Wapking 2022: Top 10+ Best Alternatives To Listen Your Favourite Songs Now for Free

By | June 7, 2022

Amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, songs are what we need for a bit of refreshment. They are like an oasis, in our deserted lives. What’s best about music is that no matter you are happy, sad, excited, or frustrated, you can always find a song that resonates with your feelings. With changes in time, gone are those days when people used to buy cassettes. Due to rapid digitalization, people now tend to listen to songs from online sites or music apps on their smartphones. 

However, searching for your desired songs from online music websites is often frustrating. Sometimes you don’t get a proper link, sometimes you cannot download because of poor connections and sometimes you are redirected to some other page altogether. If you are looking for a reliable music site, come to Wapking. The site has a vast collection of old and latest songs and lets you stream or download them on a hazardous freeway. 

The site has become notorious recently for its unauthorized activities. As soon as new music albums, trailers, videos get released, the site uploads the pirated copies within a few days. Users can visit this site and enjoy a great time listening to their favourite songs for free! 

What is Wapking?


Wapking is one of the most preferred music or song sharing website operational in current times. Similar to movie providing sites, Wapking is a site where innumerable songs are available. It hosts one of the biggest collections of Indian music. Not only can one find songs originating in India, but also in other countries. Apart from Hindi, Bengali, and various south Indian songs, the site also brings Hollywood songs for free. 

Besides uploading songs of every language, one can get songs from every genre. For instance, devotional songs, romantic songs, party songs, Punjabi songs, sad songs, and whatnot. Moreover, the site also offers a variety of screen savers and wallpapers for download. 

The site also provides links to several newly released music videos, trailers, and teasers. It also offers multiple downloading and streaming links so that users can check the other link if any of them isn’t operating. 

For people who love to listen to old Bollywood, Hollywood, or Bengali songs, Wapking is the ideal site. Users can find some of the precious evergreen songs of famous singers, that cannot be found anywhere else. However, besides hosting a never-ending collection of pirated music, Wapking sometimes uploads pirated movies too. Similar to songs, the movies available here also belong to various genres and languages. Continue reading below to find out more about this notorious site. 

What are the features of Wapking?

If you are wondering why is Wapking so famous, it’s because of the following features: 

1. High audio and video quality

What makes Wapking stand out from the rest of the music streaming sites is its high audio quality. This enhances their music streaming experience and gives them satisfactory services. Not just that, even the video quality of Wapking is commendable. 

2. A wide variety of song collection

Another feature that makes people prefer Wapking over other music streaming sites is its vast collection of contents. Starting from Bollywood, Bengali, and English songs, one can find the best regional songs too, such as Gujarati, Punjabi, Assamese, etc. We have already mentioned that the site brings songs from every genre. So no matter which song you wish to listen to, you are sure to find it here. 

3. Contents sorted into categories

This is another striking feature of the site. It has cleanly categorised its collections, enabling people to find their desired songs in no time. The site also has a search bar, where people can directly search for the songs and movies, without going through the long lists. We have already provided the list of classifications one can see on Wapking. 

4. Smooth UI

The interface of the site is smooth. People love the site’s interface. The home page is fantastically designed, attracting more and more traffic. This has greatly enabled people to browse through the site easily. Even amateur people can access this site and listen to songs. 

What are the categories of Wapking?

To make it easier for users to find out their favourite songs, Wapking has classified the songs. Some of them are: 

  • Latest Bollywood mp3 songs
  • A to Z All Bollywood MP3
  • All Time Hit MP3 Songs
  • Wapking movies download
  • Ghazal MP3 Songs download
  • Devotional songs MP3 download
  • DJ Remix MP3 Songs
  • Screen saver
  • Ringtones 
  • Wallpapers 
  • Punjabi mp3 songs collection 

How to download songs on Wapking?

Being an illegal site, Wapking isn’t safe to be accessed without precautions. Visiting an illegal pirated sites like Wapking is a punishable offense. Hence, users must change their IP addresses to foreign countries through a VPN server. Once that’s done, follow the simple steps mentioned below: 

  1. Visit the official site of Wapking. 
  2. Search for the song or movie you wish to stream or download. You can also find it out from the categories. 
  3. Once the desired content appears on the screen, click on it. 
  4. Select either stream or download and choose a suitable format. 

That’s all! 

10 best alternatives for Wapking

Users are advised to use legal music streaming sites, rather than accessing illegal sites like Wapking. Not only are they safer, but also offer better-uninterrupted experiences. Below given is a list of the legal alternatives to Wapking: 


1. iDope

This is a torrent website that is specifically known for downloading movies of different genres. The website has a great search engine that helps users to find movies quite easily. If you are looking for any popular latest movie you will surely be able to find it here in iDope. iDope has a lot of torrent files and magnet links available which is why users can easily download any movies just with one click. All the movie files have a lot of peers and are known for fast download. 

2. 101Torrent

The main focus of 101Torrent is storing torrent files. This is a search engine that helps users find the movies and TV shows they are looking for. 101Torrent is linked with other torrent files so even if the movie you are looking for torrent files which are not available in 101Torrent it will guide you towards other websites. The website is completely safe to use and you will be able to simply download all the movies you want and enjoy them in offline mode. Most of the links are all in high definition which is why the website has made a name for itself for having high definition content.

  • Amazon
  • Spotify
  • iTunes
  • Google play
  • Wynk Music
  • Jamendo
  • Ymusic
  • Gaana
  • Noisetrade
  • Sound cloud


1. Is there any threat to the device while using Wapking?

Yes, your device might get hacked and all your device’s information can get stolen. Also, your device might be attacked by malware and viruses, causing it to malfunction. 

2. Can I download songs from Wapking?

Yes, Wapking is primarily a music streaming website available online, though it also hosts a few latest blockbuster movies. The site hosts the largest collection of songs to be streamed or downloaded for free. 

3. Does Wapking provide good audio and video quality?

Yes, all contents are available in several formats like 320 p, 1020p, 720p, etc. One can stream or download songs in any format of their choice. They can also download it anytime, anywhere. 


We don’t support the piracy business, nor do we promote it. This article was purely meant to educate our readers about the dangers associated with such pirated sites. We request everyone to abide by the Indian Constitution and refrain from accessing sites like Wapking. We instead urge them to use legal music streaming sites and stay safe.