UltraViewer for Windows: Software to Control Multiple Devices 

By | September 26, 2023

A unique piece of computer program is called UltraViewer which enables remote management as well as different devices. You have access to your machine virtually with UltraViewer to support clients, business associates, and friends, or for a variety of other purposes. You can assist your buddies online without having to travel a thousand miles if they need your assistance like teaching them how to operate the programs. Or perhaps you need to log in to your desktop while away for work.

With UltraViewer, you can use a remote control to operate a different machine. The application’s major objective is to make it possible for technical teams to offer customers virtual assistance. With this software, you may work virtually while providing help for your clients, business associates, acquaintances, or even your desktop.

If you require a device that can be controlled remotely for multiple devices, UltraViewer is the best software to use. With a unique username and password, you may connect to support or manage your devices. Software that operates quickly and has an intuitive user interface without numerous options or hidden icons is a great substitute for TeamViewer.

For a lot of individuals, accessing a distant computer is a routine task. Many use it for jobs, while some utilize it to assist customers. You could utilize it occasionally to help your pals who are having computer problems. You will then employ a remote application at that time.

You just require entering the login credentials of the machine you are linking to to create a link. All you have to do is that. After that, you can utilize the remote control device’s other functions, such as the conversation window’s file-sharing ability, with the remote control companion.

Additionally, you may communicate your screen with different machines or operate multiple computers at once. The absence of a distant printing capability is a small annoyance. In general, UltraViewer only offers one significant feature: the ability to operate other computers remotely. It is no cost, very simple to operate, supports a variety of languages, and uses just a tiny bit of processing power.

Steps to Install UltraViewer for Windows 

You must have Ultraviewer downloaded on both devices to utilize it in this manner. Simply ask the client, or whoever is on the other side of the end, to email you the Username and Password displayed on their UltraViewer program to start an external UltraViewer interaction with a different computer. To gain access to their structure, next input a username and password in the application’s window and click ‘Connect.’

To obtain and install UltraViewer for free on your desktop or laptop, adhere to the steps listed below.

  • To access the legally binding UltraViewer download site, click the Download icon located in the sidebar.
  • To obtain the setup document, tap on the ‘Download’ icon as displayed below.
  • Double-tap the executable file that you recently obtained in your downloads drive. Choose your selected option for installation and press the option ‘Install’ when the configuration page appears.
  • Select Finish completing the procedure.
  • You must enter the Partner ID to grant remote management of the machine or obtain distant access to a computer used by someone else.
  • After that, you can communicate with your companion by clicking ‘Connect to partner’. You will be able to use your companion’s desktop as a result.

Following these few steps, you will get access to the other device and communicate freely.

Features of the UltraViewer For Windows 

To use the UltraViewer software, you need to be aware of its various features and its usage. There are numerous functions to this application, some of which are given below. Follow them to know more.

  • Simple User Interface 

An entirely cost-free global management application is UltraViewer. One of its noteworthy features is the ability to remotely turn on a computer and stop a system from going to sleep. 

You can utilize UltraViewer for a variety of things, such as business support services and assisting a buddy in resolving a computer bug. The only real drawback to Ultraviewer is that, in contrast to some competitors, it does not allow you to remotely control a computer from a mobile device.

  • Remote Control Security

This software requires an extraordinary feature to control devices without even being there physically.

Use UltraViewer to provide distant assistance to your close companions, collaborators, and clients. Every action you take is visible to the individual on the other end of the line on their device. They have the option to regain authority at any time.

  • Convenient to use Chat Window 

While the capability of remote management is active, you can effortlessly speak with someone else to share data. By using the default button F1 or any other key you set, you may easily turn the conversation either on or off.

  • Multiple Computers Can Be Controlled

Controlling multiple devices is a major feature of this software. Many individuals have to control multiple works; this can be done by this software. You just have to connect every device with its unique ID and Password.

Sync your display with multiple devices at once or manage several machines at once.

  • Smoothly Transfer Files

Once you gain custody of the other person, you can communicate with the customer by pressing the standard key (F1). This opens a handy chat window where you can quickly exchange links, respond to inquiries, or even transfer documents to speed up the process of fixing a problem. 

This open line for interacting while you work gives your client reassurance knowing you are aware of any files that might be malicious or include unwelcome packaged software or undiscovered clutter.

  • Free Online Control Software

UltraViewer offers free remote assistance between two separate personal computers. This application for Windows is particularly helpful for research and IT environments since it enables customers to securely judge events. 

While IT does the investigating with the ability to turn off control at any time the free software program UltraViewer from DucFabulous Research & Development Science Co, Ltd. connects the two machines quickly and securely.

  • Direct IT Support From Anywhere 

While there are numerous uses for distant management of computers, IT professionals are the ones who are most likely to use UltraViewer. When a computer experienced a glitch in the software or infection, it had to be personally delivered to technical assistance before the remote technology like UltraViewer. The procedure was protracted, annoying, and frequently expensive. Gladly, such times are behind us now.

  • Instant Technical Assistance 

With UltraViewer, getting technical support is quicker and more suitable, necessitating less travel and fewer interactions with a desktop that is not performing to its full potential. To grant access from afar, the final customer delivers a randomly created username and password to the appropriate party. The end user can turn off the remote after the problem is fixed by merely quitting UltraViewer. 

From the standpoint of software company workers, UltraViewer will enable you to assist your customers quickly and without the trouble of repeating questions and instructions once the customer provides you with the login information and password presented. 

No more waiting and inquiring about the situation of progress indicators or download instances, and no more screen-sharing and describing where you need to click. Since you have direct access to the involved machine, you can move the procedure forward more quickly and assist the customer.

  • The Most Elegant Solution for Windows

UltraViewer is very easy to install. Simply download the app, then use the quick set-up and install tutorial just like we all do with another piece of program. You can simply select to uninstall UltraViewer by going to Start Control Panel, then Add or Delete Programs. There is an additional choice if security concerns keep you from downloading the application. 

Although a complete install is advised, customers can opt to download UltraViewer’s transportable zip file instead, which allows the program to operate immediately after being downloaded. The document will still retain its identical size in this scenario but will be devoid of some functionality. These characteristics are detailed in several free publications, tutorials, and FAQs that are available on their official site.

  • Controlling the Remote Computer, Zero Cost and Reliable 

Different Windows like the XP, Windows Server, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows 10 are all supported when using the simple and free online IT assistance tool UltraViewer. Unfortunately, there is not an update that is presently functional with Linux or macOS, which bothers the software.

While UltraViewer works quite well on Windows, IT users may or may not find use for this application if their customer is using a different operating system.

Main Features 

  • Simple User Interface
  • Remote Control Security
  • Convenient to use Chat Window
  • Multiple Computers Can Be Controlled
  • Smoothly Transfer Files
  • Free Online Control Software
  • Direct IT Support From Anywhere
  • Instant Technical Assistance
  • The Most Elegant Support For Windows
  • Controlling the Remote Computer, Zero Cost and Reliable
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