Want to Know How to Create Video Ads in a Few Clicks?

By | October 28, 2022

Once you go outside, without a doubt, you will see people scrolling their mobile phones and checking out different content online. In this age, where messaging another person, watching a video, or playing a game is just a few clicks away, advertisers take advantage of the internet to promote and sell their brands. 

There are different types of advertising which mainly differ based on the medium used. Today,  video advertising is one of the most effective ways of advertising since we cannot deny the fact that people spend so much of their time on online video-viewing platforms. In the case of YouTube alone, people spend a billion hours watching videos every day.   

For advertisers, creating video ads is the solution to make people aware of their brand. However, creating video ads from scratch can take a lot of time. Moreover, small businesses have only limited resources and workforce to produce video ads. Fortunately, in this age of technology, you can now rely on a video ad maker – resulting in a hassle-free yet effective marketing strategy. 

Things to Consider in Creating Video Ads

If you don’t know much about video advertising online, maybe you can learn a thing or two here to promote your products or services and gain loyal customers in the future. Here are some of the things you can consider in creating video ads: 

Target a Specific Audience

Just like how you have target customers for your products or service, the video ad you wish to create should cater to the same target customers. Most ads online are shown based on algorithms. 

Social media platforms have advertisement managing systems, like Audience Insights for Facebook and YouTube Ads for YouTube. Come up with a strategy to maximize these ad managing systems to reach your target audience. 

Grab Your Viewers’ Attention For The First Few Seconds

On average, a consumer’s attention span lasts up to 8.25 seconds. Thus, the first few seconds of a video ad are crucial in keeping your audience’s attention. 

More often than not, people skip ads, especially if they randomly pop-ups on the screen. In the first few seconds of the video ad, make an effort to hook your viewers. One common example is asking a very relatable question that a person has gone through at some point in life.

Highlight Your Brand

Once you have grabbed your viewer’s attention, the next step is to highlight your product or services. The video ad should usually answer why they should avail of your offer and how your product is different from the other alternatives. 

It is also best to highlight your brand’s track record of achievements and include some customer feedback to gain the trust of your viewers. 

Don’t Forget the Call to Action

In advertising, the call to action should encourage your audience to do something after promoting a product or service. Usually, the advertisers place the call to action at the end of the video, which includes the contact information, the site a viewer can visit, and discount promotions. 

Create Video Ads Using an Ad Video Maker 

Free ad video maker tools are available online to help you, advertisers, create effective ad videos without the hassle of doing it from the scratch. In order to produce a video ad, you usually need to shoot some clips related to your brand, but that does not apply to a free ad video maker. 

To guide you on how to create video ads in just a few clicks, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose a Reliable Ad Video Maker 

There are a lot of free ad video makers available online. You should find an excellent and reliable ad video maker since the fate of your video advertising journey heavily relies on it.

Choosing the appropriate ad video maker could also depend on where you will upload the ad. Ad video makers based on a specific platform can offer specific features, clips, and designs that are trendy and appropriate for their site. 

So, if you want to upload a video ad on Facebook, it is best to use a Facebook ad video maker. Meanwhile, if the video ad is for Instagram, an Instagram ad video maker is more appropriate. 

Step 2: Choose From the Ad Video Maker’s Library or Upload Your Own

The best thing about a free ad video maker is it typically has an immeasurable number of video clips and images you can use. Moreover, you can upload a video and combine it with their resources. 

With numerous clips and images at your disposal, you don’t have to spend too much time and resources creating the overall content of the video ad.

Step 3: Edit the Video Ad Freely

With an ad video maker, you can easily edit clips without much inconvenience. Like a video editor, you can trim clips, add text, insert captions, crop images, adjust video speed, establish layouts, create backgrounds, and use other editing tools a video ad needs.

Step 4: Download the Video Ad and Publish

After editing the video ad, you can download it right away. Then, you can publish it on different social media platforms and websites. And that’s it! With a free ad video maker, you can save not only time but also resources in creating a video ad to promote your brand to your target audience. 

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