40% to 60% drop in Huawei’s international smartphone shipments

By | December 2, 2020

After delaying the launch of the foldable smartphone and canceling the laptop launch, we can clearly see how Trump Administration and export ban have affected the Chinese company’s business. According to Bloomberg, Huawei is expecting a 40% to 60% drop in its international smartphone shipments. This is all because of the export ban. The company has half of its business on the international platform.

Bloomberg has also reported that Huawei is going to delay or cancel its next smartphone launch if the condition of sales doesn’t improve. The phone is expected to be released on 21st June in certain parts of Europe. However, the report states that:

“executives are monitoring the launch and may cut off shipments if it sells poorly as expected.”

Carriers are also considered under this situation. The report also notes that two of the main carries in France have already backed out from selling the device.

Huawei sent a report to Ars and other outlets informing that the launch of Honor 20 is still scheduled for 21st June. Also, Honor 20 Pro is soon going to be available in the overseas markets.

Consumers who are already informed about the condition of the brand is hardly going to pick up a Huawei phone after so much of uncertainty revolving around the brand. After the expiry of the 90-day support, it is not sure whether the consumers will have access to future Android and security updates on their smartphones. However, the company is still expecting that uninformed customers are still going to buy their phone.

The prices of the smartphone have already reduced because of some trade-in shops rejecting to sell the device. This is going to affect the prices of the upcoming phone from Huawei. If the company is able to sell some products, it has to be at a steep discount.