Free Twitter Accounts – Top Working Accounts and Passwords in 2023

By | May 25, 2023

If you are a social media person, you’d know that Twitter is one of those social media platforms that keep on giving. Although the platform has generated its fair share of controversies and has been in the news quite often in the past few months, you can’t deny that Twitter is emerging as a microblogging website.

More than social media, people are now leveraging Twitter to market their products and services and create a name for themselves in this competitive market. However, not everyone understands the Twitter lingo. And, creating an account using a personal email might not be your jam.

There are also possibilities that you might want to just access a free Twitter account with lots of followers and a potential verification as well. Surprisingly, we have got your back because we have sorted out the top free Twitter accounts that are working.

This article will walk you through all those accounts, their credentials, and how you can leverage those accounts to optimize your life for the better. Using these free accounts, users have complete free reign to use them autonomously. However, the only factor worth keeping in mind is to ensure that you aren’t tampering with the information. So, that includes not changing the password or using the email for illegal activities.

If you are still interested, then scroll down to know more about free Twitter accounts and how you can get your hands on them.

What are the Free Twitter Accounts?

What are the Free Twitter Accounts?

Now, if you are new to using Twitter, wondering what the free Twitter accounts are might be a little foreign. You might be one of those users who is banned from creating a new Twitter account, be it for violating community guidelines or other reasons.

This is where the concept or need for free Twitter accounts comes into play. These are standalone accounts wherein you get access to the email and the password and you can use that account to access everything on Twitter.

The use of these free accounts also comes in handy for users who need multiple Twitter accounts for different purposes. So, if you are facing challenges creating multiple Twitter accounts due to limited email IDs, you can use these free accounts as a backup to keep track of the information in question. 

Many users also leverage these free Twitter accounts with a massive following to market their products and gain traction from them. So, ideally, you can use these free accounts for multiple reasons. It depends on the end-user and what they need these accounts for.

What’s also unique with these free Twitter accounts is that almost every one of them comes with premium features that are often reliant on the Twitter Blue subscription. So, you get access to a variety of additional features that you otherwise wouldn’t know of.

Under Twitter Blue, there are two subscription models – Sandbox and Premium. The accounts do come with certain perks, so you can maximize your visibility using these accounts. 

What are some of the Features of the Free Twitter Accounts?

The Features of the Free Twitter Accounts

When you think of free Twitter accounts, wondering what kinds of extra “perks” you’d get with it is common. Most of these free accounts that we have sorted out our premium, meaning that you get to access a lot of the unsung features that aren’t available with the standard free version.

So, when it comes to the additional perks, there are a few additional features from the Twitter Blue subscription that you might be able to experience when you use these free Twitter accounts.

The excess features depend on which Twitter email and password you are using and what kind of subscription model it is backed with. If the account is a Premium Twitter account under a Twitter Blue subscription, be assured that you will get to avail a lot of exclusive features for that.

However, don’t be blindly reliant because not all these free Twitter accounts come with the perks you are looking for. 

What are the Free Twitter Premium Accounts and Passwords?

Now that you have a basic idea about free Twitter accounts and why they are so popular, let us get you to the main part of the article.

This part of the article will uncover a list of all the free Twitter Premium accounts alongside their password that you can look into and try using for your marketing needs.

Some of the exclusive features available with these free premium accounts are: 

  • Organizing bookmarks into folders
  • Charging followers for exclusive content
  • Reading threads without any interruptions
  • Undo tweets
  • Upload videos of 10 mins, and more

All of this sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Well, if it does, you have come to the right place. Currently, Twitter Blue is only functional in the U.S., Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. So, if you live somewhere outside these countries, you can leverage these free accounts to find out whether the perks are worth it or not.

Keep in mind that Twitter accounts often impose limitations on the number of devices it is active on. So, if you find an account whose credential isn’t working when you type it in, be assured that it could be a temporary error. You can try again later or try another credential from the list down below:

  • – cat46
  • dila.the.destroyer – soniqbaale
  • – rezty48
  • 85273340283 – 85273340283
  • Ziehardrock – mputtawaw
  • – penggerak387
  • – Guesayanglo
  • – Mohammed

These are some of the most popular and working free Twitter premium accounts you can try out, especially if you are stuck trying to figure out the perks that come with Twitter Blue.

What are some of the working Free Twitter Modded Accounts?

Now, while mentioning all the accounts in the list above, we tested them out and they were working. However, there are possibilities that they might not be functional by the time you read this article.

So, what would you do then?

Free Twitter accounts are very volatile. This means that the ones mentioned above might work for a few hours to a few weeks and then they might not. If you want to get your hands on the working accounts, the only way to do that is to stay updated.

Besides the Premium Twitter accounts as we have mentioned above, there is also a variety of free modded Twitter accounts that you can try looking into. They are functional and very easy to use and they come with exclusive usernames and passwords that are easy to navigate through.

With the modded Twitter accounts, you get to experience a variety of extra features, including:

  • Extra themes
  • Custom navigation
  • Custom app icons
  • Undo tweets
  • Ad-free articles

These are some of the additional features that aren’t available in the free or the standard Twitter app. But, the modified version does.

If these additional features catch your attention, the following are the Twitter account usernames and passwords you need to be aware of:

  • Zoedetoledo – mentain76
  • Ffregister – gister007
  • IamRubasworld – Comeon55
  • IamRubasworld – notyou67
  • Ikellywilson – mini00099
  • NicNatNiciey – closeup33

Again, like the free Twitter Premium accounts, even these are subject to availability and vitality. So, if you enter these credentials and the accounts don’t open, it means that those accounts aren’t viable anymore. Either the passwords have been changed or the account has been deleted.

Can One Get Twitter Free of Cost?

Can One Get Twitter Free of Cost?

Surprisingly, Twitter’s free or standard version is what most users use. You will seldom come across users who use Twitter Blue, especially because this subscription-based model is only available in four countries and not worldwide.

With Twitter Blue, the users are charged $2.99 per month, which you can save when you don’t sign up for the pricing plan. However, that also means that you won’t get access to the exclusive features that are available only with Twitter Blue.

So, if you want to use multiple free Twitter accounts, there are a few ways in which you can achieve that in no time at all. The only thing you have to be mindful of is your personal data’s safety and security. If you don’t want to put that at risk, simply use a credential we have mentioned above.

Following are the effective ways to get Twitter for free:

1. Creating the same emails

When it comes to using Twitter, most people leverage this microblogging cum social media website for marketing. So, having access to multiple accounts is always a benefit you can’t brush aside.

So, when it comes to creating 10 Twitter accounts, you will need 10 different emails, which can be a pain to create. In that case, your only vice is to create multiple Twitter accounts using that one email only. 

When you create a Twitter account, you likely enter as your email ID. Like this, you’d need to make 10 different emails to make 10 different Twitter accounts. What you can do instead is use the same email and enter instead of the original one. 

So, although you have an entirely new email ID for your Twitter account, all of the updates and emails will be sent out to your original email ID. So, you can create multiple Twitter accounts using the same email ID but not have to worry about the hassle associated with it.

2. Using account generators

Another way you can create multiple free Twitter accounts without needing multiple emails is by using an account generator. The account generators are legit ways for you to create free social media accounts, for example, on Twitter, without the hassle added to it.

The list of emails and passwords we have mentioned before is one example of the same. With account generators, you will have access to one free Twitter account at a time. So, if you are expecting to create infinite options within a short span, you are mistaken. It’s not going to happen.

These are the top two ways in which you can create free Twitter accounts and sometimes multiple accounts without any complications attached to them.

What are some of the Benefits of Twitter Premium?

What are some of the Benefits of Twitter Premium?

For those who are entirely clueless, Twitter Blue is a subscription-based model that’s available for people who are willing to pay a recurring monthly fee for the added perks.

Under Twitter Blue, there are two options – Sandbox and Premium. As the name suggests, Premium is where you get to avail the maximum added perks and extra features.

Currently, Twitter Blue isn’t available universally, so if you want to avail those added perks, you’d need to rely on these free premium accounts we have sorted out in this article. Besides that, you also need to be using a VPN if you don’t live in countries like the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Twitter Blue charges $2.99 per month, wherein the users get to avail of some of the benefits like:

  • Organizing bookmarks into folders
  • Charging followers for exclusive content
  • Reading threads without any interruptions
  • Undo tweets
  • Upload videos of 10 mins, and more

Users also get to read through articles and threads without any kind of intrusive ads, which often affect the reading experience. The Premium account features are available for both Android and iOS, which is another perk.

Are the Free Twitter Accounts Safe and Secure?

Are the Free Twitter Accounts Safe and Secure?

All the free Twitter accounts that we have sorted out in this article are 100% safe and secure. They won’t jeopardize your data or privacy at all.

Using these credentials ensures that you won’t have to worry about getting your Twitter app blocked or banned. Also, they aren’t laden with unnecessary viruses and malware, so that’s another thing you won’t have to worry about.


1. What is Twitter used for?

Twitter is a social media site that allows family, friends, and co-workers to communicate through text messages. It also allows users to post Tweets, which may contain links, videos, text, and photos. These messages are posted to your profile, or sent to your followers. Also, they are searchable on Twitter search.

2. What are the benefits of Twitter?

Twitter is one of the top social media sites in today’s time. Anyone can join the platform and create an account for free. It has a massive base of users, including celebrities, politicians, businesses, and other famous people. Many famous people use Twitter to connect and provide messages to their followers.

3. What are the main features of Twitter?

Twitter has got many great features. For starters, it allows you to post Tweets. It allows you to follow other Twitter users and comment, like, and retweet their posts. You can also get your account verified with a blue tick. It allows you to create polls, share posts, and much more.

4. Is Twitter safe to use?

No social media site is 100% safe, including Twitter. Although it has strong security features and privacy options, you should still be careful of the things you share on the platform.


Free Twitter accounts are fun and a great way to navigate through your marketing process without any hassle. Just keep in mind that you have to be mindful of the username and passwords you are using. Most of them are functional and they should help you sort out the restrictions that come with creating multiple Twitter accounts with one email only.


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