What are WhatsApp mod apps? Here is why millions of people are using them!

By | January 11, 2023

We all know, today is the time of TikTok and Reels. Everyone wants to consume something exciting every second. That’s why people are not satisfied with the regular features of popular apps like WhatsApp. So, they are looking for better versions. Even if there is some risk of privacy involved, everyone is interested. So, what is the better version of WhatsApp? Guess? Yes, you may guess that right. These are the WhatsApp mod apps.

In this article, we want to let you know what WhatsApp mods (modified apps) are and why people are downloading and using them. Some of the popular names are YoWhatsApp, TM WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp. Even if you or your friend want to download TM WhatsApp and use similar WhatsApp mods, you should know its advantages and disadvantages first.

So, let’s know all about the rising WhatsApp mod apks in this simple guide.

What are WhatsApp mods?

In short, a WhatsApp modified app is a modification of the Official WhatsApp app by someone other than the original developer. The app base is official WhatsApp but it includes features or adjustments that differ from those found in the main releases of WhatsApp by Meta.

There are various developers like Fouad Mokdad, Titus Mukisa and others who release their own WhatsApp mods. They primarily add features that are not present in the original WhatsApp but are requested by their community. They also bring features from the beta versions of WhatsApp. So, users prefer to download WhatsApp mod apps and enjoy features before anyone else.

Features or advantages of WhatsApp mods

  • Ability to schedule messages.
  • More than two WhatsApp accounts on the same device.
  • Ability to customise the user interface, including the ability to change the theme.
  • You can hide your online status while still being able to see others’ online status.
  • Two tabs for individual chats and group chats.
  • Ability to send 100 files at once and much more.

The list may include 50 or more features.

Now, you must be ready to download TM WhatsApp or any similar WhatsApp mod app.

So, is it all glitters? Obviously, no! Now, let’s see the drawbacks of WhatsApp modified apps?

Drawbacks of all WhatsApp modified apps

Using TM WhatsApp or other similar apps may have several drawbacks as follows.

  • Modified versions of WhatsApp are surely as secure as the original WhatsApp app.
  • Your WA account may be prone to hijacking and messages are more susceptible to hackers. So, your privacy can be the biggest issue here.
  • WhatsApp may ban you from the app.


Now, we have the knowledge of both sides of WhatsApp modded apps. The good and the bad. Truly, these apps like TMWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp are exciting. But, you must consider these drawback factors prior to making a decision to use a modded version of WhatsApp. Think about how the additional and exciting features can be compared to some risks of using a modded version of it.


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