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By | February 2, 2021

There is a multitude of free movie downloading websites when we are talking about the quality of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. But, finding similar websites for Tamil movies can be a challenge, especially when you are dealing with high-quality movies with the best user interface. MoviesDa takes care of the shortcoming for good without causing unnecessary risks to your system and causing utter chaos. 

But, with silver linings come complications. Although MovieDa is considered one of the best platforms for watching or streaming Tamil movies, it is also a pirated movie website, which means that everything available on this platform is illegally sourced from copyrighted sources. So, if you look up the website and find it unavailable, restricted, or banned, it is likely because of copyright issues.

Here, we will be discussing everything that you need to know about MoviesDa along with the features and some of the legal alternatives to the website.

What is MoviesDa?


MoviesDa is a popular pirated movie downloading website that specialises in Tamil movies, especially when it comes to Tamil movies. The platform has been around for quite some years now and has been consistent with its content, especially concerning the quality of the movies and the versatility of the available content on the platform. 

The website does host the content from another legal and copyrighted website, which means that there are constant risks with the legality of the content that you are downloading. So, we’d always suggest our readers choose legal alternatives instead of relying blindly on just the random downloads.

The one factor that has peaked the popularity of MoviesDa is likely the high-quality print of the movies. This means that the users won’t have to settle for bad prints and pixelated videos.

What are the features of MoviesDa?

With this website, one thing everyone is skeptical about are the features. Just because it is a free movie downloading website doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with the organisation that it needs. And, these features should be enough to clear up your doubts. Some of the best features of this website include:

1. Diverse categories

Even though the website is practically known for its quality Tamil movies, it isn’t restricted to just Tamil movies. You can also watch a few other categories of South Indian movies that you can binge-watch to your heart’s desire. Aside from that, the website also comes with a collection of the latest and classic movies that you likely wouldn’t find on the other movie downloading website.

2. HD quality movies

Another factor about this website that makes it a worthy pick is the wide range of quality movies. From the latest to the classic Tamil movies, everything is available in high-quality prints, ranging between 360p to 1080p, which is the HD quality. So, it is not surprising that individuals from across India are now flicking in to download their favorite movies without any hassle at all.

3. No registration

One worry that everyone has about the free movie downloading website is the registration process. But, with this website, you wouldn’t have to worry about the same at all, especially because it doesn’t require any kind of additional registration on the website. You can simply look up the website on Google and get access to the website without any issues. Moreover, it is free of threats like malware that often impose consistent risks of damage to your PC. You can download anything without having to worry about the consequences.

4. Minimal UI

Last but the most important feature of this website is the minimal and simple user interface. This comes in handy for the users who aren’t very used to technology and technical stuff. Everything is sorted out on the homepage of the website, enabling the users to get better access to the movies that you likely want to watch without any hassle at all. Another factor about the simple layout of the website is the ease of navigation. You can directly look up the movie or search for it on the homepage. Everything is organized into categories, further making the process a lot easier for you to look into.

Categories on MoviesDa

With the basic features of the website out of the way, the next thing we need to focus on is the categories. The platform hosts a range of amazing categories that the users can download movies from. Some of the best ones include:

  • Tamil movies
  • Telugu movies
  • Malayalam movies
  • Latest release
  • 2020 updated

How to download movies from MoviesDa?

The website doesn’t allow streaming the movies online, so you need to directly download it from the website and then watch it offline. For your ease, just follow the steps that we have mentioned down below.

  1. Start by opening the official website of MoviesDa, or even the mirror websites, if that is something you can find an alternative for
  2. Once you are on the homepage of the website, you can either search for the movie you want to download or you can directly look up in the individual categories of the website
  3. Once done, you can then click on the thumbnail of the movie to open it in a new tab
  4. From there, you need to scroll down and click on the download button and then follow the steps accordingly

Legal alternatives for MoviesDa

Some of the best legal alternatives of the website include:

  1. Jio Cinemas
  2. Netflix
  3. Amazon Prime Video
  4. Sony LIV
  5. Voot
  6. Hotstar
  7. MX Player
  8. YouTube
  9. Big Flix
  10. Zee 5


1. Is MoviesDa a safe website?

Yes, it is a free yet safe website that doesn’t contain malware or threats. You won’t get your system infected for no reason at all.

2. Is there a movie downloading limit on MoviesDa?

No, it enables the users to download as many movies as they likely want to.

3. Why is MoviesDa banned in India?

Since MoviesDa is a pirated movie website, there are chances for the website getting banned or restricted in India, all because of the strict piracy laws in the country.


We have mentioned from the start that MoviesDa is a pirated movie website. This means that everything on this platform is sourced illegally from copyrighted sources. So, we’d always suggest that our users look for legal alternatives instead of relying on the pirated options to value the hard work of the people that make movies and creators.


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