10 Things That You Can Only Do While Working Remotely

By | January 20, 2023

You do not need to choose between a steady income or the life you truly want. Remote work options are increasing across many career fields, and some existing office positions may evolve in that direction. Imagine how more flexibility may benefit you by maximizing family time or allowing you to explore other dreams. Most remote job postings stipulate that you will need access to a well-equipped computer, video calling capabilities, particular software, and a steady internet connection. Consider the following ten things that you can only do while working remotely.

1. Go On a Working Vacation 

Embark on a long vacation and maintain a stream of income. Planning ahead and factoring in your remote work needs while making reservations can set you up for a lucrative situation. Go to a beautiful resort, rent a furnished apartment in a foreign city, or board a ship for a 2023 Caribbean cruise to paradise. Use a secure VPN connection in airports, coffee shops, and vacation lounges so that you can unplug for time on the beach.

2. Pet Furry Coworkers 

Your dog or cat will be thrilled to have you as a coworker rather than sending you away every morning. Place a pet bed and toys near your home office area so that your furry friend can relax during your concentrated working hours. Put extra walks, training, or playtime on your daily schedule. Working remotely can help you to build wonderful bonds with companion animals, and they may become healthier due to the removal of separation stress.

3. Eat Homemade Meals

Make fresh meals in your kitchen every day and try out new recipes for fun. You can create culinary delights during the week rather than rushing to fill up a week’s worth of lunch containers on Sundays. Think about using a slow cooker to make soups and stews while you work in the next room over. Visit your local farmers market and take inspiration from seasonal produce.

4. Take Exercise Breaks

Schedule short exercise breaks for daily workouts during the work week. A stack of index cards with five-minute movement ideas can help you to get your blood pumping every hour or two, which is good for cardiac health. You may also find it helpful to use a standing desk with a walking pad. If you are interested in more vigorous workouts, use your remote flexibility to squeeze in a lunch hour at your local gym.

5. Set Up Office On a Train

Many passenger trains are equipped with charging outlets and internet connectivity, from coach to first-class accommodations. Train travel allows you to sit in a comfortable seat and work on professional writing while you progress on your journey. Consider reserving a private cabin for overnight passages, where you can spread out with a larger table.

6. Wear Comfy Clothes

Professional attire standards vary widely and remote work opens more relaxed daily options. You may wear a sharp-looking sweater or polo shirt on top while wearing stretchy, comfortable pants on the bottom. Shoes are not entirely necessary for working from home. If you plan to travel while working remotely, always pack a camera-ready professional outfit for video conferences.

7. Skip the Cost of Commuting 

You can save money on daily commuting by working remotely. Skip the cost of gas, bus fare, reserved city parking, or commuter rail tickets. You can simply save the funds or redirect them to cover the cost of other projects and entertainment.

8. Never Miss an Afterschool Event

Professionals with young children are drawn to remote work because they can use the flexibility to volunteer as classroom helpers and attend every important after-school assembly.

9. Volunteer More Regularly 

Become a more active and engaged member of your community by volunteering with local aid organizations every week.

10. Pursue Creative Outlets

Fuel your creativity by participating in workshops and finding artist groups in your area. You can make a home studio or find inspiration outside.

Imagine how transitioning to remote work can improve your life.


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