How to Get Free Visa Gift Card Codes in 2023 – 12 Ways to Get 

By | July 11, 2023

If you are a bad gift picker and have a hard time picking out good and thoughtful gifts for people, Visa gift cards are likely one of the best gifts around. Using this allows the recipient to shop on Amazon, Google Store, iTunes, etc. So, if you are here trying to get some good gifts that are reliable and quite sustainable, this serves as one of the best options.

The Visa gift cards are generally preloaded with money that gets deducted from your account as you shop it. But you don’t need to look out for someone to gift you these visa gift card codes, there are a lot of websites and platforms that can get you these gift cards without any hassle.

So, when you are here trying to buy something off of Amazon or even Play Store, you don’t have to pay anything in excess from your pocket. All you have to do is avail the offers available on such platforms to win yourself a free Visa gift card.

Best Ways to Win Visa Gift Cards in 2023

Aside from some of the proven and legal websites to earn these gift cards, there are also a few additional ways that you can use to get these cards easily. Some of them include:

  • Swagbucks

When it comes to one of the best GPT websites to earn free visa gift cards, Swagbucks is hands down one of the most popular options. It involves you doing tasks on the website for which you earn rewards later that you can redeem as Visa gift cards. Some of the common tasks on the website include watching videos, completing surveys, and even playing games on the website. There is no limit to the tasks that you do on the platform, which means that you can do anything that best suits your interest to earn excess money.

  • Inbox Dollars

Not many people have heard of this website but when it comes to one of the most talked-about reward websites, Inbox Dollars is likely one of the best options. Even this one requires you to complete surveys and complete other tasks to be able to earn extra rewards in the process. Aside from everything, the platform allows you to watch videos and play games too. In exchange for that, you get to earn extra rewards in the process. To redeem it as Visa gift card codes, you need to earn enough gifts in the process.

  • Prize Rebels

Another popular website that lets you earn extra reward points for Visa-free codes is Prize rebels. It is a GPT website that lets you complete surveys, play video games, or watch videos on the website. You can also use applications or leave free feedbacks on the app to further earn extra points that you can redeem later. The one good thing about this website is the fact that it has a low threshold for redeeming the points, which allows you to redeem them even when you don’t have a lot of points in your account.

  • My Points

Just like the name suggests, My Points is another website that lets you earn reward points by completing tasks. The best and unique thing about this website that you wouldn’t regret is the signup bonus of a $10 Visa card, which is a good place to start. When you sign up on the website, it also sends you extra surveys to your inbox that you can fill up to earn some quick extra bucks.

  • Survey Junkie

Just like the name of the website suggests, Survey Junkie is another popular website that enables you to earn free Visa gift codes. It is a free paid survey website wherein you need to fill out forms and surveys on the website to then earn rewards from the website easily. You need to accumulate a minimum of 1000 points on the website after which you can redeem the same as a gift card. 1000 reward points on the website get you $10 and then redeem the same as Visa gift card. Since it has unlimited surveys for you to conduct along, it becomes easier for you to collect points seamlessly.

  • Drop App

One unique website that you wouldn’t regret spending your time or coins on is the Drop App. It is a shopping app that gives you free reward points when you use their application to shop around. Aside from gaining codes from the shopping, you can also earn some extra reward points from the surveys that are available on the website. It gives you a lot of cash back opportunities, which again is reason enough why you wouldn’t regret spending your time on this website.

  • Get Upside

As weird as the name of the website is Get Upside is another popular and unique application that gives you cash back as rewards when you buy basic utility items like gas and groceries. It also gets you cashback when you eat out at restaurants, which is a bonus. If you are wondering what kind of gas suppliers are available on getting Upside, it hosts all the leading options including Shell, Bp, Exon, etc. It is a genuine website if you are struggling vehemently all along, wondering if you are making the right decision spending your time on this website or not.

  • Test Driving Cars

Now, this might seem a little sketchy at first but it works like magic. Several automobile companies pay you in excess to test drive their cars. So, not only do you get to ride some amazing cars, but you also get some good money out of the process. So, for this, you need to keep your eyes open and check when they post about giveaways or test-drive options that you can avail of to get free visa card codes. Some of the leading companies that look for people to test drive their car include Land Rover, Jeep, Honda, Chrysler, Hyundai, etc.

  • Shopkick

Another popular website that can get you quite a lot of free Visa gift cards is Shopkick. Unlike the other similar websites that get you to cash back on shopping or completing surveys, this one is a little different. You can include your credit card on the website for easier rewards. When you make online purchases via this website or even when you submit a receipt, it gets you free rewards in the process. There are a lot of amazing gift cards that you can get from this website.

  • Review products

Social media has evolved, so it isn’t surprising that there is a plethora of amazing brands in the market that roll out a lot of tweets or posts about wanting customers to review their products before the launch. Selected people are chosen for such promotions, so you need to keep an eye out for them, depending on what kind of accounts you follow. So, doing these will help you not just get you a lot of free products but also get some free Visa gift cards that you can redeem elsewhere like Amazon and other websites.

  • Participate in Giveaways

Aside from product reviews, several brands conduct free giveaways as a way to promote their brand. So, if here trying to win some giveaways on Instagram or Twitter, you need to base your search on the hashtags like a giveaway, contest, sweepstakes, or freebies. These aren’t always common to find, so you need to dig a little deeper and find the right platforms to get them. Makeup and beauty brands are often the ones that conduct such giveaways more, so keep an eye out on those.

  • Referrals

Not many people or users know this but several apps do provide excess gift coupons or discount coupons when you refer the application to your friends. Some of the most popular platforms include DoorDash, Lyft, Uber, and Airbnb. You need to ensure that the people you are referring to will download and install the website. This is a necessity you can’t do without.

  • Bonus: Lockscreen Ads

Coming round to the last option, we have the lock screen ads but keep in mind that not every single one of them will get you free Visa gift cards. Few lock screens like Slidejoy are considered the best options in helping you win gift cards and coupons. It can help you earn over $10 in gifts just by swiping out the ad-included lock screen. Once you have enough redeemable gift card amount, you can cash them in terms of the Visa gift card coupons.

With so many amazing websites available that let you win free Visa gift card coupons, we had to sort out some of the best websites and tricks for you. It doesn’t matter what kind of way you opt for, just ensure that you opt for the reliable and trustworthy websites that can help you win the gift cards in the long run. Aside from that, all of these tricks are amazing in helping you redeem a good amount of Visa gift coupons when you have collected enough points or abided by their rules and regulations.


1. Are the Visa gift cards available online safe?

Yes, if you are getting the visa gift cards from reliable and trustworthy websites, it is likely that they are safe and can be redeemed as per your likings. Make sure that the website you are getting it from has good reviews from actual people.

2. Do the Visa gift cards have CVV codes?

Not necessarily. The gift cards don’t come with a separate CVV code. So, when you are trying to use the card online to pay for things, you can go ahead and choose the “gift card” option and then make the payment by redeeming it.

3. Why is the Visa gift card getting declined?

There can be several reasons why the gift card is getting declined. From it losing its expiration rate or it might not have enough money on the card, anything around is possible, so make sure that you check what the problem is. In case you can’t seem to figure it out, you can always consult their customer care to get an answer to the hassle. 


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