the app whenever you are on PC. You don’t have to watch phones for any notifications.

You can see them on the Snapchat tab you will be opening.


1. Is Snapchat free on PC?

Yes Snapchat is completely free for PC

2. Can we use Snapchat on the Computer without the app?

Yes Snapchat can be used on PC without the mobile app

3. Can Snapchat be used on Chrome?

No, as there is no desktop option available Snapchat isn’t possible on Chrome. 


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