100% Working Free ESPN Plus Accounts with Usernames and Passwords in 2023

By | May 13, 2023

Are you an avid sportsperson? If yes, you are likely familiar with ESPN and the kind of benefits it brings to the users. Since live streaming has become so mainstream and common, it isn’t surprising that even television channels are now switching to mobile-based streaming.

With major TV channels like NBC, HBO, etc. offering video streaming on mobile and laptops, it isn’t surprising that the same is offered by ESPN as well. The primary objective of ESPN Plus is to help you navigate through the platform and watch live sports from your laptop or mobile.

Besides live TV, ESPN plus also provides users easy access to a variety of exclusive live events, live games, etc. So, if these entice you, we can’t stress the fact that you can make the most out of your live sports-watching experience – right from the comfort of your home.

ESPN Plus also brings sports enthusiasts’ easy access to several on-demand sports streaming across varying niches, including NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. So, if there’s something in particular that you wish to stream from the comfort of your home, it is more than likely available with an ESPN Plus account.

What’s great about ESPN is that the app is available for mobile, laptops, PC, etc. So, you can install the app directly to your device of choice and then view the desired content directly from the app. The reason why we wanted to shortlist all the working free ESPN Plus accounts is due to the subscription fee, which is $6.99 per month.

This article will walk you through a list of all the working ESPN Plus accounts that you can use to watch your favorite sports event without any confusion.

Is there any Difference between ESPN and ESPN+?

Difference between ESPN and ESPN+

ESPN and ESPN+ have a difference much like what you get with YouTube and YouTube Premium. The former is free to use the app and the latter is a subscription-based platform.

Users can access regular ESPN accounts for free and not have to worry about paying a recurring monthly fee. On the flip side, ESPN+ is a paid model, wherein you have to pay $6.99 per month or you can pay $69.99 per year.

Although the layout and accessibility of these platforms are similar, they do vary drastically when it comes to content availability.

What’s great about ESPN’s mobile or PC-based app is its accessibility. The app is available for almost every kind of streaming platform that you can think of. The only difference to using or paying for ESPN+ is that you get exclusive access to the premium content that isn’t available with the staple or the standard version.

Besides that, ESPN+ also hosts several underrated tournaments and events, including that hockey or college football that you otherwise won’t get access to on television. So, if you wish to view those kinds of content, be assured that investing $6.99 per month on ESPN+ is worth it.

However, we understand that not everyone wants to pay or has the means to pay for the subscription each month. If you are in the same boat, this article is the one for you because we have sorted out all the important information you need to know.

What are the Benefits of ESPN+?

The Benefits of ESPN+

If you are still not convinced about the benefits of ESPN+, familiarizing yourself with all the top features of this app should clear all your doubts.

With ESPN+, you should be able to get direct access to exclusive and on-demand content that you should be able to view without any issues. Some of the exclusive features available with ESPN+ include:

1. Better video quality

When it comes to video streaming, the first thing that almost every user prioritizes is video quality. While you won’t get access to top-notch video quality with ESPN, you can enjoy those perks with ESPN+ without any questions asked. 

Users with ESPN+ access can enjoy their live sports streaming in 720 to 1080p, which is hands down the most HD quality you can experience. Also, the refresh rate with the ESPN+ is 60fps.

2. Exclusive content availability

Another important feature about ESPN+ that’s worth knowing is that it brings users access to exclusive content that isn’t available otherwise. From MLB to NHL, you can find a lot of exclusive tournaments and stream them in real time as they are happening.

This isn’t a feature that you can find with the standard or free version of ESPN, so we’d recommend that you switch to the premium version if you want to avail better features and functionalities.

Besides the popular streaming content, ESPN+ also provides users access to a variety of underrated and not-covered tournaments. So, if you are wondering if you could watch a popular college football match, if ESPN is covering it, you would be able to view it.

3. Affordable pricing plan

Unlike most of the other sports streaming platforms, ESPN is a lot more affordable and accessible. With $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year, you get access to some of the absolute best live sports streaming access, which is unlike anything else.

However, we understand that not everyone wants to pay that recurring fee. Hence, we have managed to sort out some of the free ESPN+ accounts you can check out for your perusal.

4. Better accessibility

As we mentioned before, ESPN is available universally. Not only on your television, but also your mobile, and other streaming devices, ESPN+ is accessible on almost every platform. With ESPN+, you get access to a variety of exclusive content.

Also, the users get access to the future schedules of the leading tournaments, making things a lot more accessible. 

5. Better features

If you want to get access to better features on the live sports streaming platform, you can access the same with ESPN+. Features like PIP mode, stop and rewind features, etc. are some of the exclusive things that you get to enjoy with ESPN+.

Furthermore, ESPN+ also brings you access to an ad-free user experience. Since ESPN is a subscription-based platform, it isn’t surprising that you get to access some feature features with it that aren’t available with the standard version.

6. Live Score updates

Lastly, ESPN+ also brings you access to live score updates, which helps you stay updated with what’s going on with the game. What’s great about ESPN+ is that you get direct access to live updates in real time without any complications.

What are the ESPN+ Accounts and Passwords?

With ESPN+, you get access to all the top content without any complications. You can live stream all the sports events and tournaments that are happening on television. 

If you don’t want to pay $6.99 per month with ESPN+, we’d recommend that follow through with all the top accounts that we have sorted out in this list. 

All the information that we have sorted out in this section of the article is 100% working. The only thing you need to keep a check on is to enter the credentials the right way and also don’t change the passwords.

  • terra930@gmail.com – headshotov22
  • ekran_kargoz@hotmail.com – asasa123
  • freeusemail87@gmail.com – 09845ncvo 
  • 9654gmail@gmail.com – 0948mm45
  • patrick@aagaard.nu – aagaard1507 
  • paul.lee89@hotmail.ca – eq3clmad85r
  • gmailallday78@gmail.com – 098n345sc 
  • aimeesardijo@hotmail.com – Donder31
  • gmaill236@gmail.com – 98735acaa 
  • gmail985@gmail.com – mka08sss5
  • pandaofred@gmail.com – rockyracc00n 
  • benja_321@hotmail.com – hejhejhej12
  • sincivask_pmas@hotmail.com – ibrohmblos
  • eydarha.yunsh@gmail.com – sinfporl5
  • daly.bick@gmail.com – wnaifix496 
  • disneyy.toys4@gmail.com – otrabix1227
  • pablitorodas@hotmail.com – 1234pabloa
  • Eftowent_senit@hotmail.com – Chersycolom
  • freemailadress96@gmail.com – 0935smcık
  • premm.x123@gmail.com – premmm121
  • gmailpopi36@gmail.com – kjha9874s
  • kryptinbercier@gmail.com – clownman11
  • edoga.exblet@mail.com – crewToxtim58
  • emdivba.gole@mail.com – sixrefol895
  • vantoges.ontsa@gmail.com – 5241852327

Almost all of these accounts are working. However, these accounts are also subject to availability. So, if one of these accounts isn’t working, we’d recommend you check out the next option.

What are the ESPN Premium Accounts?

If you aren’t that fond of the ESPN free account, we’d recommend that you switch to the ESPN Premium account. Since it’s a subscription-based model, it isn’t surprising that you have to pay a recurring fee.

Also, when accessing ESPN Premium accounts, be assured that you will get access to a variety of exclusive features that aren’t available elsewhere.

Following are the ESPN+ premium accounts and passwords you can consider looking into:

  • bigredtwr2@hotmail.com – 83726755dog 
  • luke.g.rowe@gmail.com – lucky5853
  • tiapurdy@gmail.com – tatiana5 
  • x-x-purity60666-x-x@hotmail.co.uk – 888www
  • gabriel_burger@yahoo.no – gabbe123 
  • smokeys_bro@hotmail.com – qwaszx12
  • kevin.larrinaga@hotmail.com – Larrinaga1 
  • luk.vlad@mail.ru – dead2010
  • lucasmednis@gmail.com – Latvia31
  • vomica7@yahoo.com – leader
  • ironfist@neo.rr.com – melani79
  • steve_549@hotmail.com – stevopia
  • mllr494@googlemail.com – Frage2341

Ideally, we’d recommend that you focus on using the relevant and right usernames and passwords. The last thing you want is to end up losing access to the account that you are using.

Are the Modded ESPN+ Accounts any Good?

Are the Modded ESPN+ Accounts any Good?

Sometimes, ESPN and ESPN+ official apps don’t bring you access to all the top features but the modded ESPN+ accounts bring you a lot more than you’d anticipate.

Some of the most important features of ESPN+ include:

  • Premium content
  • No ads
  • HD Streaming
  • Seamless streaming without any hassle

But, the only issue with ESPN+ is the fact that you’d need to download the modded account from third-party platforms. Also, all of these modded apps won’t support the emails and passwords that are available for the official accounts.

So, when you download the mod ESPN+ accounts, you’d have to use the accounts meant for those only. Following are the top usernames and passwords you can explore:

  • scounder7@gmail.com – Cheese77!# 
  • dkajendo@aol.com – #PorscheGT3
  • bjmicah@hotmail.com – Umadbr00 
  • edacosta20@gmail.com – figo7777
  • jack.hansen1118@gmail.com – 101311Jack! 
  • harut_akopyan@yahoo.com – Lucyaa11!!
  • astanton179@gmail.com – march179 
  • shaun_stephens@yahoo.com – Good1uck
  • vkordel@hotmail.com – opet2007 
  • evan@quantitativesystems.com – Smurf123!
  • brandinoyohay@rocketmail.com – Bigdog12!
  • mweinstein91@yahoo.com – Hockey1291$
  • mpiccola25@gmail.com – Commack25!
  • benismuy@hotmail.com – bls1919
  • dreesbachconnor@live.com – Applecore2-

If you are downloading a modded ESPN+ account, ensure that you are downloading the apk from reliable platforms and not from random ones. Sometimes, some of the random platforms might come with malware, which isn’t something you want at all.

Not everyone wants to access the free ESPN+ accounts using the credentials we have mentioned in this article. If you are one of those people and want to access ESPN+ the legit ways, we have some information lined up for you.

All of these below-mentioned techniques are 100% legal and working.

1. Using the free trial

Like most subscription-based platforms, even ESPN+ comes with a free trial. However, the tenure isn’t for long. You can access ESPN+ for 7 days using the free trial. During this period, you can seamlessly access your favorite content in HD streaming quality without any hassle at all.

Once the free trial is over for one email, you can gladly use another email to access the content without any complaints at all. 

2. Third-party platforms

If you aren’t satisfied with the spare timeframe with the free trials, you can then move ahead and pick out the available accounts and passwords as we have mentioned in this article. These are third-party accounts, meaning that you’d have to be careful with the accounts you use and the credentials you input into your device.

3. Using account generators

Last but not least is by using account generators. We won’t recommend trying this technique if you aren’t aware of working ESPN+ accounts. Ideally, what we’d suggest you do is look through the list of all the account generators and see the ones that are working and which ones aren’t.

These techniques are all 100% tried and tested, especially if you want to get direct access to trusted ESPN+ accounts without paying the subscription fee every month or annually. The only factor we’d recommend you pay attention to is being patient. Some of the credentials might not be working when you use them, so it’s ideal that you pick an alternative that’s working.


1. Who should get an ESPN Plus account?

If you are a sports fanatic, then signing up for an ESPN Plus account would be beneficial for you. It gives you access to live sports events and games. It provides the best sports-watching experience to users. Most people subscribe to ESPN Plus to stream varying sports niches, including NBA, MLB, NFL, etc.

2. What is the difference between ESPN Plus and ESPN?

Some of you think that ESPN Plus and ESPN are the same. However, that’s not the case. The former is a subscription-based platform and the latter is a free-to-use app. Choosing ESPN Plus will require you to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

3. Why should you subscribe to ESPN Plus?

Subscribing to ESPN Plus comes with several benefits. It provides high-quality video streaming and gives you access to exclusive content that is not available on free sports streaming apps. Additionally, it provides live score updates and features like rewind, PIP mode, etc.

4. What are the important features of ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus is one of the top sports streaming services. It provides premium content with no ads. Plus, it ensures seamless and HD-quality streaming without any hassles.


ESPN+ is a haven for all sports enthusiasts. If you are looking for ways to acquire free ESPN+ accounts, we hope this article gives you a comprehensive rundown of all the working accounts. The only thing we’d recommend you do is to check out the accounts that are working and use them for your perusal.


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