How to Get Text Messages from Another Phone Sent to Mine?

By | September 3, 2022

Sending text messages from one phone to another isn’t as complicated as you think. You’d think that sending text messages can be done by copying them from one to the other. But, no one has the time to manually copy and paste and then send one message after the other. Not only is it time-consuming, but it is unwanted as well. 

This article will discuss everything you need to know about getting text messages sent from one phone to the other without any hassle. 

Why would you need to Send Text Messages from one phone to the other?

One of the most common reasons why you need to send text messages can be due to personal or professional reasons. Here are a few you need to keep in mind:

You use multiple phones

There might be several reasons why you need to have access to multiple phones to streamline your user experience. But, you also need to realize that multiple phones mean that your access to them will be relayed via two different SIM cards. You might be using one for professional use and one for personal use. You might have to transfer the information from one phone to the other.

You are traveling internationally

Another reason why you need to get text messages from one phone to the other is when you are traveling internationally. Sometimes, the signal in one SIM card might be viable and the other might not. The text messages you have stored in the non-functional phone in that case might need to be transferred to the functional one.

You are monitoring your child’s messages

Parental control is crucial when you have impressionable kids around you. What they are talking about and who they are talking to are questions that need to be kept in mind. In such cases, you might have to transfer the text messages from your child’s phone to that yours.

These are some of the most common excerpts in which you might have to monitor your child’s messages. However, you need to realize the fact transferring messages from one phone to the other can be done in multiple ways. Here’s what you need to do.

How to Transfer the Texts from One Phone to the Other?

Now that you have a basic idea of the reasons, you’d need to transfer the text from one phone to the other, you must know about the steps to do so. After some research, we have managed to narrow down our choices to a few free methods that work.

Let us walk you through them in detail:

1. Using Autoforward Text for Android

When you are on the road and have to stay connected while traveling, one of the best ways to sort that out is by enabling the auto-forward text function that’s available on Android. 

To be fair, on Android phones, you have the direct option to forward the text messages to another Android phone. But, if you want to streamline the process and make it happen effortlessly, there are several auto-forward text message applications that you can consider installing.

The apps are fairly simple to use and they are 100% safe and reliable, so that’s not something you’d have to worry about at all. The good thing is that the apps are easy to navigate through, meaning that all you have to do is download the app and you are good to go. 

Some of the best features of such apps include:

  • Easy forwarding of the text messages
  • Simple call logs tracking, reports of which are forwarded to the email address
  • Keyword filtering feature so you don’t get spammy forwarded messages
  • Daily reports of the text messages to keep you up to date
  • Forward the text messages to one or multiple email IDs without any hassle

If you are confused about how to use such third-party applications, the process is simple. You need to download a highly rated and reliable auto-forwarding application to your Android smartphone.

You then have to type in your designated email address and you should get a notification alert of the same to your registered email ID. You can then adjust the settings based on the on-screen instructions or you can end up changing the settings from your Android phone settings.

2. Using mSpy

mSpy, as the name suggests, is a spyware application. It is an online phone monitoring application, which means that you can forward text messages using this app from one phone to the other. The best part about using this app is the free trial. You can avail and sign up using the free trial and then check whether the app even lives up to the claims it makes.

Also, this is a holistic phone monitoring app, which means that you can have multiple other tracking features enabled when you are using this particular app, which is a bonus too.

The app is also compatible with both Android and iOS, which is another benefit you get from using this particular app. If you are happy with the app and get the features as they are claimed, we’d recommend you then avail of the monthly subscription to enjoy all the phone monitoring features.

It is primarily a parental control app and it is quite regulated as well. This means that you can’t conduct any kind of illegal snooping using this app, which is a benefit in itself.

3. Use AirDroid Parental Control

Another similar app like mSpy that’s worth the time, money, and effort is the AirDroid parental control. This app is particularly used for parental control, so that’s another factor that you need to keep on your radar if you want to sort things out for yourself.

It can seamlessly protect your kid’s safety and foster positive habits within them. The best feature of this particular app is syncing the kid’s text messages from their phone to yours. This means that if you are uncomfortable with the text messages on your kid’s phones, you can have them forwarded to your phone using this application.

Besides syncing text messages from one phone to the other, the app also gives complete autonomy to remotely monitor the target phone’s activity without any hassle at all. Also, users can review mobile activity and schedule the time usage on the phone.

4. Using iCloud

Next up on the list is iCloud, which is another way you can sync your text messages from one iPhone to the other. It isn’t a functional option for Android since iCloud isn’t functional there.

The only thing that you need to keep a check on is ensuring that both your iPhones are connected using the same Apple ID. This means that the text messages that are available on one iPhone will be automatically synced with the other one without any hassle.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the Settings on your iPhone
  • Tap on Apple ID in the Settings
  • Select iCloud and tap on Messages and then go to Apps Using iCloud

This will restore the text messages that are available on your iCloud from one phone to the other without any hassle. 

How to Receive Text Messages from your Old Number?

Besides these particular options, there are some additional ways in which you can get your text messages from the old number to your new one. However, this is a very subjective experience and depends on the network carrier that you are using.

Certain cell phone carriers can assist you in retrieving important messages, call logs, etc. However, not every network provider will have this information stored. So, if that isn’t the case with your number, chances are that you won’t be able to retrieve the messages on your old phone.

Should You Use Text Forwarding Options

Text forwarding features aren’t easily available across all Android and iPhones. So, what we’d recommend you do is look into the accessory features and functionalities or third-party applications that are available online.

With so many different phone monitoring apps available online, always opt for the options that are reliable and come with a free trial. Availing of these allows you to check and assess the functionalities of the app before you splurge your money on the same.

Also, compare all the phone monitoring applications before you avail one for yourself. Most of these applications are supposed to be meant for simple phone monitoring, especially for parental control or for keeping a check on the employees, etc. Never use such applications for unnecessary or illegal purposes because the repercussions for the same can be quite grave.


If you are concerned about forwarding text messages from one phone to the other, there are several methods you can look into. This article walks you through a few free options, a few phone monitoring applications, and backup methods that you can look into. With so many different options available, we’d recommend that you do your research right without any hassle at all. 


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